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  1. Doctor shared many lessons

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Monday, Oct 20 2014 11:01 PM

    I was sorry to read in the Oct. 18 obituary notices of the death of Dr. Lawrence R. Borgsdorf. He was the pharmacist for Kaiser Southern California who oversaw their program for older patients, and for many years he taught the pharmacology class for nursing students at Cal State Bakersfield.

    When I was in grad school there in the late-1980s, he told us something I warn my patients and friends about: If you are older than 60, avoid the "p.m." sleep aides containing Benedryl because that makes you act like you have Alzheimer's.

  2. If you're registered, what is the problem with ID?

    I don't understand these "Mixed signals on voting rights" (Oct. 19). I mean, if the law would prevent as many as 5 percent of registered voters in Texas (or 600,000 people in all) from casting ballots -- and the new law would hinder voting...

  3. Post office helpful, professional

    I must take exception to the recent letter dated Oct. 18 titled, "Not impressed with downtown post office." Because of business, I go into this post office five days a week. I have never received anything but friendly and professional...

  4. Even small grants makes big changes

    Thank you to Louis Medina for his Community Voices piece ("The story of two grants has a happy ending for local youth," Oct. 17) illustrating the impact that a small grant can make. The Women's and Girls' Fund, a leadership initiative of...

  5. Accidents at 'dangerous' intersection expected

    The story about the two high school students who were struck in the crosswalk near Foothill High School is tragic but not unexpected ("Alleged distracted driver strikes, injures 2 teens walking to school," Oct. 17). I drive through that...

  6. Will anyone in 'the palace' listen?

    Jack Balfanz's article ("Cash 'coma'? Why city housing costs are worth another look," Oct. 16) is right on the money. No pun intended. When the initial article came out on Aug. 27, I crunched the numbers as Jack Balfanz did, and gagged. Our...

  7. Found wallet a reason for praise

    Cheers for Winco for their customers. I left my wallet in the shopping cart and was frantic. When I got home and realized, I called Winco, and sure enough, one of their customers found it and turned it in. Thank the Lord. Shirley E....

  8. Not impressed with downtown post office

    If I was editor of a newspaper, even if it was mimeographed, the most important article that I would write would be about the downtown post office. If you would go down there and read the information on the front door and on the side door,...

  9. Another lost wallet, another return

    I want to thank the person who turned in my wallet at the Dollar Tree on Wilson Road on Saturday, Oct 11. The Lord bless you! I hope it was you who took the money. You deserve it! You could have just thrown it away but you didn't. You took...

  10. Local driving behavior a wreck

    In regards to the recent letter writer claiming, "locals are capable of driving safely," ("City should take lead in promoting progressive traffic flow," Oct. 16) I would like to know what isolated part of this community she lives in,...

  11. Rules change, but let's not 'evolve' too much

    I wanted to respond to the letter concerning the Liberty-Frontier freshman football game and the Frontier coaching staff's decision to not allow the players to take a knee when a Liberty player was hurt on the field ("Take a knee? Sorry,...

  12. Yes, your one vote does matter

    As the 2014 California General Election on Nov. 4 draws closer, we are being swamped with campaign ads and social media posts designed to sway our decision as to who or what to vote for. Candidates are touting their qualifications and, in...

  13. We shouldn't pay for their travel

    Apparently, I have had my head in the sand. I was surprised and irked at the same time I read that the California government is responsible for paying Joe Biden to come to California to speak ("Taxpayers almost surely paid for Biden's...

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