Letters to the Editor

Sunday, Jan 08 2012 11:00 PM

Some quirks in the system

By The Bakersfield Californian

This freedom-democracy system that we Americans live in has some strange quirks. For example:

* Insurance requirements: home insurance; car insurance (if you don't have it, the government will take your car); eye insurance; dental insurance; and "rest of your body" insurance. Seems as though the insurance companies are doing quite well. Especially with copayments, deductibles and their "you have reached your yearly limit, come back next year" and "we don't pay for that" rules.

* Taxes: property taxes (if you don't pay your home property tax, the government will take your home); income taxes (if you don't pay your income taxes the government will put you in jail); and sales taxes (everything we buy, even from China, has a sales tax).

* Laws: seat belts, child car seats, motorcycle helmets (all made to protect us from ourselves, and, of course, the revenue); can't smoke in your car if a minor is with you; if a teenager drinks, it is the parents' fault and the government puts the parents in jail; if a teenager does not go to school, the government puts the parents in jail; if a teenager has a cigarette lighter in his possession, he's in trouble. But just try and get some help from the government when you are having trouble with your teenager. You won't get much.

Maybe the Wall Street occupiers are on to something -- do you think?

Kenneth M. Cannon


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