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Ridgeview runners victorious, Shafter wins team titles at Wolf Pack Invitational

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    By Casey Christie / The Californian

    Winner of Saturday's boys race, Ivan Gonzalez runs into his fans from Ridgeview High school near the end of the Ridgeview invitational.

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    By Casey Christie / The Californian

    Frontier's Brandon Kan, left, and Shafter's Abel Cardenas Jr., run neck and neck during the Ridgeview invitational Saturday. Cardenas came in second and Kan third.

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    By Casey Christie / The Californian

    The runners bunch up together at the start of Saturday's Ridgeview cross country invitational at the Park at Riverwalk. The winner was Ridgeview's Ivan Gonzalez, third from left.

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    By Casey Christie / The Californian

    Ridgeview's Lashya Morgan crosses the finish line first during the Ridgeview High School cross country invitational Saturday at the Park at Riverwalk.

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    By Casey Christie / The Californian

    Several girls run downhill during the Ridgeview High School cross country invitational Saturday at the Park at Riverwalk. The winner of the girls varsity race was Lashya Morgan of Ridgeview High.

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BY STEPHEN LYNCH Special to The Californian

Two very different strategies netted the same result for Ridgeview High cross country runners Lashya Morgan and Ivan Gonzalez.

Morgan led from start to finish in winning the girls race during Saturday's Wolf Pack Invitational at The Park at River Walk.

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Wolf Pack Invitational

At The Park at River Walk

Girls Team Results

1. Shafter 68, 2. Frontier 83, 3. Centennial 93, 4. Ridgeview 121, 5. East 145, 6. West 170, 7. Garces 170, 8. Highland 180, 9. Mira Monte 203, 10. Golden Valley 245, 11. Wasco 258, 12. Tehachapi 262, 13. Bakersfield Christian 346, 14. South 384.

Girls Individual Results

1. Morgan, RV 19.08.0; 2. Pruett, Centennial 19.46.6; 3. Roman, East 19:57.7; 4. Garza, Garces 20:15.3; 5. Aldape, Shafter 20:17.5; 6. Valdez, East 20:24.6; 7. Campbell, Frontier 20:29.6; 8. Aguilar, RV 20:47.5; 9. Gutierrez, Centennial 20:48.5; 10. Tudor, Shafter 20:50.1; 11. Bocanegra, Shafter 20:52.7; 12. Haycock, Highland 21:00.5; 13. Cruz, Garces 21:01.8; 14. White, Centennial 21:03.8; 15. Cruz, Frontier 21:08.0; 16. Ocampo, Frontier 21:20.0; 17. Reyes, Frontier 21:21.8; 18. Velez, Wasco 21:24.5; 19. Alvarez, Shafter 21:30.2; 20. Perrault, Tehachapi 21:30.6; 21. Theroux, West 21:39.9; 22. Berry, Highland 21:44.4; 23. Aguirre, Shafter 21:48.0; 24. Herrera, MM 21:50.3; 25. Valenzuela, East 21:58.0.

Boys Team Results

1. Shafter 59, 2. Ridgeview 81, 3. Frontier 92, 4. Centennial 118, 5. West 132, 6. North 171, 7. Foothill 174, 8. Mira Monte 221, 9. Wasco 242, 10. Arvin 250, 11. Garces 294, 12. Tehachapi 321, 13. Independence 354, 14. Bakersfield Christian 371, 15. Kennedy 379, 16. South 415, 17. East 449, 18. Highland 482.

