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  1. Immigration action applauded

    Thursday, Dec 18 2014 11:00 PM

    The children of about five million illegal immigrants thank you, President Obama, for the executive action. Many don't agree with you, but it's about time that you put your foot down about something you've been trying to do since your first term. All those people are now going to be able to work with no fear.

  2. Wreath-laying was a great event

    Thank you for having the photo from the wreath-laying ceremony on the front page. I believe it's more important than Memorial Day or Veterans Day for families. I can't believe so many showed up -- cold and fog did not stop them from...

  3. Senator's letter omitted Democrats' tactics in '09

    I was reading Sen. Barbara Boxer's letter in The Californian ("I didn't blow up water talks, but the GOP did," Dec. 7) regarding water policy and the Republicans when something struck me as odd in her statements. I noticed in her writing...

  4. Show pride in your country

    I grew up during World War II. Then we all supported and loved America. Today, every time someone is unhappy about something, we fall on our knees with shame and self-condemnation. Even our government seems to indulge in this. If we are so...

  5. Did Reynosa really learn lesson?

    Be afraid, drivers everywhere. Be very afraid. Anna Marie Reynosa has been released from jail and is out there, likely driving her car all over, and I am certain she is texting while doing so. Reynosa ran down Charla Wilkins and then...

  6. With a bubble evident, crash may be inevitable

    James Burger's article about the county's pension system ("County pension unfunded liability tops $2 billion," Dec. 9) implies an expectation of continuity in recent market performances. As if the 2008 financial crisis was a one-time event...

  7. Article wrong about inmates

    I have concerns with Lauren Smoot's Community Voices column ("How are we going to pay for Kern's newest jail addition?, Dec. 16). It stated, "AB 109 has released the inmates in state prison facilities back to their counties of origin --...

  8. 'The left' actually looking ahead

    In the Rich Lowry column ("Lower gas prices? Thank 'drill baby, drill,'" Dec. 12), he cheers the now ample and relatively low-priced availability of fossil fuel implying environmentalists and "the left" as being arbitrarily obstructionist...

  9. Joe Louis was another great hero

    The Community Voices article by Steve Johnson about Kevin Harvick being a sports hero ("Yes, it is a big deal: Harvick is more than 'just a race car driver,'" Dec. 11) was not only inspirational but welcome. The media have become...

  10. Conservatism lacking from Kevin

    My good friend Frances Morgan is 100 percent correct in saying Kevin McCarthy's conservative voting record is abysmal. I was of the impression it was in the 70 percent range, but really he has a 56 percent conservative voting record. That...

  11. Shooter caused school tragedy

    I heard on the news that some families who lost children at Sandy Hook have decided to sue the gun manufacturer. I am very sorry for their tragic loss, but the problem here is not the firearm. The problem was a mentally unstable person...

  12. Restorative justice is more than just a policy

    In response to a recent article ("New school discipline yields positive results," Dec. 6), this is a step in the right direction. Restorative justice discipline works. When schools, districts and board members embrace positive and...

  13. Young man made deadly choice

    A photo in the newspaper showed a man standing downtown with a sign saying, Stop Killing Unarmed People, or something close to that as a protest against the police shooting and killing of the young man on Mt. Vernon. It is hard to lose any...

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