Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, May 22 2013 11:00 PM

Perez ducked media? That's a pile of nonsense

By The Bakersfield Californian

Columnist Lois Henry condemns Leticia Perez for excusing Scott Cox from an interview with Robert Price ("Vidak, Perez media behavior fails to impress," May 22). Candidates have a right to avoid hostile interviewers, a proposition quite separate from avoiding difficult, even searing questions. Indeed, candidates have a long history of avoiding passionately biased personalities, at least those who are passionately opposed. Whether Perez -- who worked in my office for two years while I was the Kern County public defender -- thinks Cox is a right-wing nutball radio personality, or a left-wing idiot, has no bearing. Cox has taken a vocally hostile position against Perez for which there were consequences. A microphone does not elevate the rights of a talk show host nor does it reduce a candidate to subservience.

Price completed the interview in a professional manner, which should have been the informational focus for educating readers, not a sideshow of hurt feelings. The working relationship between the newspaper and Cox suggests a consideration of conflict. While this election is over, these concerns are not.

To contend that excusing Cox from an interview somehow equates to ducking the media is nonsense.

Mark Arnold


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