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  1. Cycling is great, but the canyon isn't a safe place

    We have made the Kern Canyon drive many times. The drive is fraught with danger presented by drivers taking curves while exceeding the speed limit. We are extra careful. Recently, we became aware of a new danger in the canyon: bicyclists....

  2. Religion, science not in conflict

    Kerry S. McGill's opinion piece ("Anti-science ignorance has US headed in the wrong direction," Oct. 21) reveals a very sensitive spot in the American psyche: the falsely perceived notion that science is the enemy of religion, in the larger...

  3. Have faith in 'cleaned' planes?

    We are told that the plane carrying the nurse with Ebola was cleaned at every stop. Have you ever gotten on a plane that was "cleaned" before you got on? How'd that work out for you? Fred Drew Bakersfield

  4. Yes, we can get off fossil fuel and thrive

    Kerry McGill ("Anti-science ignorance has US headed in the wrong direction," Oct. 21) makes some great points; but we're not to the point where we celebrate ignorance. Truth is, we are just not smart enough to easily ferret out the lies and...

  5. Respect for life under attack

    Community Voices writer Audrey Chavez expressed some interesting opinions regarding gay and lesbian acceptance in society ("Gays and lesbians are gifts; show them the love that God commands," Oct. 20). I am in agreement that we are...

  6. Christians don't 'own' marriage

    I am incredulous reading Tim Stormont's op-ed in a recent Californian regarding same-sex marriage (Oct. 22). Christians do not "own" the term marriage. It is not an infringement on one segment of society's religious freedom to allow the...

  7. Doctor shared many lessons

    I was sorry to read in the Oct. 18 obituary notices of the death of Dr. Lawrence R. Borgsdorf. He was the pharmacist for Kaiser Southern California who oversaw their program for older patients, and for many years he taught the pharmacology...

  8. If you're registered, what is the problem with ID?

    I don't understand these "Mixed signals on voting rights" (Oct. 19). I mean, if the law would prevent as many as 5 percent of registered voters in Texas (or 600,000 people in all) from casting ballots -- and the new law would hinder voting...

  9. Post office helpful, professional

    I must take exception to the recent letter dated Oct. 18 titled, "Not impressed with downtown post office." Because of business, I go into this post office five days a week. I have never received anything but friendly and professional...

  10. Even small grants makes big changes

    Thank you to Louis Medina for his Community Voices piece ("The story of two grants has a happy ending for local youth," Oct. 17) illustrating the impact that a small grant can make. The Women's and Girls' Fund, a leadership initiative of...

  11. Accidents at 'dangerous' intersection expected

    The story about the two high school students who were struck in the crosswalk near Foothill High School is tragic but not unexpected ("Alleged distracted driver strikes, injures 2 teens walking to school," Oct. 17). I drive through that...

  12. Will anyone in 'the palace' listen?

    Jack Balfanz's article ("Cash 'coma'? Why city housing costs are worth another look," Oct. 16) is right on the money. No pun intended. When the initial article came out on Aug. 27, I crunched the numbers as Jack Balfanz did, and gagged. Our...

  13. Found wallet a reason for praise

    Cheers for Winco for their customers. I left my wallet in the shopping cart and was frantic. When I got home and realized, I called Winco, and sure enough, one of their customers found it and turned it in. Thank the Lord. Shirley E....

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