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  1. Take pride, keep parkway clean

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Thursday, Aug 21 2014 11:30 PM

    For years, Bakersfield people have complained about the litter problem created by those traveling through our city on Highway 99 and tossing everything out their car windows. We can't blame out-of-towners for the appearance of the Westside Parkway, the freeway that dead-ends into some of Bakersfield's newest and most upscale neighborhoods.

    In the year since opening in August of 2013, 1,700 bags of litter have been picked up by Bakersfield Homeless Center crews. There are only three litter pick-up crews operating with the Bakersfield Homeless Center and city of Bakersfield partnership. It takes one of these crews two days a week to even attempt to keep the Westside Parkway picked up.

  2. Freedom of drought

    In "Freedom of Choice," the band Devo sings: "Freedom of choice! Is what you've got. Freedom from choice! Is what you want." In their typically enigmatic way, the group had their finger on something important: the paradox of choice, which...

  3. The stranger in the White House

    I was a teenager standing at a streetcar stop in an eastern city when a man ran out of a store yelling, "The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor!" My stomach began to hurt. At home, my family listened to President Franklin Roosevelt's speech...

  4. Respect is about attitude, behavior -- not skin color

    In reading the Community Voices article by Danny Morrison ("Black community, 'boys in blue' have work to do in order to heal") and the USA Today story "Holder's stop in Ferguson is deeply personal" from Aug. 21, the concern for what is...

  5. Ferguson loots and riots before hearing the facts

    Reports of the white cop shooting the unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri, has been the flavor of the day for over a week, yet the actual truth on what happened has yet to be reported. Instead, articles like the Aug. 21 Community...

  6. Why didn't county fire report illegal explosions?

    Could someone run it by me again as to why the Kern County Fire Department failed to report the horrific, law-breaking incident involving illegal fireworks and explosions on the Fourth of July that was only brought to light after columnist...

  7. History isn't on PG&E's side

    PG&E apparently just can't help itself in professing innocence in legal matters ("PG&E pleads not guilty to charges over blast," Aug. 19). The tragic gas explosion and fire in San Bruno is only the latest example of their steadfast...

  8. Getting closer to 'the fox's den'

    When I was in high school in the 1950s, the worst thing I could have done in the eyes of my parents would have been to drink beer and hang out at a local "place" where most of the kids smoked and played pool. (Smoking was the second-worst...

  9. Patience needed in Ferguson

    It is a sad commentary on our country when law enforcement is vilified prior to the proper investigation of one officer involved in an unfortunate death of a young man ("New round of protests in Ferguson," Aug. 18). In addition to...

  10. Are Perry and Obama linked?

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have more trouble than illegals flooding the Texas border. He been indicted on serious felony counts stemming from abuse of power and unlawful coercion of a public servant ("Grand jury charges Perry with abuse of...

  11. Article on 'survivors' of suicide is worth the read

    I'd like to extend my kudos to Scott Erwin and his article on Aug. 16 ("Life after suicide for 'survivors'"). Robin Williams' suicide was one of those celebrity deaths that's similar to losing family; it affected us on a personal level. As...

  12. What's our 'young gun' gunning for?

    Hearty congratulations are in order for our congressman, Kevin McCarthy, for his rapid climb up the Republican Party hierarchy. He is highly deserving of his position in the party. However, I am still looking for an accomplishment he has...

  13. KHSD trustee just grandstanding

    The political posturing of Chad Vegas reared its ugly head once again in a take-no-prisoners approach towards Self-Insured Schools of California's investigators ("Autism case: KHSD board wants insurer SISC held accountable," Aug. 13). His...

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