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  1. DANA MILBANK: A Democratic candidate who embraces Obama

    Thursday, Oct 23 2014 01:46 AM

    David Perdue took the cheap and easy route.The Republican Senate candidate in Georgia, like Republican candidates in most other competitive races, calculated that the surest road to victory was to tie his opponent, in this case Democrat Michelle Nunn, to President Obama.

    "The president himself said, 'make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot,'" Perdue said in a TV ad last week. As a photo of Obama with Nunn filled the screen, Perdue continued: "That's why he wants her in the Senate."

    It was typical of Perdue's campaign strategy of trying to run against Obama. What was not typical was Nunn's response: She ran a spot of her own, featuring the same photo of herself with Obama.

    "Have you seen this picture?" she asks viewers. "It...

  2. MICHAEL GERSON: For Republican Party, no victory lap

    On the theory that chickens should not only be counted before they hatch but killed, let us consider the downsides for Republicans of winning both houses of Congress. This hypothetical now seems the most likely outcome, according to the...

  3. OTHER VIEWS: HBO blazing trails, but will others follow?

    In the mid-1990s, HBO made a strategic decision to invest more in original programming and make it the network's selling point, as opposed to the second-run movies that dominated its lineup in the early years. That programming -- from "The...

  4. OTHER VIEWS: Fault-finding, not fact-checking, on Ebola scare

    The ebola virus reached this country at the height of the 2014 campaign, so perhaps it was inevitable that the political parties would try to exploit it. To Republicans, the situation proves once again that President Obama has failed to...

  5. ESTHER CEPEDA: Ebola outbreak: Exposing our darkest thoughts

    Raise your hand if you've heard the phrase "heart of darkness" about a hundred times lately. It has been used to reference the African continent, the Ebola outbreak, the newly discovered origination point of the HIV virus, as well as...

  6. RUBEN NAVARRETTE: Make a living, but don't forget to live

    Thank you, Shonda Rhimes. You've set me free. The same goes for millions of other parents who spend their days chasing after what has to be the most overscheduled generation of children ever. Freedom came in the form of a single paragraph...

  7. MICHAEL GERSON: Ebola in America: Painful lessons learned

    In any health care setting, it is wise to listen to the nurses, who see all. Their reports from Dallas about the initial procedures used in treating Thomas Eric Duncan are appalling. Safety suits with exposed necklines left nurses to cover...

  8. DANA MILBANK: Inflicting damage on Obama on GOP agenda

    It sounds like the beginning of a joke: Two libertarians and a corporate lobbyist walk into a social hall ... On Wednesday, though, this very scenario happened in Ashland, Va. Three Republican politicians shared a stage, and one of them...

  9. OTHER VIEWS: Independents could have clout if elected

    When a candidate for political office refuses to be pinned down on a question of consequence, it's usually cause for suspicion. But not always. Which is in part what makes the campaigns of Greg Orman and Larry Pressler so interesting....

  10. OTHER VIEWS: Big money, big secrets and record 'dark money'

    The Supreme Court's 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, permitting unlimited corporate and union donations for independent political activity, stated explicitly the meaning of independent. "By definition," the...

  11. OTHER VIEWS: Suppressing the vote, just in time for Election Day

    The nation is about to hold a midterm congressional election that, if history is any indication, will see substantially lower turnout -- and therefore results that are substantially less representative of the country at large -- than votes...

  12. OTHER VIEWS: Maybe 'Drill, baby, drill,' wasn't such a bad idea

    Global crude oil prices have been falling in recent weeks, bringing relief to motorists at the pump -- and angst to members of OPEC. The oil cartel still controls most of the world's oil reserves. But it lacks the market power it once...

  13. MARK DAVIS: Court sets Constitution aside in ruling

    In this era of Ebola and the Islamic State, other dangers might not fit into our attention span. But this week, we need to make room for the hazards of a United States Supreme Court refusing to obey the Constitution. The justices'...

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