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  1. OUR VIEW: Blaming others for drought ramps up

    Thursday, Apr 23 2015 07:00 PM

    Carly Fiorina is running for president and she knows how to fix California -- blame the liberals. Well, there's certainly plenty of blame there, but this blame game mentality is not helping matters when it comes to California's drought.

    Californians have made it pretty clear that we like protecting the environment, but we also like having produce year-round and playing golf. We also like to drink lots of bottled water.

    Over the last few weeks, the state's almond growers have been on the defensive about their water use from liberal writers and commentators, while conservatives have attacked environmentalists.

    In the end, the endless cycle of blame game helps no one and offers zero solutions. Fiorina wants to play that game, but the...

  2. OUR VIEW: Making the right call the first step

    The Bakersfield City Council made the right decision Wednesday night by enacting odd-even watering days as a way to save during the drought. Approved with a 5-1 vote, residents with even-numbered addresses may water on Sunday, Wednesday...

  3. McCarthy wise to attend march in Selma

    The Republican Congressional leadership put itself in a potentially unflattering position this week when it appeared that no one at the top would be attending events marking the 50th anniversary of the "Bloody Sunday" march in Selma,...

  4. Privatization option merits close scrutiny

    The Kern County Board of Supervisors faces some of its steepest economic challenges in years thanks to massive fluctuations in the price of oil. The Board must deal with a financially troubled hospital, expensive improvements to county...

  5. Saint Serra? The question is complicated

    Father Junipero Serra's role in California's development has long occupied an important place in the state's collective consciousness. Starting in the fourth grade, California students are introduced to the famed Franciscan missionary,...

  6. Our View: Time to close the gap

    Americans in many pockets of the United States, especially this one, harbor deep distrust of President Obama and, in particular, his perceived economic priorities. But he wasn’t sounding any false alarms in Tuesday’s State of the Union...

  7. OUR VIEW: Time for Taft to address Bryan Oliver fallout

    Bryan Oliver brought a gun to school. He aimed it at another student. He fired. A fellow student was wounded before the young shooter could be wrestled to the ground by a teacher. Those are the facts. However, clear as the facts may be,...

  8. Do HSR's foes have a better alternative? No

    California's controversial high-speed rail project has officially broken ground, and contracts have been awarded. But we're still no closer to solving the state's pervasive and growing transportation issues. Critics have long enjoyed...

  9. Scalise affair was good opportunity missed

    It's been a challenging week for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. Rep. Steve Scalise, the man who took McCarthy's job as majority whip, we learned recently, inexplicably once spoke to a group founded by the neo-Nazi...

  10. Lerdo decision had to be made

    Kern County Supervisors are right to be uneasy about spending the money to upgrade the Lerdo jail, but it's clear the work needs to be done. Under the fog of potential lawsuits from inmates with disabilities or special needs, supervisors...

  11. A day of welcome rain and notoriety

    Like rain, good news can come in buckets, and we saw plenty of that on Monday with uplifting moments and a good hire. For the Bakersfield and Kern County motor sports community, a tight-knit bunch already, the rise of Kevin Harvick, already...

  12. Assessor race: Voters, just take your pick

    Back in June, we endorsed Jon Lifquist for Kern County Assessor-Recorder. Now we're scratching our heads. We still like Lifquist's experience in the assessor's office and the continuity that his promotion would provide Kern County...

  13. Peterson best Secretary of State option

    Few people probably give much thought to the position of California Secretary of State. Perhaps more people ought to: If they wish to vote or do business in California, the character and abilities of this elected official are vitally...

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