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Monday, Feb 24 2014 10:47 PM

BETTE ADDINGTON: Bowlers urged to attend GUESBC meeting

BY BETTE ADDINGTON Contributing bowling columnist

The Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress will have an open meeting at 1 p.m. Saturday starting at AMF Southwest Lanes. This meeting is open to all local adult and youth bowlers and you are encouraged to attend.

Come hear about the latest news from your association as well as the latest information on the upcoming 2014 Mixed City Tournament.

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Bowling High Scores for Tues., February 25, 2014

Bowling High Scores from Regency Bowling Center for Weeks 23-24 of Winter leagues ending February 19, 2014.


279 -- Phil Cook; 278 -- Mike Maloy, Bill Young; 277 -- Bill Bumacod; 269 -- Elwood Elliott; 268 -- Ron Andrews, Chris Gregory; 267 -- Tim Sanchez, Carlie Medina III, Mark Barnes; 264 -- Gary Cole, RJ Nearey; 259 -- Chris Olmos, Mike Yorba; 258 -- Ian Byers, Dan Long; 257 -- Kenny Branch, Elwood Elliott, Robert Turner; 256 -- Dalton Wires, Jeff Roper; 255 -- Mike Polyniak, Mike Hardwick, Mike Mayo; 254 -- Jon Mayo; 253 -- Donald Musto

Youth Boys:

191 -- Zack Long; 174 -- Tim David


792 -- Joe Smith; 785 -- Carlie Medina III; 723 -- Dan Long; 711 -- Mike Maloy; 703 -- Kenny Branch

Youth Boys:

543 -- Zack Long; 455 -- Noah Dunbach; 413 -- David Waybright; 412 -- Adam Waybright


243 -- Tracye Hicks; 233 -- Keri Francisco; 231 -- Netta Yaeck; 228 -- Lisa Isbell; 227 -- Marge Grissom; 226 -- Banjie Ashmore; 225 -- Michelle Davis; 224 -- Lora Garrett; 223 -- Becky Hardwick, Donna Dial; 222 -- Bette Addington; 221 -- Patty Coursen; 220 -- Lauren Davin

Youth Girls:

192 -- Nicole Tweedy; 147 -- Allissa Sweet; 121 -- Jasmine Sanchez


649 -- Tracye Hicks; 619 -- Marge Grissom; 615 -- Becky Hardwick, Lenore Espinoza

Youth Girls:

393 -- Jasmine Sanchez



300 -- Sonny Pollard, Charles Breeding, Sean Ambrose, Andrew Svoren; 290 -- Robb White; 289 -- Archie Anadilla, Joe Popper; 285 -- Randy Carter; 280 -- Hector Santiago; 279 -- Dan Long; 278 -- Carlie Medina III, Ryan Pollard; 277 -- Bill Mathews, Mike Mayo; 270 -- Cody Lewis; 268 -- Norris Richards, Buddy Binkley, Pat Philley, Glenn Yeoman, Robert Mayo, Randall Carter; 264 -- Rick Bowman; 261 -- PD Richardson; 260 -- Ron Andrews; 258 -- Aris Anadilla, Diz Francisco, Zack Newman, John Platt; 257 -- Ron Erickson, Doc Victor, Kenny Branch, Phillip Chow, Mike Tripp; 256 -- Robert Hallmark; 255 -- Jesse DeLaHerron, Anthony Larsen; 254 -- Ted Cozby; 253 -- Tim Henson, Dale Saylor


788 -- Bill Mathews, Mike Mayo; 775 -- Sean Ambrose; 770 -- Hector Santiago; 748 -- Andrew Svoren; 744 -- Carlie Medina III; 743 -- Randy Carter; 742 -- Robert Mayo; 729 -- Archie Anadilla; 728 -- Ron Andrews; 718 -- Charles Breeding; 715 -- Mike Tripp; 712 -- Dan Long; 711 -- Joe Popper; 709 -- Kenny Branch; 707 -- Randall Carter; 706 -- Norris Richards, Ryan Pollard, Aris Anadilla; 705 -- Sonny Pollard; 704 -- Anthony Larsen


244 -- Jami Hall; 231 -- Bette Addington; 227 -- Candy Sutton; 225 -- Lisa Isbell; 214 -- Nancy Carr; 207 -- Julie Meditz, Amy Jobe; 206 -- Pat Jones; 202 -- Sue Benson, Mary Jane Brust; 200 -- Ronnie Garcia


--Coffee Club

Regency Lanes

Sunday mornings, 11:00 a.m.

Sun., Feb. 16th results:

1st -- Bryan Reid & John Curtis (1895)

2nd -- Tony Toone & Bill Field (1860)

3rd -- Rich Jones & Nancy Curran (1819)

4th -- Zack Newman & Jeanie Graham (1807)

3-6-9 pot won by Zack Newman for $75

Sun., Feb. 23rd results:

1st -- Bryan Reid & Charles Gabriel (1873)

2nd -- Diz Francisco & Gary Cole (1853)

3rd -- Russ Tweedy & John Curtis (1808)

3-6-9 carry over is $70


Thurs., Feb. 27: Marge's Super Senior No-Tap Tournament, 1 p.m., Regency Bowling Center -- (661) 325-6428.

Sat., March 1: GEUSBC Open Meeting, 1 p.m., AMF Southwest Lanes. For info, contact President Ray Neubig at (661) 333-8969.

Sat. & Sun., Mar. 15-16: GEUSBC 2014 Mixed City Tournament, AMF Southwest Lanes. Entry forms at local centers. Adult and Senior divisions. Mixed Team at 10 a.m. both days; Mixed Doubles at 1:30 p.m. both days. Entries accepted day of event. For info call (661) 328-0415.

