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  1. DonMaxineSimpson4.JPG

    Couple married almost 62 years die four hours apart

    BY JASON KOTOWSKI Californian staff writer
    Tuesday, Jul 29 2014 04:24 PM

    Married for almost 62 years, Don and Maxine Simpson didn't let death keep them apart for long. The two died within four hours of each other July 21 at the home of one of their granddaughters, where they'd spent their final days side by side. He was 90 and she was 87.

    "They did a lot of amazing things" together, granddaughter Melissa Sloan said Tuesday, ranging from living in Europe to participating in local civic groups.

    That included Don's joining the Bakersfield Racquet Club in 1952, working closely in the development of the club and in later years holding the position as its longest standing member. The couple were involved with The Rotary Club of Bakersfield, Woman's Club of Bakersfield, YMCA of Kern County, Boys & Girls Clubs of...

  2. get15.JPG

    Striking bus driver ferries riders on his own time

    Golden Empire Transit driver Scot Knoy hasn't been behind the wheel of his bus for two weeks, not since he and his fellow drivers went on strike July 15. But that hasn't kept him from helping two elderly customers get around town in a...

  3. Sycamore_Canyon1.JPG

    Course closes amid worries about golf’s future

    The Sycamore Canyon Golf Course in Arvin has been sold to developers who intend to plant an almond orchard there and convert the clubhouse into a wedding venue. It’s the latest in a string of regional golf courses that have shuttered in...

  4. parkway_1_fa.JPG

    Along for the ride, Westside Parkway turns one

    A classic car parade Aug. 2 opened Westside Parkway for business, but a year later the freeway segment remains part of more futuristic plans to merge Bakersfield with the national highway system. Residents instantly dubbed it a “freeway...

  5. bitofgermany10.JPG

    PETE TITTL: No need to catch a flight for a Bit of Germany

    Couldn’t afford a trip to Europe this summer? I’m in that club. But I can always take comfort from the transatlantic escape afforded by Bit of Germany. The restaurant is celebrating a big anniversary this year — 35 years, all at the same...

  6. Centennial_Clovis2.JPG

    Early look at Centennial football

    This time last summer, Kevin Sneed wasn’t feeling well. Lethargic and not with the same pep in his step that he’s used heading into the football campaign, he soon was given news no one wants to hear - he had throat cancer. Now, with a...


    LOIS HENRY: Even upriver, water is as valuable as wet gold

    I’m convinced that water has become the most seductive element on earth. Its lure is stronger than oil or even gold, especially in California these days. Water’s siren song appears to have drawn the Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Storage...

  8. tejon_tix_fa.JPG

    Outlets at Tejon preview sparks ticket frenzy

    Santa Monica nonprofit The Painted Turtle wasn't used to a lot of phone calls coming from Bakersfield -- until about two weeks ago. Then it was nonstop. People weren't calling specifically to help with the organization's camp activities...


    City plans to remove engraved bricks and tiles from Centennial Plaza

    City public works staff announced Friday they plan to dig up the engraved bricks and tiles at Centennial Plaza that were purchased by the public, but a councilman who didn’t know about it wants the idea reconsidered before the work begins....

  10. BrianHodges.JPG

    Bakersfield man critically injured in zip-lining accident

    Shimeaka Hodges spent her 39th birthday Thursday near the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But instead of sitting beachside the Bakersfield resident has been praying for her husband Brian in Blue Medical Net Hospital — Cabo San...

  11. steve merlo tab.jpg

    STEVE MERLO: Cooler Central Coast features hot fishing, on and offshore

    With another heat wave in the San Joaquin Valley this week, scores of people will once again be trekking to the Central Coast to cool off. That's a given, but a lot of folks are also heading over there simply to wet their lines. The entire...


    City to close spray parks early, consider tiered rates

    The taps at nine Bakersfield spray parks will be turned off Aug. 1, more than a month ahead of schedule, as part of the city’s latest efforts to grapple with the ongoing drought, the municipal Water Board learned Wednesday. The city will...

  13. heron.jpg

    Local report: New pro football league places team in Bakersfield

    Professional football is coming back to Bakersfield. The Professional Football Showcase, a new league that will play its first season in the spring, has given a franchise to Bakersfield that likely will play its games at Bakersfield...

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