Letters to the Editor

Saturday, Feb 16 2013 10:00 PM

Many somebodies love her

By The Bakersfield Californian

After reading Robert Price's column on the Safety Surrendered program ("Somebody loves her," Feb. 10), I could not help but think of the biological mother of this precious child. Did she see the article? She must have recognized the scenario described: Station 8 at the corner of University and Mount Vernon avenues, a baby girl, wavy black hair who appears to be bi-racial. I decided to write a letter to this woman.

To Addie's biological mom:

You have done an amazing thing. Giving up your child had to come with many emotions. The "why" you chose to give her up does not matter. Life is complicated and sometimes hard decisions have to be made.

I know Addie and her incredible family. I see her almost weekly at the church we attend. Howie and David are loving and caring people; she could not have found better parents. Addie is such a happy child, smiling with big bright eyes every time I see her.

Besides her immediate family, Addie has a large extended family at her church. She is loved so very much. There is no doubt in my mind that Addie will grow up to be a kind, personable, bright, God-loving human being.

Thank you for your courageous choice to allow Addie to find a family who could tend to all of her needs. I will pray that your life will be as full as your birth daughter's and that God will bless you and bring you peace.

Linda Lasseter


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