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  1. Assessor's office being unreasonable with tax

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Tuesday, Nov 25 2014 11:01 PM

    I am concerned about the way the assessor's office has continued to raise our taxes in the past few years. We used to have reasonable taxes, but now they are unreasonable.

    Our family bought 80 acres near Lamont in 1930. We sold off 60 acres and retained 20 acres. My sister and I had joint ownership and I finally bought her half. When I did that, they reassessed the property and started raising the taxes. They kept raising them until I was unable to pay and had to sell. Had the taxes stayed reasonable, I would never have sold.

    I have another friend who bought a house on Olive Drive about a year ago. When he got his tax bill, he could not believe how much they had increased the taxes over what the previous owner had paid, plus he had a...

  2. Editorial leaves false impression

    Your lead editorial by Newsday ("Why Keystone XL is a political football," Nov. 23) contains a true-enough statement but nevertheless leaves a false impression. The statement is, "Keystone has become a raucous proxy for the broader battle...

  3. Please return Killer to his owner

    Every day there is something in the news that proves it. This time it was about the family that refuses to give Killer the dog back to his true owner. If that family were real animal lovers, they would gladly -- though reluctantly -- return...

  4. Rules for discourse in our failing democracy

    I applaud Jeff Heinle for caring about our failing democracy ("When we needed to speak up, so many of us remained silent," Nov. 18). In order for a democracy to survive, there must be an educated public. In this case, "educated" means...

  5. KHSD should hire from within

    Kern High School District Police Chief Michael Collier is, in my opinion, a good man and means well. But he is trying to turn his department into a fancy one that it was never intended to be ("The Grade: Hiring KHSD police leaders," Nov....

  6. Obama: Is he president or king?

    Was Obama's Thursday night speech a fix for immigration or a guarantee that the system will continue to be broken if he has his way? Obama did not mention amnesty; but in reality, this speech was all about leading up to amnesty in the near...

  7. No action vs. executive action

    The political war intensifies between non-action on immigration reform, the GOP course, and executive action. Even before Obama uttered a single word addressing the nation, House Speaker John Boehner went public and tried to undercut the...

  8. McCarthy, Republicans missed big opportunity

    I had hoped that one of the top Republican leaders, our very own House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, would have helped sponsor the inevitable, overdue immigration reform program. The Republicans blew an opportunity to show voters that...

  9. Don't buy tickets to Cosby show

    Bakersfield residents should opt out of purchasing tickets for Bill Cosby's stand-up act scheduled for Feb. 12. Let's follow the lead of the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, Arizona, which just cancelled his act. People in the hospitality...

  10. Weren't police just doing their job?

    Why is it that when a person tries to evade the police -- and then gets shot -- the police are accused of being over-aggressive ("Sister of man killed by police speaks out," Nov. 19)? We are being told by his family what a fine young man...

  11. McFarland runners give champion-like effort

    Congratulations to the McFarland High School boys cross country team for an excellent season. That they didn't make it to state speaks more about the broken system than it does about their athleticism, character, hard work and determination...

  12. Not playing 'nice' with court location

    Not long ago I wrote a letter to the editor that the bankruptcy court was trying to avoid coming to Bakersfield one day a month. The newspaper contacted the court and wrote in response that the court had no intention of deleting appearances...

  13. A proud Californian/American

    I agree with a recent letter writer who wrote "What about 'American' vote?" (Nov. 6). For more than 20 years, when I have had to fill out forms with ethnicity on them, I list "Californian" under "Other," as that is what I am (third...

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