Letters to the Editor

Monday, Mar 25 2013 11:00 PM

Discrimination against women goes way back

By The Bakersfield Californian

Many Catholic nuns believe that females deserve to play a bigger role in the church's affairs. Specifically, they point to the fact that there were no females in the conclave that elected Pope Francis. In fact, there are no female cardinals in the church's hierarchy. The nuns think that having females in the church leadership is morally right. Discrimination is not right; it is wrong.

In the U.S., in 1920, females were given the right to vote. When females voted, Armageddon did not occur. Life went on, as usual, some say even better. Giving females the right to vote was morally right. Discrimination is not right; it is wrong. In 1972, Title IX gave females the right to participate in sport activities in public schools. Morally, it was the right thing to do. Discrimination is not right; it is wrong.

But, today, sadly, in our public high schools, discrimination still exists. Academic achievers are not given student-body assemblies as our athletic achievers get. Trophies, plaques and photographs of our scholars are not found in display cases as are those of athletes. Apparel identifies those students who, according to educators, are worthy of recognition -- the athletes. Scholars are never given this respect.

Educators are ignoring a truth: "If the behavior of a person is honored, then that behavior will be imitated by others." Discrimination is not right; it is wrong.

Jack Warren


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