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  1. Young man made deadly choice

    A photo in the newspaper showed a man standing downtown with a sign saying, Stop Killing Unarmed People, or something close to that as a protest against the police shooting and killing of the young man on Mt. Vernon. It is hard to lose any...

  2. Parties in a tug-of-war over immigration issue

    A recent article ("Multistate coalition sues over immigration order," Dec. 4) seems to be saying that most politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties have two distinctly different opinions about President Obama's recent endeavors...

  3. Veterinarian's death mourned

    I was saddened to learn of Dr. Lynn Reno's passing this morning while reading my Bakersfield Californian. In recent months, Dr. Reno had been staying at Glenwood Gardens. He had been in poor health for several months. Lynn Reno was a...

  4. I didn't blow up water talks, but the GOP did

    Congressman Kevin McCarthy, in a recent interview with 1180 KERN radio and The Californian, falsely claimed that I had "blown up" negotiations over water legislation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that Republicans...

  5. What's the role of a grand jury?

    Confusion regarding the grand jury system is increasing countrywide as the result of resent events in several states. Unfortunately there is a lack of understanding by the media as well as the public at large about what a grand jury is and...

  6. Be proud of local law enforcement

    Nobody I'm familiar with was present in Ferguson, yet I've heard friends take positions that would lead you to believe they were right there when it happened. The incident in New York is different in that we were all there thanks to the...

  7. Who has role model problems?

    I think the custom of presidential pardoning of turkeys is rather ridiculous. If I had been standing by the president during this event, I'm pretty sure I'd be grimacing. Do I have no sense of humor? Now to serious matters: Elizabeth...

  8. Safety, responsibility are needed on country roads

    On Tuesday morning, I was making my way to my job at Arvin High School. It was dark and raining as I drove down country roads, with no oncoming traffic as I passed vineyards, orchards and fields. Suddenly there was someone in the road...

  9. What about football at CSUB?

    Which football program is missing from this list: Fresno State, San Diego State, San Jose State, Sacramento State, UC Davis, Cal Poly? The answer: Bakersfield State. Ron Gallington Bakersfield

  10. Teachers should be paid well due to value

    A recent letter to the editor scoffed at the notion that Bakersfield City School District teachers are underpaid ("Teachers underpaid? Get real," Dec. 2). He wrongly opines that teachers only work half a year using a fractured calculation...

  11. Lerdo addition not a good idea

    I read the article about the Supervisors approving the addition to Lerdo. It will cost $100 million to build and will house 822 prisoners. Isn't that a little expensive? We could build houses or a hotel for less. The fact that the money...

  12. Hey, walk in a teacher's shoes

    Please don't let me be the only one who is highly incensed by a writer's diatribe concerning teachers' salaries. Bah! Humbug! When you've walked in a teacher's shoes for one day, then come talk to me about how overpaid they are. Frances...

  13. Keep safety in mind during holiday season

    In the days following Thanksgiving, many families will begin the festive tradition of lighting their homes and businesses for the holiday season. To ensure that lights bring joy rather than fire, injury or electric shocks, Pacific Gas and...

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