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Sunday, Nov 18 2012 03:00 AM

SOUND OFF: 'I couldn't share the news of Kevin Harvick's win'

BY JOHN ARTHUR Executive Editor

READER: I am a print subscriber with the iPad app as well as on Safari. I am trying to share (Monday's) TBC sports story about Kevin Harvick's Phoenix NASCAR win with my Facebook friends.

Yes, I can read the iPad story on page 26. How can I share a link ?

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OK I'll go to the web program and copy a link.


No story in today's sports.

Search news??? No "Kevin Harvick Phoenix" results.

Search sports? Old news.

What am I missing? Did I unfriend TBC on Facebook by mistake?

Jim Etherton


Chief Operating Officer Logan Molen, who oversees The Californian's digital products, responds:

Jim, I'll answer the question in two parts.

First, you can share stories from our replica e-edition from the toolbar at the top of the viewer. Sharing options vary depending on the device you're using but all include Facebook, Twitter and email. To share stories from handheld devices such as the iPad, just double-tap the story to bring up a text view, then select how you want to share the story.

Second, you couldn't find the story about Harvick's win on our local websites because we didn't post it online. Most wire stories published in The Californian's print and replica e-edition do not appear on our websites, which have a much narrower focus on local news. But thanks for asking -- we'll have a discussion about whether this one should have been posted, given Harvick's local connection and the fact the win was national news.




Columnist Jamie Butow got more mail about the twitter traffic that took place before a fatal road accident.


READER: I just want to encourage you for your boldness in writing your article on social media. I am sorry that people are being so harsh with the article you printed but I guess that goes with the territory.

I am writing because I have another question. As a parent, I would want to know who provided booze to these minors? Lets make everyone accountable for this tragedy. I hope that once the Webb family begins to get closure in the death of their daughter, they can investigate who provided these minors with alcohol. Who was the cool adult or who were the cool adults?

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Juarez [the drunk driving suspect] deserves to be prosecuted for his actions and I am not minimizing what he did. I just think that it's time to also prosecute these adults who provide booze to minors and then allow them to drive away.

Elena Rizo


READER: I thought both of the stories about the drunk divers were excellent. The only thing missing was what happened to the persons that hosted the drinking party?

You said something about texting or twitter that they were invited to it.

By who?

Will they be prosecuted for furnishing alcohol to minors?

Are the police investigating it?

Robert Smith




Breaking News Editor Christine Peterson takes this one:

It's a great question and one for us to keep asking of police.

We did visit the home where the party was said to have taken place but found no one. It will be up to the police to name the hosts. Alternatively, family members of the victim can attempt to collect damages from that person in civil court.

We really don't know that it was even an adult who "provided" the alcohol. Could be. But we don't know yet.

I don't expect we'll get clear answers until or unless someone is charged for that, separately. A police report filed on the crash isn't likely to delve into where Breana Webb and her passengers were before the crash. This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms

and compliments or ask questions about news coverage. Your questions --

which may be edited for space -- are answered each Sunday by Executive

Editor John Arthur. Follow John Arthur on Twitter @BakoEditor

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