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  1. Watering the desert: It's not money well spent

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Wednesday, Mar 04 2015 08:00 PM

    Two recent items caught my eye. Both were in "Beyond Bakersfield: News From Around Central California." The first (Feb. 14) was about Rosamond attempting to grow grass at an elementary school. So the solution was to dig out the old soil and replace it so grass would grow. It will take more than 800 truckloads of dirt to complete the project. No estimate of the cost, but I'll bet it is mighty expensive.

    The second item (Feb. 28) concerns a similar problem at a school in California City where they have been trying "for years" to grow grass. So the solution was to hire a contractor to the tune of $203,000 to get grass to grow.

    Where do I begin? For starters, these cities are in a desert -- grass wasn't meant to grow there. After numerous...

  2. Consider oil spill liability

    Recent comments and a cartoon in The Californian concerning the Keystone XL pipeline present the viewpoint that its approval should be a no-brainer and that President Obama's veto was primarily political. Has sufficient consideration of...

  3. Following Costa Rica's lead

    I am currently in Costa Rica on a trip to see the natural riches of the country, from birds to reptiles. I am able to read the e-version of The Californian daily. The recent story and photos of damage to the Bakersfield cactus by...

  4. The pope's sacred duty

    Joe Mathews made a glaring error in his shameful and scurrilous attack on Pope Francis in an open letter, saying, "You may be infallible... " in the very first sentence ("Wish you'd come out west, Francis," Feb. 25). To clarify, Catholic...

  5. By hoping to instill fear, ISIS only will incur wrath

    The actions of the jihadists of ISIS in kidnapping and executing Christians will not have the result they hope for. They hope to instill fear of them in their enemies, but what they have succeeded in doing is making those Christians martyrs...

  6. Alternatives to surgery, meds

    Women need to realize that they are the experts of their own body. A doctor is just their consultant. Surgery using mesh to correct a problem with loss of bladder control is a case in point ("Potential multimillion dollar mesh trial goes to...

  7. Loving 'despite the faults'

    Rich Lowry knows that conservatives are more patriotic than liberals ("Yes, liberals are less patriotic," Feb. 25). How does he know? The pollsters tell him so. What polls can't (and often don't pretend to) tell you is what all love of...

  8. Patriotism column not helpful

    Rich Lowry has done it again ("Yes, liberals are less patriotic," Feb. 25). According to Lowry, liberals only consider the U.S. "lovely" (his word, not mine) if it is progressive. My dictionary defines "proud" in part as "much pleased."...

  9. Pope cannot change teachings

    Joe Mathews' snide letter to Pope Francis, which was published in the Californian on Feb. 25, is another attack on Catholicism ("Wish you'd come out west, Francis"). I will leave the issue of Junipero Serra's sainthood to someone else to...

  10. We've accommodated them enough

    Here we go again. The undocumented immigrants are moaning and whining because they may be deported due to the recent decision by a federal judge ("Rebuke by judge spurs delay in Obama's deportation relief plan," Feb. 18). I find it amazing...

  11. Immigrants, police can coexist

    On Feb. 16, an excellent column by Jose Gaspar appeared in this newspaper ("Politics put undocumented people in harm's way"). The column explained how undocumented immigrants can be victimized by wrongdoers because of the immigrants' fear...

  12. Fireworks ban punishes law-abiding citizens

    The argument to ban fireworks that are deemed by the state of California as "safe and sane" has about flashed out its last poof of smoke. To ban otherwise-legal fireworks because of what might be done with them is an argument based in...

  13. HSR response merely one-sided

    California High-Speed Rail Authority Chairman Dan Richards' rebuttal to Sen. Andy Vidak's article on high-speed rail is at best disrespectful and disingenuous ("Correcting High Speed Rail misinformation from senator," Feb. 25 ). I would...

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