Bakersfield Blaze

Monday, Nov 26 2012 10:58 AM

Blaze's new stadium, future discussed


During a 41-minute interview on Monday, Nov. 26 on Californian Radio, which can be heard on KERN 1180 AM, Bakersfield Blaze owner Gene Voiland chatted about the future of the baseball club and plans to build a new stadium north of Brimhall Avenue in northwest Bakersfield.

Voiland told Richard Beene, Monday's host and the President and CEO of The Bakersfield Calfornian, and Jeff Lemucchi of KERN 1180 that the Blaze needs a new stadium in order to be competitive.

"It really comes down to Sam Lynn is a venerable old park but that's what it is, venerable and it's old," Voiland said. "It's kind of out of touch with what the need is today."

Here's the full interview:


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