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  1. MICHAEL GERSON: Enter the reform conservatives

    Friday, Apr 17 2015 10:00 PM

    The juxtaposition of Hillary Clinton's and Marco Rubio's announcements for president illustrates a serious problem for American progressivism: Its political bench looks as spry and novel as the old Soviet Politburo. Joe Biden? Jerry Brown? Elizabeth Warren? All fight for Social Security while qualifying for their full check.

    Conservatives who burn incense to the memory of Ronald Reagan are forbidden from defining youth and inexperience as political qualifications. But Reagan was a policy innovator. Democrats today have a geriatric agenda. Equal pay arguments were avant-garde in 1963. The minimum wage was groundbreaking economic policy in 1938. Democrats propose to increase the payout of a Social Security system created in 1935.

  2. OTHER VIEWS: Blackwater's verdicts lift 'fog of war'

    In imposing lengthy prison terms on four former employees of the security firm once known as Blackwater, a federal judge has reinforced the message that the American legal system can mete out justice even when crimes are committed in...

  3. OTHER VIEWS: Marco Rubio has his eyes on the prize

    With his official declaration on Monday that he will be a candidate for president in 2016, Sen. Marco Rubio immediately becomes one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination, a tribute to his political acumen and voter appeal....

  4. DANA MILBANK: The sugar lobby's using sour tactics to sell sweets

    Our mothers told us: Sugar is filled with "empty calories," and it can rot your teeth, make you fat and give you diabetes. They told us this because, unfortunately, it's true. But this is Washington, and things operate here much like in...

  5. OTHER VIEWS: NCLB overhaul should keep school districts accountable

    The No Child Left Behind Act, a product of good bipartisan intentions and bad legislative drafting, is closer than ever to a rewrite that was supposed to have happened eight years ago. Two senators who were carrying widely divergent bills...

  6. EMMA ASHFORD: US would be better off without Arab allies

    U.S. officials continue to insist that our Middle Eastern allies are crucial to the fight against Islamic State and to other Middle Eastern conflicts. But are they? To judge by the chaos their help has created in Syria, we'd be better off...

  7. OTHER VIEWS: More sun may be all it takes to keep kids' eyes healthy

    Four eyes? You might not hear that taunt thrown around the playground anymore. It seems like eventually everyone is going to need glasses. In 1970, about 25 percent of Americans had some degree of myopia, the condition of nearsightedness....

  8. DANA MILBANK: After another tragedy, some signs of progress

    It began as yet another sickening case of a black man gunned down by a white cop, shot dead as he ran away after being stopped for a broken taillight. But something very different happened this time: The authorities got it right. After a...

  9. OTHER VIEWS: 150 years later, war's lessons not all learned

    At least 620,000 American soldiers died during the four years of the Civil War, succumbing to bullets, illness and the elements in a fight not against an external threat but over the nation's soul. By far the deadliest conflict fought on U...

  10. LISA LINDSAY: Who are the homeless people in my library?

    Several years ago, when I first began working as a librarian at the Central Library in downtown Fresno, I escorted a daily customer named James toward the door at closing time. He usually came when we opened and left when we closed. He...

  11. OTHER VIEWS: What if there had been no video?

    Some 855 miles and 238 days separate the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Walter L. Scott in North Charleston, S.C. But the striking similarities of their final minutes will forever connect them. It's a Saturday, and a white...

  12. MICHAEL GERSON: Rand Paul's grand game of deception

    In March 2013, Rand Paul occupied the Senate floor for a 13-hour filibuster, promising to "speak until I can no longer speak" in the cause that "no American should be killed by a drone on American soil without first being charged with a...

  13. OTHER VIEWS: Obama can drive a stronger deal with Iran

    President Barack Obama is lobbying hard for the preliminary nuclear deal the U.S. and five other world powers reached with Iran. He touts it as "our best bet by far to make sure Iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon." But he doesn't yet have a...

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