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  1. OTHER VIEWS: What happens if Obamacare collapses?

    Saturday, Feb 28 2015 11:00 PM

    Five years ago, President Barack Obama signed a law that will be a significant part of his presidential legacy: the Affordable Care Act.

    The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on a case that will largely determine if that law is remembered as a success or failure. The court will decide if millions of Americans who have gotten insurance through the federal health care exchange qualify under the law for government subsidies to help pay for that coverage. If the court says they do not, those people will lose that federal assistance. Many won't be able to pay for their insurance.

    People who receive assistance through state-based exchanges would not be affected. Their status is clear under the law. But the impact on people in...

  2. CYNTHIA ALLEN: Candidates must get over this 'gotcha' questioning

    In late 2013, a group of eager GOP Senate hopefuls landed at Reagan National Airport, just outside of Washington, D.C. Moments later, they were besieged by a gaggle of young, camera-wielding "trackers" yelling questions at them about...

  3. MICHAEL GERSON: Wisconsin governor makes cynical comments

    When Scott Walker pronounced himself agnostic about President Obama's patriotism and Christian faith, it must have seemed like a clever formulation. "I've never asked him, so I don't know," he said. And about Obama's Christianity: "I've...

  4. OTHER VIEWS: Chicago's fight for Democrats' soul

    In any other year, the mayoral election in America's third-largest city wouldn't matter much to anyone beyond driving distance to Wrigley Field. This year's race for Chicago's mayor, however, both reflects and could shape the direction of...

  5. DANA MILBANK: It's the waiting game that Boehner can't win

    John Boehner looked as if he were a spectator at his own hanging -- and in a sense he is. He can defy conservatives by abandoning their fight to undo President Obama's immigration actions and perhaps lose his speakership in the process....

  6. OTHER VIEWS: US needs to rework its food safety system

    The job of keeping our food wholesome has become more difficult as food itself has become more complicated. Because processed foods include ingredients from many sources, it is hard to trace the origin of pathogens. A package of ground...

  7. OTHER VIEWS: Fed chief has some advice for Rand Paul

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen mostly succeeded in her attempt to be vague about Fed policy in her semiannual appearance before Congress on Tuesday. On one issue, however, she was unequivocal -- and correct: A congressional audit of...

  8. OTHER VIEWS: Venezuela and Cuba: Partners in repression

    Last week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro paid a visit to Havana and met with Raul and Fidel Castro, who have been his patrons and who helped to install him in power after the death of Hugo Chavez. Maduro's political situation is...

  9. OTHER VIEWS: Gas tax plan should spread to more states

    A political development of actual importance is occurring in Iowa this month: Democrats and Republicans are proposing to increase the state's gas tax. Not only is this a rational way to raise revenue to repair bridges and roads, it's also...

  10. MICHAEL GERSON: Seeing the fragility of life's greatest gift

    DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania -- At a health center here, a young woman is in the recovery room after a cesarean section. A nurse takes the newborn to a table for cleanup. We (a group organized by the Center for Strategic and International...

  11. ESTHER CEPEDA: Migrants pay a heavy toll

    Like all migrants, the estimated 5 million blacks from the Deep South who moved north during the Great Migration were seeking a better life. Many of them found it -- but got fewer years of it in the process. This previously unknown...

  12. OTHER VIEWS: Oil train safety standards are way off track

    Residents near Mount Carbon, W.Va., heard a "big boom" last Monday, an explosion so forceful that it resulted in a fireball hundreds of feet high and sounded like a massive bomb exploding. Days later, toppled tank cars from a derailed...

  13. DANA MILBANK: Holy schnikes! Jeb Bush badly flubs his speech

    Jeb Bush was mere seconds into his speech Wednesday informing the world that he's his "own man," and not his brother or his dad, when he did something reminiscent of both. He flubbed his line. "We definitely no longer inspire fear in our...

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