Boys Individual Results

1. I. Gonzalez, RV 16:29.1; 2. Cardenas, Shafer 16:34.8; 3. Kan, Frontier 16:35.6; 4. Moore, West 16:52.2; 5. Tinoco, MM 16:57.0; 6. Barger, Frontier 16:57.4 7. Becker, North 16:58.1; 8. Delcastillo, West 16:58.8; 9. Martin, Centennial 17:08.3; 10. Holbrook, Centennial 17:10.7; 11. Espinoza, Shafter 17:12; 12. M. Carranza, Shafter 17:21.0; 13. J. Carranza, Shafter 17:21.3; 14. A. Gonzalez, RV 17:23.3; 15. Utt, Frontier 17:27.1; 16. Atherton, Frontier 17:29.0; 17. Gonzalez, Arvin 17:29.4; 18. Moronez, RV 17:30.0; 19. Garza, Wasco 17:31.3; 20. Flores, RV 17:35.3; 21. Duenas, Shafter 17:36.5; 22. White, Centennial 17:43.9; 23. Lopez, West 17:50.9; 24. Moreno, Arvin 17:52.9; 25. Perez, RFK 17:56.4.

A short time later, Gonzalez made a late dash to pass two runners and win the boys race.

Despite their heroics, Shafter swept both team competitions, edging the Wolf Pack boys, 59-81, and the Frontier girls, 68-83.

More than 200 varsity runners from 19 Kern County high schools competed in the annual event.

Morgan finished the 5K course in a time of 19 minutes, 8 seconds, well ahead of runner-up Molly Pruett of Centennial (19:46.6). East's Sydney Roman was third (19:57.7), followed by Sydney Garza of Garces (20:15.3), and Shafter's Nicolette Aldape (20:17.5).

"I didn't think I'd win by that much, so I'm excited," Morgan said. "... I like running in the front. I just wanted to take first because it's the Wolf Pack (Invitational) and I wanted to win for the Wolf Pack."

All five of the Generals' scorers finished in the top 23 of the girls' field.

"They had a great race today," Shafter coach Darin Sundgren said. "Our girls are really coming along kind of slow. We have about 10 girls that are varsity-level type girls on our team and that's something we're really trying to promote."

While the girls race lacked excitement, thanks to Morgan's dominance, the boys race was full of drama.

Running well behind co-leaders Abel Cardenas of Shafter and Brandon Kan of Frontier at the 2-mile marker, Gonzalez sprinted past both heading into the final turn, about 500 meters from the finish line, en route to a nearly six-second victory.

"It was very intense," Gonzalez said. "I think a lot of people didn't think I was going to catch them, but for me nothing is impossible. ... It looked like they were dying out; they started out too fast. I just ran a smart race and outkicked them with my 100-meter kick."

Gonzalez, one of the top middle-distance track runners in the Central Section, ended up with a time of 16:29.1. Cardenas took second place (16:34.8) just ahead of Kan (16:35.6). Tyler Moore of West finished a distant fourth (16:52.2) and Mira Monte's Luis Tinoco was fifth (16:57.0).

Cardenas, a sophomore and first-year cross country runner, was satisfied with second. He said that he knew beforehand Gonzalez would be tough to beat.

"Turning the corner he got up to us and he just passed us," Cardenas said, recounting the end of the race. "He didn't even look back. He just went by us like nothing."

All three of the top boys placers were exhausted and barely able to stand following the race.

Pruett seemed to be in good shape after passing Roman on the final lap to take second in the girls race.

"I just feel really blessed," Pruett said. "We've been working all summer and I just feel really happy to have gone as far I have, for this season at least. But it's still the beginning. I have a lot more to look forward to. And I have a lot more competitors to go against."

Cardenas was one of four Shafter boys to finish 13th or better. Frontier, which took third with 92 points, had four runners finish in the top 16, including two of the top six. However, the Titans fifth scorer placed 52nd.

Centennial (118) and West (132) rounded out the boys top five team standings.

The Shafter boys came in as the event's defending champion.

"This has been a really nice surprise, because we have pretty much a different boys team than last year," Sundgren said. "We have one boy that consistently was varsity last year. One boy that was on-and-off on varsity last year. And the rest of varsity guys are new to varsity."

Overall, the day couldn't have gone much better for the Generals.

"I'm thrilled," Sundgren said. "I think it's great for the kids' confidence, especially on the girls side where we haven't done real well here in the past."

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