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  1. Water cuts aren't fair

    Saturday, Apr 25 2015 07:00 PM

    The state water cuts are unfair. Does everyone have to cut the same amount? No. I read recently that San Francisco only has to cut 8 percent, LA was 20 percent but got it reduced to 16 percent. They are talking 36 percent for the City of Bakersfield. The valley is one of the hottest areas in California, yet we are being asked to cut more.

    I have a lot of money in landscaping. If it all dies due to lack of water, I and others will suffer big losses to our property values. Twenty- and 30-year-old tress and shrubs cannot be replaced for $10 from the nursery.

    Maybe instead of spending tons of money on the train to nowhere the state should have been researching and building desalination plants. But that would make sense, which our state...

  2. Watering schedule does not fit everyone

    The Bakersfield City Council has again flagrantly exposed its need to control the lives of the people of Bakersfield. Apparently, the council believes that none of us "people" have any desire or knowledge about water conservation. I'm...

  3. Lift ban on crude oil exports

    Here in Kern County, all of us benefit from the success of the oil and gas industry. Tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs generate more than $4 billion in employee wages, strengthen our economy and boost funding for our local...

  4. Loyalty to America is what's normal

    In reading Leonard Pitts' column ("Someone tell NRA chief 'normal' is gone for good," April 21), I wondered exactly what he thinks "normal" is for an American citizen. I am a conservative and I believe that showing respect for our flag,...

  5. It's rage, not race

    The latest incident involving law-enforcement officers in San Bernadino wildly over-doing the submission of Francis Pusok should help establish that race is not the main factor in these cases. I'm inclined to offer that it is rage. The...

  6. Call before you dig

    It may seem hard to believe that an underground utility line -- such as a gas pipe or a water line -- is damaged every six minutes in America because someone didn't take the time to call 811. Last year, there were 62 instances of such...

  7. Relocate smelt population

    The Sacramento River delta water distribution infrastructure was paid for by and built to serve California residents. The delta smelt fish is an introduced species that now holds those benefits hostage due to its endangered species status....

  8. Reconsider Centennial Corridor

    As they say, it is never too late to change your mind. I agree completely with the article written by Scott Brown ("How to save our neighborhood and $240 million in three easy steps," April 14) that Plan B among the Centennial Corridor...

  9. Distraction from bigger issues

    I'm surprised (not really) at the concern a conservative segment of the population has over illegal immigration. This problem does make a nice distraction from other more important issues. For too many people it is "I got mine, get yours...

  10. Stop the elephant rides

    As the executive director of the Bakersfield SPCA, I am once again urging the board of directors to vote no to stop these Elephant Rides at the Kern County Fair. In my previous letter, I stated the reasons why I am speaking out against the...

  11. Before we consider elephants

    As the Kern County Fair Board prepares to make a decision regarding whether or not to have elephant rides at the fair this year, they may find the movie trailer for "Tyke Elephant Outlaw" very timely and informative. It premiered at the...

  12. Highway to nowhere

    Remember the news about that bridge to nowhere in Alaska a few years back? It seems we have an interchange to nowhere right here in Bakersfield at Highway 178 and Morning Drive. I go by there every day and have marveled at the way they...

  13. Don't run from the police

    Leonard Pitts' column on April 14 ("Walter Scott, just another 'isolation incident'?") was full of racist comments. Such as saying: Sometimes you have to wonder at our conservative friends: Where is conscience? Where are intellectual...

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