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  1. Lerdo decision had to be made

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Thursday, Dec 04 2014 11:01 PM

    Kern County Supervisors are right to be uneasy about spending the money to upgrade the Lerdo jail, but it's clear the work needs to be done.

    Under the fog of potential lawsuits from inmates with disabilities or special needs, supervisors voted to spend $100.5 million to build an 822-bed addition to the aging county facility, which hasn't been updated since the 1980s.

    No one was happy about the situation, especially with the additional $27 million annual expense of running the new addition. However, it's clear that Kern County needs this facility for many reasons. Most importantly, it wards off the threat of potential lawsuits that the county could face if the work isn't done. Of course, it also ensures that a greater number of the...

  2. A day of welcome rain and notoriety

    Like rain, good news can come in buckets, and we saw plenty of that on Monday with uplifting moments and a good hire. For the Bakersfield and Kern County motor sports community, a tight-knit bunch already, the rise of Kevin Harvick, already...

  3. Assessor race: Voters, just take your pick

    Back in June, we endorsed Jon Lifquist for Kern County Assessor-Recorder. Now we're scratching our heads. We still like Lifquist's experience in the assessor's office and the continuity that his promotion would provide Kern County...

  4. Peterson best Secretary of State option

    Few people probably give much thought to the position of California Secretary of State. Perhaps more people ought to: If they wish to vote or do business in California, the character and abilities of this elected official are vitally...

  5. Re-elect Vidak, Fuller to state Senate seats

    Democratic and Republican legislators should heed 14th District Sen. Andy Vidak's words. The Hanford Republican recently told The Fresno Bee that despite being a member of a minority party, he can get things done in Sacramento because "I...

  6. Vote Valadao, McCarthy for congressional seats

    One big difference between the two candidates running for the 21st Congressional District seat is that the incumbent has a lifelong involvement in the district and his challenger just recently returned and is pursuing a political...

  7. Weir the best choice in city's Ward 3 election

    Ward 3 Councilman Ken Weir will never win a Mr. Personality contest. He can be gruff, aloof and sour. He has been accused of ignoring voters' concerns over the desires of developers. Shortly after his election in 2006, he was the target of...

  8. Re-elect Rudy Salas, Shannon Grove to Assembly

    Incumbent 32nd District Assemblyman Rudy Salas, D-Bakersfield, is a much stronger contender in this year's rematch with Republican challenger Pedro Rios of Delano. In 2012, Salas, a Bakersfield City Councilman and former member of state Sen...

  9. Elect Parlier to fill Council's Ward 7 seat

    An open seat on the Bakersfield City Council is rare indeed. Ward 7 Councilman Russell Johnson's decision to seek the Kern County assessor's post, rather than run for re-election, has triggered a three-way race for his open seat...

  10. Choose Rivera in Ward 1, Smith in Ward 4

    Incumbent Bakersfield City Councilmen Willie Rivera and Bob Smith were recently endorsed by voters. Ward 1's Rivera was elected to the council last year to complete Rudy Salas' term, after Salas' election to the Assembly. Ward 4's Smith was...

  11. Re-elect Brown: The right man at the right time

    By all reckoning, Jerry Brown is expected to be re-elected in November to a fourth term as California governor. The 76-year-old Democrat was first elected governor in the 1970s, before voters imposed a two-term limit on the post. Brown now...

  12. We have to have one, so re-elect Gavin Newsom

    Before he became one, Gavin Newsom called for the elimination of the do-nothing, waste-of-money lieutenant governor's post. Although you don't hear Newsom pushing to eliminate the job he now holds, he was right. In these modern times, there...

  13. Kamala Harris: Only practical choice for AG

    The California attorney general's race demonstrates just how thin the state's bench of Republican candidates is. Seeking a second four-year term, incumbent Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris easily should be re-elected. She faces...

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