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  1. At the fair, education and fun are not extinct

    I took my 9-year-old grandson to the fair Sunday -- great fair, as usual! After spending most of the day on the rides (my grandson riding, me watching/reading), we hunted down the tent for Chevron's dinosaur exhibit. The exhibit admission...

  2. When the well goes dry

    Twenty five years ago, my family, friends and I built our home with our own hands. We raised our children, attended church and supported our community. I learned to love the desert saltbush and the sickly sweet smell from the carpets of...

  3. Don't plant rye grass this year

    In view of the severe drought, I think the city and county should mandate no rye grass this year. I know I can find other work for my gardeners Donald V. Youngs Bakersfield

  4. Safe traveling habits for all

    Milt Younger's recent Community Voices article on using your cell phone, etc. while driving was very good ("It's time to get serious about distracted driving accidents," Sept. 9). I would expand it to include pedestrians and bicyclists....

  5. Worst place to breathe? Fix our air problem now

    I just saw that a national magazine dubbed Bakersfield "the worst place to breathe in America." It's not news that the air in the valley is bad, but scoring the worst in America is extremely depressing. My family just moved here to be...

  6. How much are we saving?

    It seems that we are conserving enough water to allow the environmentalists to continue allowing water to flow freely into the Pacific and to continue coddling the Delta smelt. Mary Madsen Bakersfield

  7. It's a circus, all right

    PETA/Humane Society of the United States want more than to remove the animals from the circus. They want to end all animal agriculture. They're against keeping animals in captivity, much less killing them for food. Most of their funding...

  8. Solution to immigrant children

    There is a simple, humane solution to the Mexican children placement dilemma. There are basically two factions concerning the placement of these children. I believe tax money is a large factor concerning their placement. One faction...

  9. McCarthy is a responsible leader and representative

    On reading a recent letter in the opinion section, I was surprised that a former community leader would display such a lack of knowledge of Congressman Kevin McCarthy's tasks ("Though difficult, some battles need to be fought," Sept. 19)....

  10. Proxy battles good for nobody

    A proxy battle between two congressional candidates? I thought this was politics ("Congressional groups wage proxy battle on TV ads in congressional race," Sept. 4). It amazes me that a political campaign began as someone wanting to make a...

  11. Government should serve people, not corporations

    What wrong with this picture? Candidates want our vote, but they want public office so they can "cut regulations" for business interests, not ours. This information used to be something candidates would hide from the voters. Now they're...

  12. Killing the unwanted

    Michael Gerson's article about the legalization of assisted suicide in Belgium ("Value of human life," Sept. 19) was a heartbreaker. How tragic that a once-Christian country has adopted the immoral ideology of our World War II enemies. My...

  13. 'No' vote too bad for Scotland

    Too bad about the Scots' falling for Whitehall's siren song and eschewing independence from England's 307-year yoke ("'No' vote wins in Scotland; ends push for independence," Sept. 19). The vote went approximately 55-45, I heard. Scotland's...

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