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Stockdale earns No. 4 seeds in baseball and softball playoff brackets


The baseball and softball teams at Stockdale High, both Southwest Yosemite League champions, were rewarded with No. 4 seeds in the Central Section Division I playoffs when brackets were released Saturday in Porterville.

The Mustangs' softball team went 14-1 in league but was seeded behind No. 1 Visalia-El Diamante, No. 2 Clovis West and No. 3 Fresno-Bullard. Stockdale, the 2010 section champion, opens with a first-round game against Porterville-Monache at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. A game with El Diamante, which beat the Mustangs for the 2011 title, could come in the semifinals.

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Central Section softball playoffs

First-round matchups

All games 4:30 p.m. Tuesday

Division I

BYES: No. 1 Visalia-El Diamante, No. 2 Clovis West

No. 14 Clovis East at No. 3 Fresno-Bullard; No. 13 Porterville-Monache at No. 4 Stockdale; No. 12 Madera at No. 5 Fresno-Central; No. 11 Clovis-Buchanan at No. 6 Frontier; No. 10 Visalia-Golden West at No. 7 Clovis North; No. 9 Centennial at No. 8 Clovis

Division II

BYES: No. 1 Sanger, No. 2 Lemoore, No. 3 Hanford West, No. 4 Garces, No. 5 Tulare Western, No. 6 Fresno-Memorial

No. 10 Tulare Union at No. 7 North; No. 9 East at No. 8 Ridgeview

Division III

BYES: No. 1 Kingsburg, No. 2 Visalia-Redwood, No. 3 Reedley, No. 4 Fresno-Sunnyside, No. 5 Chavez

No. 11 Hanford at No. 6 Independence; No. 10 Tehachapi at No. 7 Wasco; No. 9 Kerman at No. 8 West

Division IV

BYES: No. 1 Liberty-Madera Ranchos, No. 2 Taft, No. 3 Chowchilla, No. 4 Fowler, No. 5 Riverdale, No. 6 Dos Palos, No. 7 Mira Monte

No. 9 Fresno at No. 8 Fresno-Washington Union

Division V

BYES: No. 1 Selma, No. 2 Exeter, No. 3 Visalia-CVC, No. 4 Lindsay

No. 12 Kennedy at No. 5 Caruthers; No. 11 Coalinga at No. 6 Fresno-Roosevelt; No. 10 Shafter at No. 7 Delano; No. 9 Corcoran at No. 8 Firebaugh

Division VI (quarterfinals)

BYE: No. 1 Hanford-Sierra Pacific

No. 7 Tranquillity at No. 2 McFarland; No. 6 Avenal at No. 3 Laton; No. 5 Mendota at No. 4 Orosi;

Central Section baseball playoffs

First-round matchups

All games 4:30 p.m. Wednesday

Division I

BYES: No. 1 Clovis-Buchanan, No. 2 Clovis North

No. 14 Bakersfield at No. 3 Clovis; No. 13 Clovis East at No. 4 Stockdale; No. 12 Fresno-Central at No. 5 Fresno-Bullard; No. 11 North at No. 6 Centennial; No. 10 Frontier at No. 7 Clovis West; No. 9 Visalia-El Diamante at No. 8 Liberty

Division II

BYES: No. 1 Fresno-Memorial, No. 2 Madera, No. 3 Tulare Western

No. 13 Hanford at No. 4 Fresno; No. 12 West at No. 5 Visalia-Redwood; No. 11 East at No. 6 Visalia-Mt. Whitney; No. 10 Reedley at No. 7 Hanford West; No. 9 Fresno-Sunnyside at No. 8 Tulare Union

Division III

BYES: No. 1 Garces, No. 2 Visalia-Golden West, No. 3 Sanger

No. 13 Madera South at No. 4 Fresno-Hoover; No. 12 Dinuba at No. 5 Independence; No. 11 Kingsburg at No. 6 Lemoore; No. 10 Porterville at No. 7 Highland; No. 9 Tehachapi at No. 8 Ridgeview

Division IV

No. 16 Fresno-McLane at No. 1 Kerman; No. 15 Fresno-Washington Union at No. 2 Fowler; No. 14 Mira Monte at No. 3 Bakersfield Christian; No. 13 Wasco at No. 4 Selma; No. 12 Golden Valley at No. 5 Taft; No. 11 Delano at No. 6 Liberty-Madera Ranchos; No. 10 Corcoran at No. 7 Tulare-Mission Oak; No. 9 Dos Palos at No. 8 Chowchilla

Division V

BYES: No. 1 Caruthers, No. 2 Firebaugh, No. 3 Exeter, No. 4 Reedley-Immanuel, No. 5 Woodlake

No. 11 Mendota at No. 6 Shafter; No. 10 Tollhouse-Sierra at No. 7 Chavez; No. 9 Fresno-Roosevelt at No. 8 Arvin

Division VI (quarterfinals)

BYE: No. 1 O'Neals-Minarets

No. 7 Northwest Christian at No. 2 Farmersville; No. 6 Tranquillity at No. 3 Hanford-Sierra Pacific; No. 5 McFarland at No. 4 Lemoore-Kings Christian

Frontier is seeded No. 6 in the D-I softball bracket, with Centennial at No. 9. The Titans play No. 11 Clovis-Buchanan at home, and Centennial travels to No. 8 Clovis. All first-round games are scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

In baseball, the top three seeds are Clovis-Buchanan, Clovis North and Clovis, all teams from the Tri-River Athletic Conference. Stockdale opens with No. 13 Clovis East. Centennial, which shared the SWYL title with Stockdale, got the No. 6 seed and will play No. 11 North. Liberty is the No. 8 seed and also has a first-round home game, against No. 9 El Diamante.

Frontier, just two games behind Stockdale and Centennial in the league standings -- but finished in fourth place -- dropped to the No. 10 seed. The Titans travel to No. 7 Clovis West in the first round. First-round baseball games are 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Garces, the defending champ, is the top seed in D-III baseball, followed by Visalia-Golden West, Sanger, Fresno-Hoover and Independence. In D-IV, Kerman is No. 1, followed by Fowler, South Sequoia League champ Bakersfield Christian, Selma and Taft.

In softball, Garces and Ridgeview weren't given great rewards in the Division II bracket for their unbeaten league seasons. The Rams are seeded fourth and have a bye until they face No. 5 Tulare Western in Thursday's quarterfinals. Ridgeview is No. 8 and opens at home against No. 9 East, with the winner traveling to No. 1 Sanger.

Taft softball also went unbeaten in league, and the Wildcats, runners up a year ago, are seeded No. 2 in Division IV behind Liberty-Madera Ranchos.

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