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  1. End the court fight and get responsible, LA

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Jul 12 2014 11:01 PM

    Kern County's attorneys are to be congratulated for their latest victory in their years-long defense of Measure E, the voter-approved ban on hauling Southern California sludge to Kern County and smearing it on local farmland.

    On a technicality, the California Supreme Court dealt a serious blow last week to southland sewage agencies' eight-year legal campaign against the county's ban on the land application of treated sewage sludge. The seven justices unanimously overturned a state appeal court ruling that had granted a city of Los Angeles' request to block enforcement of Measure E.

    The court held that Los Angeles, the lead agency on the lawsuit, failed to file claims against voter-approved Measure E within a 30-day period following the...

  2. Why it's time to grow up and ban fireworks

    Let's say it with a bang: It's time to snuff out personal-use fireworks in Bakersfield. The longstanding tradition has finally worn out its welcome. The annual cavalcade of dangerous, ear-splitting incendiary devices that reappeared again...

  3. Politics must not indefinitely stall reform

    Bakersfield City Councilman Ken Weir may have been right. Maybe the city council had no business butting into the contentious U.S. immigration debate. Then again, more likely, the reason the council voted last week to "indefinitely"...

  4. Nurture the artistic intent of First Fridays

    Sooner or later, children must grow up and act like adults. Such is the case with downtown Bakersfield's First Friday celebrations. They are no longer in their infancy. They have grown in popularity and attendance. It is time for them to...

  5. What this retail store's move means for city

    Hear that? It's the sound of sales tax revenue hitting the county of Kern's coffers -- and not the city of Bakersfield's. The Gap's departure last month from Valley Plaza, after 20 years there, was already cause for concern. But now, with...

  6. The numbers don't lie: US cares about soccer

    The World Cup, the most popular sporting event in the world, has surpassed a cultural milestone U.S. cynics never thought possible: It has officially won over American fans. It helps that the U.S. squad has performed well on the pitch,...

  7. As Kevin climbs, he can't forget to look down

    Congratulations are in order for Rep. Kevin McCarthy. On Thursday in Washington, D.C., the GOP Congressman from Bakersfield completed the biggest leap of his political career when his fellow Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives...

  8. Next time, we might not be so fortunate

    Evacuation orders were lifted Tuesday in the Wofford Heights area after fire crews from Kern County and around the state worked tirelessly to contain the Shirley Fire, which burned more than 2,600 acres and, to date, cost more than $7...

  9. Good sportsmanship one way to solve ref shortage

    "If you're wearing a striped shirt, you're going to get yelled at. It goes with the territory." That quote comes from Randy Horne, president of the Kern County Officials Association, who last week explained to The Californian why it can be...

  10. Ask a Texan: Maybe Perry's way has merit

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a California fixation, but at least he's willing to admit it. As governor of Texas, he's looking to lure away as many California businesses as possible, and he's doing it at a rate that should alarm every...

  11. True test of patriotism: Voting in a dull primary

    Political pundits predict Tuesday's primary election may set a California record, and not a desirable one. Fewer registered voters may cast ballots for statewide and local races than ever before in a state primary. Historically, primary...

  12. Again we ask: Could we have done something?

    The pain is still fresh from the latest massacre. This time, it was closer to home. It was last week in Isla Vista, where six University of California Santa Barbara students were fatally shot or stabbed and many more injured before the...

  13. Democrats dominate statewide races

    With voter registration numbers down and only a few seasoned candidates in play, the California Republican Party is outgunned in this year's statewide contests. About 29 percent of the state's registered voters list themselves as...

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