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  1. Re-elect Brown: The right man at the right time

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 11:01 PM

    By all reckoning, Jerry Brown is expected to be re-elected in November to a fourth term as California governor. The 76-year-old Democrat was first elected governor in the 1970s, before voters imposed a two-term limit on the post. Brown now is seeking a second term as governor under the term limit law.

    Brown, a shrewd, creative statesman who has tempered his tone since his earlier ride in this political rodeo, deserves to be re-elected. Voters decided In 2010 that Brown was the right man at the right time to lead the state, and he still is.

    When he came into office, Brown faced a state budget deficit of $26 billion, an economy ravished by the Great Recession and a California credit rating that was circling the drain.

  2. We have to have one, so re-elect Gavin Newsom

    Before he became one, Gavin Newsom called for the elimination of the do-nothing, waste-of-money lieutenant governor's post. Although you don't hear Newsom pushing to eliminate the job he now holds, he was right. In these modern times, there...

  3. Kamala Harris: Only practical choice for AG

    The California attorney general's race demonstrates just how thin the state's bench of Republican candidates is. Seeking a second four-year term, incumbent Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris easily should be re-elected. She faces...

  4. Prop. 48: Look long and hard, then reject

    Proposition 48, which appears on the November ballot, can be likened to a stereogram, or what some call a Magic Eye image. At first, the image is incomprehensible. You have to stare long and hard before the message becomes clear. Voters...

  5. Props. 1 and 2: Not perfect, but worth supporting

    Propositions 1 and 2, the products of many months of negotiation between Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature, have the imprint of a seasoned statesman. Neither proposition is perfect, but they deserve voter support. They will help address...

  6. Keep Miller, Williams on KHSD board

    Voters can replace two members of the Kern High School District board of trustees next month or they can maintain the stabilizing course those two incumbents have helped establish and retain them. The Californian strongly urges voters to...

  7. Prop. 47 about lawmakers' lack of courage

    Proposition 47 is on the November ballot because California legislators -- yes, both Democrats and Republicans -- haven't had the political courage to do the right thing. They have pandered to voters by taking knee-jerk, "tough on crime"...

  8. Prop. 46: Trial lawyers' malpractice scam

    "Trojan horse" aptly describes Proposition 46, which appears on the November ballot. The initiative proposes to do three things: require random testing of California physicians to ferret out drug abusers; require physicians to check a...

  9. Prop. 45 fixes a problem that doesn't exist

    There was a time -- not so long ago -- when Californians were outraged over the soaring premiums for health care insurance. But the dust has settled over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The Covered California health...

  10. Schools superintendent: Vote Marshall Tuck

    Every four years, voters elect a non-partisan superintendent of public instruction who serves as the executive of the California Department of Education. But the governor appoints the 11 members of the State Board of Education, the policy...

  11. Re-elect Dave Jones insurance commissioner

    At first glance, it would seem Democrat incumbent Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and his Republican challenger, Ted Gaines, agree on most issues. Both say they want to protect Californians, create a fair and supportive business climate...

  12. Swearengin is the right pick for controller

    Ashley Swearengin, a rising Republican star and candidate for state controller, was a keynote speaker at last weekend's GOP convention. Swearengin is remembered less for what she said during the event than for what she would not say....

  13. Chiang a solid choice for state treasurer

    Termed out as state controller, Democrat John Chiang now is running for California treasurer. On the November ballot, he faces Republican Greg Conlon. A retired accountant, Conlon has run unsuccessfully for several California offices. In...

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