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  1. The cause of trash on Hwy. 58?

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Sep 20 2014 11:01 PM

    Recent changes in work responsibilities have shifted my commute to Highway 58. As others have expressed, this stretch of road is simply ugly and dirty, creating a real black spot on our town's image.

    Long before the current sensitivity over water usage, the highway landscaping suffered from lack of water and proper attention. Mature trees have died and remain standing, posing both a fire danger as well as a hazard if they topple onto the road. And, yes, the wrong direction in what was planted is evident. More drought-resistant plants and/or ground cover which is native to our region would be good change.

    As to the abundant trash, one source is those big trash trucks that service our neighborhoods and businesses. I have seen paper and...

  2. Congress lives up to its namesake

    On Thursday, the "do-nothing Congress" reached an all-time low: They decided to take a vacation until after the elections. I could not be more furious, embarrassed and angry. I suppose the serious conflicts, medical outbreaks and the...

  3. GET CEO raise: Workers get the short end again

    Regarding Golden Empire Transit CEO Karen King receiving a raise ("City, county officials slam pay boost for GET chief," Sept. 18): This happens to all county and city employees almost every time they are up for a raise and/or better...

  4. Is the science 'settled' or 'current'?

    I have heard many people, politicians and scientists state that human-caused global warming, now called climate change, is "settled science." Period. No debate. In school, when I grew up, science was never "settled"; it was only "current"...

  5. Something wrong with this picture

    NFL player Adrian Peterson will make $691,000 per week while suspended ("Now is time for Goodell to really say something," Sports, Sept. 18). That's outrageous! Being shown on the news also are the fires in California. Here we have men...

  6. Thumbs up, cancer gone

    The best about life is that my friend and I are cancer-free. And we still need to keep others in our prayers who have cancer so they can beat it. Also, thank you to everybody for all your support and positivity. Thumbs up, cancer down --...

  7. Fast food, fast purse return

    I recently left my purse in the Jack in the Box restaurant on Ming Avenue. After returning home, I finally discovered I didn't have my purse. I called, and they said they had it. An employee, I believe her name was Rae, found it and turned...

  8. Tips for downtown Bakersfield

    Off and on for some years, I have given my suggestions to downtown Bakersfield organizations and city offices for simple things to help make the downtown area more presentable. Here are a few: Steam cleaning Chester Avenue from the GET bus...

  9. Sweet mysteries of life: Don't question miracles

    Varner Brothers has been wonderful in their service to the elderly and handicapped by coming up into my driveway and picking up my can contents. On Wednesday, I had a new gardener that filled the green can and set it out at the curb. "Oh...

  10. Rules for safely enjoying paths

    As more and more people are choosing to use the bike paths through Bakersfield, we need to remember the running/walking rules so that everyone can use the paths safely. First, you need to stay to the right of the path. There are people...

  11. Be clear about these weapons

    I have already emailed this message to Congressman Kevin McCarthy, but I am a nobody. If a bill allows the training and supplying of Syrian so-called moderate forces, please make sure it is specified that the training and supplying does not...

  12. Come back to Bakersfield, Kevin

    It has been interesting to watch our own congressman, Kevin McCarthy, as he ascends to the office of majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. This office carries with it a number of new responsibilities, along with the usual...

  13. Though difficult, some battles need to be fought

    I agree with David Losa's Sept. 17 Community Voices article ("Is it time for introspection in our district?"). It is time to ask ourselves why our congressional incumbent is unchallenged by serious opposition at election time. After a...

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