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  1. Fair should end elephant rides

    Kudos to the Kern County Fair Board for reconsidering elephant rides ("Fair board: We'll listen," Jan. 21). The board should slam the door shut permanently on these cruel and dangerous rides. Elephants used for rides are broken through...

  2. Not sure that she's 'Charlie'

    Ever since the brutal and deadly attack on the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, the world has identified with the victims, holding signs that say "I am Charlie." Here in the United States we feel very strongly about our right to free speech....

  3. It's Hebdo followed by havoc

    Charlie Hebdo yelled "fire" in a crowded theater, and now the expected stampede has erupted. John Turnbull Bakersfield

  4. More safety on streets needed

    I am strongly in favor of Bakersfield adopting the nationally developed and state-endorsed street safety standards. Councilman Bob Smith noted in his Jan. 13 article that 905 people (in vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists) were either...

  5. Road median didn't need change

    It's with both outrage and disgust that I've observed the road median at Calloway Drive north of Rosedale Highway recently get changed from colored, stamped brick pattern concrete, to sprinklers, grass and trees. There was nothing wrong...

  6. Pedestrians don't cause majority of accidents

    Upon first reading a letter writer's response ("Pedestrians' ignorance often cause of accidents," Jan. 15) to Councilman Bob Smith's article regarding safer streets in Bakersfield ("Streets of Bakersfield should be safe for all who use...

  7. Kaiser change an eye-opener

    For all of you Kaiser patients out there, you might not know that you can only go to your regular optometrists' office if you pay in full. If you're like me, and have been going to the same optometrist for more than 30 years, you now have...

  8. Bad experience with squatters

    I'm writing in regard to the article about squatters moving in to the vacant homes ("Vacant home slated for demolition amid 24th Street widening attracts squatters," Jan. 20). I had the same problem with my rental but the city made me...

  9. City beautiful due to volunteers

    On Saturday I was given the opportunity to chair our Keep Bakersfield Beautiful board for this year. Bakersfield is beautiful because of our volunteers. Amen! "You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy...

  10. Instead of HSR, let's fix our roads

    Whoever wrote Our View about high speed rail lives in another land of thought than I do. We don't need the new trains to nowhere mainly because it is outdated and over cost. But don't you realize that you can't get people out of their...

  11. No way we can afford black hole HSR project

    So The Bakersfield Californian ("Do HSR's foes have a better alternative? No," Jan. 16) can't find much good to say about the proposed high-speed rail project but poses this statement: "Opponents have no good alternatives." To which I say:...

  12. Yes, there is an alternative

    Regarding the editorial on high speed rail, or the high cost rail's "necessity to California" and lack of reasonable opposition, here are some reasons why high speed rail doesn't make any sense. The voters were lied to about the cost,...

  13. Oliver's sentence far too severe

    I can't believe that Bryan Oliver's attorney allowed him to accept a plea "bargain" for 27 years in prison. Bryan was a 16-year-old, constantly bullied student when he shot at two people, wounding one and missing the other. The adult who...

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