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  1. Transportation sanity takes another step

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Mar 16 2013 11:00 PM

    Bakersfield's new freeway system might have once seemed like a pie in the sky dream, given its far-distant date of anticipated completion and a price tag so large it seemed almost incomprehensible. But look at it now: Local officials have just turned over symbolic dirt on another eight-mile stretch of road, and with other key components due to be finished this summer, it's clear Caltrans, the city of Bakersfield and the other vital players will be able to keep a promise that a previous generation of transportation officials failed to deliver on 40 years ago.

    Work began last week on the final phase of the Westside Parkway, a $188 million project that will extend from westernmost Truxtun Avenue to Heath Road and, eventually, will...


    Final phase of parkway truly 'shovel-ready'

    Drivers on Stockdale Highway Thursday afternoon might not have noticed that a historic moment for Bakersfield was happening. With gold-colored shovels, city officials and administrators and former Rep. Bill Thomas broke ground on the final,...


    Yard sales make pitch to stop freeway's path

    A drizzle and a little chill didn't deter bargain-hunters from flooding into Westpark Saturday for the multiple yard sales residents held to raise awareness about their neighborhood and the potential impacts to it from the planned...

  4. Residents holding yard sales to fuel fight against freeway

    Westpark residents are planning more than a dozen yard sales this weekend to bring people into the area that will potentially be bisected by the Centennial Corridor freeway, if it's built. The freeway project, the biggest undertaking of the...

  5. Approval for early Westpark home buys delayed

    Early acquisitions for the Centennial Corridor project won't happen as soon as Bakersfield city staff had hoped for, the city's real property manager told a gathering of the Bakersfield Association of Realtors Thursday. The city will have...

  6. bridge_1_fa.JPG

    Ask The Californian: Will the Westside Parkway be numbered like other freeways?

    Q: I've noticed in some stories there doesn't seem to be a highway number associated with the future Westside Parkway (i.e. Interstate 5, State Route 99, U.S. Route 395, etc.) Will there be a new number? I may assume a three-digit one...

  7. Kyle Estle

    KYLE ESTLE: Freeway through your yard? Get all that you're due

    The first recorded condemnation occurred in about 871 B.C. when Naboth refused to sell his vineyard to King Ahab. The king took Naboth's land but instead of receiving payment, poor Naboth was stoned to death. Fortunately, in the United...

  8. Roadway will just cause schism

    I am in compete agreement with Bob Braley over comments in his Feb. 21 op-ed article, "Spending $270M for a road we don't need." It does seem like this road would be a big negative for Bakersfield. In addition to all the great points Braley...

  9. Bob Braley

    ANOTHER VIEW: Spending $270M for a road we don't need

    As many of you have read in The Californian, the city of Bakersfield will have to come up with $270 million in local matching funds as a condition of receiving federal money for Thomas Roads Improvement Program construction, primarily the...

  10. Lagasse_ah_1.JPG

    Home buyers seemingly unspooked by possible freeway

    Here's a recent listing for a home in Westpark on La Mirada Drive: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a swimming pool out back. Modern decor, a fireplace and jacuzzi bathtub in one bathroom, according to the photos. List price: $234,900....

  11. When a city's building freeways, Realtors who know something must say something

    Homes are still being sold in Westpark, despite the fact a freeway may very well be built through it. Most prospective buyers, say Realtors, come in with some knowledge of it, but ask lots of questions, like how the house they're...

  12. City: We always knew this freeway bill was coming

    Bakersfield city staff received several phone calls Thursday from residents concerned that the reason the city now needs to borrow $270 million for highway projects is mismanagement. Not true, said Rhonda Smiley, assistant to the city...

  13. Finance chief: City will need to borrow $270 million for highway projects

    The city of Bakersfield will need to borrow $270 million in coming years for Thomas Roads Improvement Program highway projects, Finance Director Nelson Smith said at Wednesday night's City Council meeting. Smith gave an overview of funding...

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