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  1. Contraception already provided

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Tuesday, Jul 22 2014 11:01 PM

    Regarding a recent letter ("Employers should grant workers same freedoms," July 21): The writer states that the Hobby Lobby ruling restricts contraceptives. This is not true. Hobby Lobby has always provided 16 forms of contraceptives. The other four forms of contraceptives, Hobby Lobby believes, would be providing their employees with the means to destroy a fertilized egg, which would make them complicit in a sinful and immoral act.

    Hobby Lobby and Conestoga are owned by family members with shared religious beliefs. Those beliefs hold that life begins at conception, and any birth control method that may result in the destruction of a fertilized egg is a form of abortion and killing that is forbidden by their faith. Even birth control...

  2. Jury award was rare exception

    The recent jury award to an employee of a local water district ("Jury awards Taft woman $360K for trauma suffered in incident," July 19) flies in the face of a long-standing rule in workers' compensation: the "exclusive remedy" rule. The...

  3. Whoever shot down the plane must face justice

    If the ground crew that shot down the civilian Malaysian airliner realized later they had made a terrible mistake, then they should come forward, admit it and stand for the consequences. They could be charged with a war crime and tried by...

  4. Whatever plan PG&E has, we're going to pay for it

    For some time now, I have been watching -- with mild interest and milder, not-insensitive, dark humor -- the attempts of PG&E to demolish the old power house on Coffee Road. The first attempt consisted of setting off a bunch of dynamite...

  5. Many influences besides Bible

    Regarding Don Clark's article on the roots of America, I must respectfully disagree ("Ignoring our roots puts liberty in danger," July 17). According to Clark, we are to believe that the Bible and the God of the Bible are the only true...

  6. Paws for concern

    People: If the pavement is too hot for you to walk barefoot‚ it is too hot for your dog's paws. Paws can be badly burned very fast. Candace Bunes Bakersfield

  7. Lawsuit may be the answer

    For the umpteenth time these past few weeks I was jolted awake by some idiot whose idea of fun is to set off firecrackers in the middle of the night. My poor dog is a bundle of nerves and may require a course of doggy valium to get through...

  8. Meet water challenge head-on

    Having been provided with numerous environmental publications and essay material because of my son's college major (environmental engineering), it is clear that California's challenge will be water. As water tables drop, we are also exposed...

  9. Employers should grant workers same freedoms

    Regarding Cynthia Allen's article ("The shrinking role of religion in modern US," July 13): Just as Hobby Lobby owners have the right to practice their faith, they, in turn, should grant their employees that same freedom. In this case,...

  10. 'Six Californias' won't turn out well for valley

    I understand there is a good deal of support out there in the Central Valley for the Six Californias initiative. I can understand that. The individual, smaller, new northern states will have more control over their resources and won't have...

  11. Gas tax would probably help

    A recent letter writer inveighs against increased gas taxes ("Standing against higher taxes," July 15). Then he argues that many thousands are already unemployed and opines that increased gas taxes will make matters worse. The opposite...

  12. Liberty can thrive in secular society

    To equate religiosity with liberty is truly inane, laughable really ("Ignoring our roots puts liberty in danger," July 17). Let's face it. The dogma of religion isn't noted for encouraging free thought nor for nurturing independent,...

  13. A follow-up on those injection wells

    Regarding "Regulators add 95 wells to review" (July 13): Water associated with oil and gas production isn't considered hazardous. It isn't water I would use to make coffee, but it's not considered a hazardous substance under state law. The...

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