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Monday, Apr 16 2012 05:27 PM

April 17 community sports announcements, results, accomplishments

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    Stockdale Christian School's 8th grade boys basketball team won the recent Kern County Small Schools Division championship. Pictured (first row): Tommy Willis, Johnmark Montoya, Daniel Shenouda, Jack Chance, Cameron Reeves. Second row: Braxton Prince, Dylan Sedenko, Brock Duffield, Blade Griffin, Feike DeBoer, Bradley Western, assistant coach Brice Western. Not pictured: Coach Lee Jones

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    Three students from the Japan Martial Arts Academy of Bakersfield competed in the Mark Unger Karate tournament in Exeter California. Asher Klock won in Kata (forms), weapons kata, kumite (sparring) and won the junior grand champion title; Grant McMahon was 2nd in weapons kata and third in kumite; Arianna Salas won in kata, and was third in kumite. Pictured (l-r): McMahon, Salas, Klock. In the back is sensei Jon Cobbs

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    Mamba basketball club placed 2nd in the 8th grade girls division over the weekend at the SoCal Swoosh tournament in Santa Barbara. Pictured (l-r): Vanessa Spears, Kylie Chavez, Ashlyn Queen, Zharia McCollum, Aubrey Stone, Heidi Hernandez, Kylah McMillon, Jasmin Dixon, Katrina Cantu.

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    Mike and Sheri Williams competed in the LA Triathlon Express Sunday in San Dimas. In their gender age groups for the Express events Sheri took 2nd place in 1 hour 19 minutes, and Mike was 3rd in 1 hour, 26 minutes. Sheri was also 14th overall the women age groups. The tri-express event is a quarter mile swim, a 10-mile bike and a 3-mile run. It was their first triathlon.

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By The Bakersfield Californian


Spartans Golden Empire Youth Football (tackle) tryouts. Ages 8-14, in Frontier High School area. April 17, 19, 24, 26, 5:30-7 p.m. at Almondale Park. Contact: Darryl (661) 333-2548

Jack Frost sign-ups on April 21 for the following teams:Mira Monte Pride, from 9 a.m.-noon at Mira Monte High School. Questions, call Coach Segura (661) 912-8169.

BHS Antlers, from 10 a.m.-noon, Beale Park. Questions, call Coach D J Martin (661) 809-0714.

Golden Valley Jaguars, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Stiern Park. Questions, call Coach Mike (661) 817-5607.


Track and field

Action Sports The Fastest Kid in Town All-Comers Point Series Track Championship. Results for April 10. Neext mee: April 24 at CSUB



100--1. Leslie Medina 16.52; 200--1. Leslie Medina 34.87; 400--1. Kylie Thomas 1:37.08; LJ--1. Maya Katz 7-2.5.


100--1. Bella Rigby 15.60; 400--1. Aalayah Gandy 1:12.40; 800--1. Riley Purvis 3:08.52; 1500--1. Elisa Rosales 7:17.24; LJ--1. Whitney Matsuda 9-5; HJ--1. Sacha O--Connor 3-5; SP--1. Maria Torpey 11-1; Jav--1. Alyse Noriega 21-8.


100--1. Jazmaine Ervin 13.99; 400--1. Alex Cholometes 1:11.18; 800--1. Alex Cholometes 2:44.90; 1500--1. Alex Cholometes 5:26.27; 3000--1. Macy Cholometes 11:45.52; 80MH--Gabriella Patino 17.14; LJ--1. Kiah Kohfeld Stout 12-0.5; HJ--1. Tomisha Hamm 3-9; Jav--1. Amara Saldana 32-6.5.


100--1. Falon Wilson 12.96; 400--1. Ashton Perkins 1:10.71; 800--1. Monica Rodriguez 2:48.44; 1500--1. Megan Bonnar 5:58.11; 3000--1. Monica Rodriguez 12:46.78; 100H--1. Iesha Hamm 16.31; LJ--1. Falon Wilson 14-3.5*; HJ--1. Iesha Hamm 4-7; SP--1. Jessica Taylor 27-2; Jav--1. Autumn Hill 27-9.5.



100--1. Marcel Avery 16.05; 200--1. Marcel Avery 34.65; 400--1. Marcel Avery 1:31.58.


100--1. Luke Froelich 15.43; 400--1. Luke Froelich; 1:21.46; 800--1. Cristian Mendoza 2:57.74; 1500--1. Matt Medrano 6:03.05; HJ--1. Ian Howard 3-3; LJ--1. Ilan Katz 10-8; SP--1. Jon Paul LeFever 22-7; Jav--1. Jon Paul LeFever 59-1.5


100--1. Kosta Bikakis 14.21; 400--1. Moises Medrano 1:08.11; 800--1. Moises Medrano 2:39.40; 1500--1. Marcus Mota 5:13.68; 3000--1. Marcus Mota 11:22.24; 80MH--Ryan Huggins 16.43; LJ--1. Adam Smith 10-8.5; HJ--1. Neil Tenney 4-3; SP--1. Daniel Viveros 25-5; Jav--1. Andrew Chaffee 48-7


100--1. Curtis Threlkeld 11.55*; 400--1. Curtis Threlkeld 59.18; 800--1. Anthony Moronez 2:09.05; 1500--1. Anthony Moronez 4:29.68; 3000--1. Anthony Moronez 10:12.34; 100H--1. Marco Petrini 18.17; LJ--1. Cooper Adamo 16-7; HJ--1. Bryson McCathrow 4-5; Jav--1. Mathew Chaffee 70-0*

*--meet record


John Oglesby scored a hat-trick as the Kern County Tuskers ran in a 45-12 victory over San Fernando in a first-round Southern Division II playoff match at Standard Park on Saturday.

The win sets up a Southern California Rugby Football Union semifinal match at the San Diego Old Aztecs on Saturday.

The defending champion Old Aztecs shutout the Tuskers 32-0 in their season opener.

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