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  1. MICHAEL GERSON: Tall order for the GOP in road to White House

    Monday, Sep 22 2014 11:01 PM

    It is the most important development so far in the 2016 presidential race, at least on the Republican side: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is evidently not a total meathead. Which he would have needed to be to have anything to do with the politically motivated lane closures of the George Washington Bridge -- a dirty trick oddly and aimlessly directed at the public. According to recent reports, nine months of federal investigation into emails and text messages have produced nothing implicating Christie.

    The Ford Gran Torino of GOP politics -- a bit ungainly, but a V-8 under the hood -- emerges with some dents. The proof Christie offers that he is not a bully is an admission that he surrounded himself with bullies.

  2. OTHER VIEWS: Why we aren't seeing many new businesses

    America's businesses are getting older and fatter, while many new businesses are dying in infancy. Regulations, bailouts and crony capitalism are choking off our economic promise. A study last month by the Brookings Institution found that...

  3. DANA MILBANK: Why Washington DC is bad reality TV

    Jeff Flake, the Arizona Republican senator who asked the Discovery Channel to film him and a Democratic colleague last month as they subsisted on an uninhabited Pacific island, came home with a sunburn, a 10-pound weight loss -- and a...

  4. OTHER VIEWS: Deadly force problem needs transparency

    The new head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's internal affairs office made a troubling assertion late last week. Since 2004, he said, the agency has apparently taken no disciplinary action against any of its agents who have used...

  5. ESTHER CEPEDA: Admirals and generals at war over fat

    Four years after a group of more than 450 retired military leaders released a report called "Too Fat to Fight,"chronicling the expanding waistlines of our armed forces, the admirals, generals and others are waging this war anew. Their...

  6. OTHER VIEWS: The US goes to war; Congress goes on break

    Members of a fractious Congress apparently have reached bipartisan consensus on one key issue: They won't risk even debating a broad measure to authorize President Barack Obama's military campaign against the Islamic State until after the...

  7. OTHER VIEWS: On immigration, president stutter-steps

    President Obama's zigs and zags in pursuit of immigration reform are a long-unfolding narrative now assuming epic dimensions. In the latest installment, Mr. Obama has postponed the unilateral reforms he promised to have unveiled by now. He...

  8. MICHAEL GERSON: Value of a human life

    From Belgium comes news that a mentally disturbed prisoner is to be granted government help in committing suicide. A typically shallow ethical debate ensued -- isn't assisted suicide for a prisoner a bit too close to capital punishment? --...

  9. OTHER VIEWS: Losing to the extremists on propaganda

    The United States and its allies have been very thorough since the 9/11 attacks at waging war to root out radical jihadists. But they've done a lousy job at fighting the ideological war -- that is, the effort to win the hearts and minds of...

  10. OTHER VIEWS: 'Six Californias' was chance to look at disparity

    The effort to break up California into six states suffered a major setback last week when the secretary of state's office said the initiative didn't qualify for the ballot. A blow, for sure, but not necessarily the fatal one that its...

  11. DANA MILBANK: Washington's 'gotcha game for greenbacks'

    "You are guilty until you have proven yourself innocent. ... That has worked well for us." -- A "senior" District of Columbia official, explaining to an investigator how tickets are issued in the nation's capital.   There is a...

  12. OTHER VIEWS: When going off the grid is off-limits

    For most of us, access to electricity and water are good things. What's more, we're so busy with our lives that we don't want to rely on our own skills and efforts to secure that access. We happily live in homes and apartments hooked up to...

  13. OTHER VIEWS: CVS does the right thing by ending cigarette sales

    CVS has stopped selling cigarettes. The move may be little more than a business calculation for the pharmacy chain. But it is one worth cheering: It makes the sale of cigarettes less ubiquitous, and it shows that, after decades of effort,... Daily Deal!

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