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    Man has stroke in Walmart, claims employees would not help

    BY RUTH BROWN The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Nov 22 2014 04:59 PM

    As Bruce Murray's left eye and the right side of his mouth began to droop and his speech slowed, his wife knew he must be having a stroke.

    He was. And he was in the middle of the Walmart on Gosford Road. Murray, 81, had the transient ischemic attack, or mini-stroke, around noon on Oct. 31. He claims store employees refused to help or call 911, saying it was "against policy."

    When the stroke occurred, he'd only been in the store for about five minutes and remembers feeling dizzy and leaning on a cart for balance. Before he knew it he was sliding to the floor.

    His wife, Margaret, 80, said she knew what was happening after seeing his drooping face. "I just said, 'Bruce, I think you're having a stroke,'" she said.


    LOIS HENRY: Key molestation case figure deserves a do-over

    This coming January it will have been 28 years since Gerardo Gonzales made the mother of all plea deals. By copping to one felony count of 288(a) lewd acts with a child on Jan. 22, 1987, Gonzales wiped away more than 200 charges against...

  3. GrassGrow8.JPG

    National forests a growing destination for illegal pot farms

    SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST -- The watershed northeast of Mill Creek Canyon, just another small side canyon in Sequoia National Forest, isn't on the map. Its most visible residents are lizards, spiky yucca plants, and scrubby live oak and...

  4. Saltys7.JPG

    Salty's new location is the grill deal

    Salty's BBQ has made such a good impression since it opened last year on Rosedale Highway that it was probably inevitable that a second location would pop up. It has, and the copy may be better than the original. The major down side to...


    ZACH EWING: Despite off game, Kessler a sweet spot in season gone sour

    PASADENA —  It won't become official for another month or so, but for Cody Kessler and USC's football team Saturday night at the Rose Bowl, it became time to turn attention to next year. That's because UCLA, kings of Los Angeles football...

  6. BC_Chaffey_jh22.JPG

    BC has a special game in bowl win over Chaffey

    Special teams are part of nearly every football practice at Bakersfield College. On Saturday, the many hours spent in that area this season paid off. Every BC point was scored by or set up by special teams, and the Renegades concluded...

  7. bhs_buch_1_fa.JPG


    It was close for a half. But Bakersfield High School dominated after halftime and rolled to a 49-17 win over Clovis-Buchanan Friday night in the Central Section Division I quarterfinals. The win propels the Drillers (9-2) into a rematch...

  8. TulareUnionAtRidgeview11.JPG

    Croney's six TDs pace Wolf Pack

    Sheldon Croney is a smart player. The senior running back for Ridgeview knows that his rushing stats aren't going to be as impressive without a strong offensive line. And boy, did he have a fantastic playoff performance. Croney rushed...

  9. Kacie_adoption_jh01.JPG

    National Adoption Day yields laughter, tears

    For all the dignitaries and proclamations from local politicians, it was Kacie Valdez who stole the show at Friday's 12th annual National Adoption Day celebration. Kacie's adoption at the Juvenile Justice Center was one of 42 that...

  10. OliverTrial2Nov19.JPG

    Oliver trial so far: Battery allegations, disturbing videos and the return of sketch artistry

    The trial of school shooter Bryan Oliver has generated plenty of tension, tears and arguments following five days of testimony -- and it's not over by a long shot. Students, law enforcement and Oliver himself have taken the stand to...

  11. Oatmeal4.JPG

    Hospital, rescue group caring for abused and abandoned dog

    Kern County animal welfare officials and rescue group Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue have teamed up to save a little Boxer mix found abused and abandoned in Rosamond earlier this week. The 2-year-old female dog had been thrown over into an AT...

  12. OliverTrial2Nov19.JPG

    Bryan Oliver finishes his testimony

    Bryan Oliver's testimony Thursday morning regarding his awareness of events just before he opened fire Jan. 10, 2013 in a Taft Union High School classroom conflicts with what he told investigators shortly after the shooting. Oliver has...

  13. Immigration_UFW1.JPG

    Business groups, farmworkers push for immigration reform in Bakersfield

    Business groups and farmworker advocates staged separate events Wednesday in Bakersfield calling for quick action addressing the thorny questions of how to attract foreign nationals to work in the United States, and what to do about those...

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