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    SOUND OFF: Did our endorsements line up with voters' feelings?

    BY ROBERT PRICE, Californian executive editor
    Friday, Nov 28 2014 05:00 PM

    Reader: Every election cycle, The Californian gets slammed by readers for allegedly being out of touch with voters -- particularly Kern County voters. You're too conservative, some complain, or, way more often, it seems, you're too liberal. Well, I want to know how your endorsements from this month's election line up with the way people actually vote around here, or at least how they are registered to vote.

    -- Name withheld Price: Great question. I was curious, anyway, about how our endorsements would've played out had they been predictions of the Election Day outcome (which, of course, they weren't). In the statewide races, The Californian endorsed the eventual winner in five of the eight races in which we made a recommendation. Of...

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    SOUND OFF: What was your restaurant reviewer trying to accomplish?

    Reader: After reading Pete Tittl's review of Sorella Ristorante Italiano, recently opened in a new location, I am finding it difficult to understand exactly what his review was about ("Sorella has a new home, and some growing pains," Nov....

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    SOUND OFF: Israeli airstike photo simply told a compelling story

    This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian's news coverage. Your questions -- which may be edited for space -- are answered here each Saturday. Reader:...

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    SOUND OFF: Why not publish names of welfare recipients, too?

    Reader: I read with great interest your response to a reader (in the March 15 Sound Off column) questioning whether public official salaries should be printed in the paper. Your response was that since it was taxpayer money that funded...

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    SOUND OFF: Oops! My arrogant liberal bias is showing again

    I wish we newspaper-types had the time to manipulate the news the way some readers apparently think we do. I can't even carve out an hour for lunch most days, let alone plot ways to subject readers to my petty grudges and biases. But as...

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    SOUND OFF: Point out the inaccurate reporting, Monsignor

    When our John Cox attended a March 1 community forum hosted by the Bakersfield chapter of the NAACP and heard the local branch's president essentially take credit for having convinced the Diocese of Fresno to remove Kathleen Bears as...

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    SOUND OFF: Not enough detail in story of young boy's death

    Jason Kotowski's story last month about the death of 4-year-old Gregorio Edward Leyva attracted a lot of attention, and not just because of the heart-wrenching nature of the incident. The boy had darted into the street near his home, in...

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    SOUND OFF: Break out the old Thesaurus: McDill is in town

    If you’re looking for a columnist who’s better looking than the one pictured here, such as Ric Llewellyn or Heather Ijames, you’re looking on the wrong day. Our band of merry, rotating columnists has moved from Saturday to Thursday. Why?...

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    SOUND OFF: Did story of boy's fatality include unwarranted detail?

    Every pedestrian fatality is a tragic one, no matter who the victim or what the circumstances, but the death of Gregorio Edward Leyva last week was especially heart-wrenching. Gregorio was 4. He was hit by an SUV while crossing the street...

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    SOUND OFF: Who was really recognized with that standing ovation?

    There wasn't a dry eye in the U.S. Capitol building, and perhaps anywhere in America among those who watched the final minutes of Tuesday's State of the Union address, when President Obama introduced and spoke briefly about Sgt. 1st Class...

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    SOUND OFF: This cat got out of the bag and the howls began

    Nothing gets readers worked up like a change in the comics, and we heard from a few of you this week: READER: Once again The Bakersfield Californian has decided to remove the long time comic favorite "Garfield" and put in its place an...

  12. SOUND OFF: We're back, and we have some catching up to do

    This column has not appeared for several weeks, so we have some catching up to do: *** READER: (In regard to our Dec. 31 list of state, national and global quotes of the year:) I am sorry this is so late but I feel it is important to...

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    SOUND OFF: We approach the holiday with plenty of good cheer

    READER: Dear Mr. Ewing, I want to compliment you on your article in The Bakersfield Californian on Nov. 14, page 49, covering the Division 1 Girls Tennis Section Finals. It is a masterpiece of reporting, writing and journalism,...

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