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  1. Thank law enforcement for serving community

    Wednesday, Apr 16 2014 11:10 PM

    If someone is sarcastic towards law enforcement ("Satire: Looking for a way out? Try this new option," April 16) then they should apply for a job with the police department and apply their skills in that field of endeavor. Personally, whenever I come across the police, I thank them for their service to the community and ask that they work safe and go home safe to their families.

  2. Preserve historic architecture

    The discovery of the Security Trust bank's historic building facade masked for decades behind an innocuous late-era stucco skin is urban archaeology of the highest magnitude for our region and California architectural history ("Historic...

  3. Pondering the assessor's race

    Who to vote for to be Kern County's next Assessor-Recorder? How important is experience? The reality is that most of these departments pretty much run themselves. Honesty? Ethics? Someone said that this department is regularly and closely...

  4. Lifquist would keep integrity

    I read an April 11 letter concerning the need for a candidate with integrity for the Kern County Assessor-Recorder's office and a recommendation of Jon Lifquist ("Assessor's office already has history of integrity"). I agree with her...

  5. This summer, skip drive-thrus

    Summer is fast approaching, and that means bad-air-quality days. In the winter, we have "no-burn days" due to poor air quality. Well, what if we have "no-drive-thru days" in the summer? On any given day, one can see eight to 12 cars...

  6. Satire: Looking for a way out? Try this new option

    I'd like everybody to know about the new method of assisted suicide. It could be very important to you. It's called assisted suicide by cop. Unfortunately, it's only available in Kern County. The first part is the hardest. You have to get...

  7. Range war in Nevada

    Looks like Obama put his foot in a fresh cow chip in Nevada ("BLM halts seizure of rancher's cattle, citing safety concerns," April 13). Donald E. Dahl Bakersfield

  8. How to hide 'monster' tank

    I have a suggestion to really hide the "big red monster" tank constructed in the northwest residential neighborhood ("Looming water tank has some feeling powerless," April 15"). Vaughn Water Co. has a good idea to plant cypress trees...

  9. Silva case raises some concerns

    I probably call the police non-emergency line more often than most people: when I see a dangerously stalled or parked vehicle that's creating a road hazard; or a couple's argument escalating into a potential domestic violence incident; or...

  10. One year after death, we still are seeking justice

    My name is Sal Silva, father of David Sal Silva, who was murdered by Kern County law enforcement on May 8, 2013. No one will ever know the sorrow or pain you feel when losing a child except for those who have lost one. For almost a year...

  11. DA made right call in Silva case

    I applaud the recent decision by the Kern County District Attorney's Office where they determined that charges would not be filed against the law enforcement officers involved in the arrest of David Silva. The fact is, Mr. Silva was under...

  12. Court rulings weaken liberty

    Are we aware of the challenge to democracy from recent Supreme Court decisions -- decisions allowing Super-PACs, removing aggregate limits on campaign donations, declaring "corporations are people" or "money is speech"? These decisions...

  13. A good education begins with student discipline

    Back in the '60s, California was the leader in education. Now we rank 46th out of 50 states in education. What happened? Back then, we had a Prussian-style of learning, with a teacher and 20-30 students in a class. But this was bolstered...

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