There are changes in the horizon regarding league awards and more information will be discussed at this meeting as well as GEUSBC would like league bowlers' input on what awards they would like to see being offered. This is your time to come voice your opinion on what is going on locally with bowling.

Local bowlers in out-of-town tournaments

Five local bowlers--Zack Newman, Greg Barraza, Jr., Robert and Darin Fox and JJ Harrington traveled up north this past weekend to bowl in a new tournament being offered to bowlers, the Central California Classic. This event is held at the AMF Rodeo Lanes in Clovis and is a handicapped (80 percent of 215) 5-gamer tournament.

Newman, who just returned a week ago from being off for five weeks for a broken ankle injury and shot a 300 in the February 16 Coffee Club with his Ebonite Game Breaker, rolled a 279 game at this event for his fifth game which got him in the Top 10 and he placed 9th with +181.

Robert Fox, also made the Top 10 and ended up placing 8th.

Barraza, Jr., went on to make the Top 5 for the 3-Game MatchPlay and won his first game 202-201. He lost his next game which gave him 3rd place at +308 after 8 games.

Newman said this tournament "is going to be held monthly and will feature varying oil patterns and has a pretty low handicap." Check it out on Facebook or for further information, contact Adrian at (559) 917-5541. Entry fee is $60 (with $20 scratch optional).

West Coast Senior Tour--Diz Francisco traveled down south to bowl in the West Coast Senior Tour Singles tournament on February 15, held at Del Rosa Lanes in San Bernardino. The event drew a field of 32 bowlers. Francisco made the cut for the MatchPlay as the 4th seed. He proceeded to qualify for the championship match with a 257 game. He lost in the championship match to Kevin Gannon of Los Angeles 255-182.

Bowlers in shock over loss of MAMBO Organizer, Pete Montalvo

The news spread quickly and many could not believe that we had lost Pete Montalvo. Montalvo, who lived with his wife Pat in Sacramento, was very active and ran the MAMBO (Mexican-American Bowling Organization) organization that held an annual huge tournament in July that alternated between Las Vegas and Reno each year. But this annual event was not the only event as the MAMBO organization put on several events throughout California leading up to the big July event. It held a circuit of tournaments that took place the same time each year with faithful followers. The MAMBO event has grown from 300 to more than 1,500 bowlers from the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

When Bakersfield hosted the annual Southern Valley tournament each fall, that was part of this circuit and you could bet both Pete and Pat would be in attendance supporting our local committee that put this event on.

Montalvo was 75 and passed away on Feb. 3 from liver and pancreatic cancer. Many are now concerned about the future of MAMBO.

Mike Hefley on bowling tech: Coffee Club Bowling

Call if Coffee Club or Lunch Club. Either way, Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. at Regency Lanes it all gets underway.

Four games moving pairs each game with random-drawn doubles partners all based on handicap average, everybody has a fair shake at winning.

With optional side pots, handicapped and scratch, 3-6-9 pot and tournament-style bowling moving pairs each game makes it the best practice in town. Entry fee is $20 (extra if you want to enter side pots or 3-6-9 pot).

Bowlers do not need to worry about their average if they are a lower-average bowler because it is all based on handicap and after 21 games in Coffee Club, everybody uses their current Coffee Club average equaling out the playing field.

Congratulations to this week's Coffee Club big gamers: Bill Bumacod -- 300 game and Gary Cole -- 299 game.

Grab a friend, let's go bowl some Coffee Club this coming Sunday morning! For more information, call Regency Lanes at 325-6428.

Weekly Super Scores

--Sean Ambrose, bowling in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league at AMF Southwest Lanes on Feb. 10, bowled his first ever 300 game. Not only was this his first 300 but it was his first time to use his new Roto Grip "Wrecker" ball.

--A new week, another perfecto for Sonny Pollard as he bowled another 300 game bowling in the Oldies but Goodies league again on Feb. 12, at AMF Southwest Lanes after just rolling one on Feb. 5th.

--Congratulations to bowler Donald Musto for bowling over 100 pins over his current average (140). On Feb. 13, Musto bowled a nice 253 game for his second game of the night bowling in the U Don Sei league at Regency Lanes. Musto said this is the highest game he has ever bowled.

--Congratulations for a long, overdo 300 game for Charles Breeding, which he bowled on Feb. 17, at AMF Southwest Lanes in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league. He has been oh-so-close several times this season so it was wonderful to see him fulfill this quest. Breeding said it has been over six years since he has bowled a 300. Last one was bowled before he retired.

--Not your usual 300 game, but Hector Santiago, also bowling on Feb. 17, at AMF Southwest Lanes in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio bowled an Andy Parrapappa 300 (which is bowling 12 strikes in succession between 2 games). Santiago accomplished this at the end of his second game and into his third game of the night and ended with a 280 game.

--Quiet for the last couple of weeks, but back in action, Andrew Svoren threw yet another 300 game last week on Feb. 19, bowling in the Las Vegas league at AMF Southwest Lanes.

Bowling calendar

Feb. 27: Marge's Super Senior No-Tap Tournament, 1 p.m., Regency Bowling Center -- (661) 325-6428.

March 1: GEUSBC Open Meeting, 1 p.m., AMF Southwest Lanes. For info, contact President Ray Neubig at (661) 333-8969.

March 15-16: GEUSBC 2014 Mixed City Tournament, AMF Southwest Lanes. Entry forms at local centers. Adult and Senior divisions. Mixed Team event at 10 a.m. both days; Mixed Doubles at 1:30 p.m. Entries accepted day of event. For info, call (661) 328-0415.

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