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  1. When you are in a hole, quit digging

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Apr 12 2014 11:00 PM

    As if Republicans weren't in enough trouble with women voters in California. The recent demeaning and sexist fake photo of Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that is posted on Breitbart News' California edition is sure to reinforce the party's negative image among women voters.

    Just consider the numbers: In 2012, President Obama won California by 23 points, but he won women's votes by 30 points; two years earlier, Democrat Jerry Brown beat Republican Meg Whitman by 13 points, but won women's votes by 17 points to be elected governor.

    Just last month, Republicans were meeting in Burlingame to strategize on how they can attract women and minorities, particularly Latinos, to their party and start winning more elections in California.

  2. Lifquist: Experience needed in Assessor race

    It was Russell Johnson himself who last week made a strong case for voters to elect an experienced professional rather than a politician to head the Kern County Assessor-Recorder's Office. Johnson, a Bakersfield City Councilman and former...

  3. Can they see Bakersfield from Sacramento?

    A state highway often serves as an outsider's introduction to a city. And so it is with Bakersfield, which straddles well-traveled Highway 99. Visitors, potential investors and possible future resident get their first impression from our...

  4. Crisp & Cole scam required willing marks

    It's been said that a con only works when the mark himself is greedy. It's a paraphrased adage from the glory days of caricatured grifters and confidence men, but it still rings true today. David Crisp and Carl Cole, the now-forlorn faces...

  5. 11 incidents of child abuse in Kern every day

    Some lessons seem so fundamental and so intrinsically humane that we wouldn't think they'd need constant reiteration. Sadly, in Kern County and other communities across the nation, the reminders are as important as ever -- especially when...

  6. When it comes to politicians, buyer beware

    State Sen. Leland Yee? Really? A Bay Area Democrat known for benign causes like gun control and open government, a man who once proposed incorporating the harmonic principles of feng shui into state building codes, has been accused of seedy...

  7. Preserve the Antiquities Act for posterity

    In 2009, renowned filmmaker Ken Burns suggested in the title of his Emmy-winning documentary series that the country's national parks were "America's Best Idea." It's hard to argue with that evaluation. Unless, of course, you're among the...

  8. Fear-mongering: Blaming fracking for quake

    Los Angeles was rocked and rolled by a pre-dawn 4.4-magnitude earthquake last week. Yes, what else is new? That’s what happens in earthquake fault-filled California.   But even though the “routine” quake caused no serious damage, three...

  9. Just one race? Apathy is the only winner

    Kern County residents who haven't had a chance to get to know their elected officials needn't fear. They'll have plenty of time to get acquainted because all but one of the county's open elected positions will be easily retained by...

  10. Grove's religious exemption just discrimination

    It's the 1940s and a real estate agent sues an African-American family for buying a house with a covenant that bars minorities. A judge jails them for refusing to move. A few years later, bombs destroy homes occupied by African-American...

  11. Living by 'residency rule' when it's convenient

    Three Republican lawmakers, including our own Andy Vidak, continue to demand the expulsion of Democrat Rod Wright from the state Senate, and they continue to express anger over the Democratic maneuvering that has thwarted their efforts....

  12. Is GET reversing its course after complaints?

    The way Golden Empire Transit District officials have stubbornly clung to the system changes they put into effect more than a year ago, you would have thought metropolitan Bakersfield bus routes were cast in cement. Well, they aren't....

  13. Is crosswalk at the crux of city traffic issues?

    Could one downtown Bakersfield crosswalk actually hold the answers to some of the city's ongoing traffic headaches, including the lack of a convenient, traveler-friendly transit hub? It might not be that simple, but hear us out: This...

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