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    FDA action may speed up valley fever drug development

    Friday, Oct 03 2014 05:39 PM

    A promising anti-valley fever drug could move into clinical trials more quickly after federal officials declared it a "qualifying infectious disease product," officials announced Friday.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave the designation to nikkomycin Z (NikZ) under the 2012 GAIN Act, which Congress approved to incentivize new treatments for serious and orphan bacterial and fungal diseases, according to Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield.

    "To see this potential cure moving forward shows how far we have come from working to raise awareness of valley fever to making strides to achieving our goal of erasing this disease from our communities," McCarthy said in a news release.

  2. California Prisons Valley Fever.JPEG-01c62.JPG

    Study recommends inmate immunity test for valley fever fungus

    SACRAMENTO -- Federal experts are recommending that California test inmates for immunity to a sometimes fatal soil-borne fungus before incarcerating them at two Central Valley state prisons where the disease has killed nearly three dozen...

  3. Prison_valley_fever_tab.jpg

    Study: Valley fever killed 3 prison workers

    SACRAMENTO -- Valley fever killed three employees at two California prisons in recent years and sickened 103 others, according to a federal health care agency report made public Thursday. Employees at Avenal and Pleasant Valley state...

  4. Prison_valley_fever_tab.jpg

    Universities seek public input during 'Valley Fever Research Day'

    Community members are invited to attend Valley Fever Research Day Saturday at the UCSF Fresno Center for Medical Education and Research. The event is an opportunity for researchers from UCSF Fresno, UC Merced and Fresno State to connect...

  5. ValleyFever2.JPG

    Valley fever clinical trial announced at symposium

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health will launch a randomized controlled trial to get a better understanding of how to treat valley fever, officials announced in Bakersfield Monday. The...

  6. ShaneHoover7.JPG

    Bakersfield to host top public health officials at valley fever symposium

    In his mid-20s, Shane Hoover started planning for his death. Hoover was diagnosed with valley fever, which is caused by inhaling fungal spores that grow in the soil, in 2010. He took medications for a while that kept it at bay. But he...

  7. IMG_5362.JPG

    JUST ONE BREATH: Valley fever movement could learn from health success stories

    When experts and policymakers from the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention land in Bakersfield next week, they will be met by many smart, well-meaning individuals hoping for better treatments...

  8. Prison_valley_fever_tab.jpg

    Inmates fearful as some are sent into valley fever prisons

    California prisoner Louis Baca and his family tried everything they could think of to keep the convicted murderer out of Pleasant Valley State Prison. They pleaded with prison counselors. They called the office of the federal receiver...

  9. 080113-keynote.047.png

    Congressmen plea for FDA action on valley fever

    Kern County's two congressman and other House members have asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to place valley fever on its list of "qualifying pathogens" to improve the chances of it being studied and better treated. The FDA is...

  10. Prison_valley_fever_tab.jpg

    Congressional task force to aid valley fever fight

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy made another move in his crusade against valley fever Wednesday, announcing the new "Congressional Valley Fever Task Force." The panel is comprised of 11 Republicans and three Democrats from California, Arizona and...

  11. valley_fever.JPG

    Kern County unveils new valley fever website

    In August 1901, a 19-year-old cannery worker was the first to be diagnosed with valley fever in Kern County. Nearly 112 years later, Kern County Public Health workers unveiled a sleek new website dedicated to all aspects of the disease....

  12. MICHAEL FITZGERALD: Water project digs up valley fever concerns

    Would construction of peripheral tunnels spread valley fever? Two reasons to ask: 1. There is no cure for valley fever, which is caused by spores released from soil. 2. Stockton is directly downwind of the peripheral tunnel construction...

  13. wind_5_jh.JPG

    Reported valley fever cases fell in California, Arizona last year

    California's tally of valley fever cases dropped by more than 1,000 last year and some counties have also seen fewer cases in the early months of 2013. But public health officials say it's too early to identify long-term trends in the...

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