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  1. Threat of disease should move us to close our borders

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Thursday, Jul 31 2014 11:00 PM

    We have two excellent reasons why our borders should be closed immediately. First, as reported in The Californian, a Mexican national came to California with a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis ("Lengthy manhunt for TB carrier ends in Lamont," July 31). He refused treatment and was circulating in public with this contagious disease until he was arrested.

    Secondly, there is an Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa that has killed almost 700 people in four months. This disease is so virulent that it has infected doctors who were providing humanitarian care despite best-known preventative measures. There is no vaccine for the Ebola virus, and the fatality rate can be 90 percent. Imagine the devastating consequences of a similar epidemic to...

  2. Parkway home to bad driving

    After reading the recent article about the Westside Parkway ("Parkway on path to bright future," July 27), I feel compelled to add a short blurb to highlight this piece. No mention was made concerning the drivers who can't read the caution...

  3. Counselors serve students well

    I was disheartened to read the June 29 letter to the editor "Counselors are not the answer." As a former student of Bakersfield College (2005-07), I received great support and guidance in my transfer endeavors due to help from the...

  4. Spray park closure is a 'cold-hearted' cutback

    Reading about the city attorney's decision to close down the city's spray parks made my blood boil ("City spray parks closed as water bans begin," July 30). Ginny Gennaro defends her decision to close them down "two days earlier than...

  5. One way to end the strike?

    One way to end the GET strike might be to stop the union agent's salary while the strike is going. If the members can't get paid, then the union people don't get paid. Strike over. Johnnie K. Adams Bakersfield

  6. How much will LA pay?

    Well, let's see: 20 million gallons of water down the sewer by the Los Angeles Department of Water ("Pipe break that flooded UCLA dumps 20M gallons," July 31). I wonder how much Felicia Marcus, the chair of the California State Water...

  7. Loving couple was blessed

    Thank you Jason Kotowski and Melissa Sloan for the truly wonderful story about Maxine and Don Simpson ("Couple married for almost 62 years die 4 hours apart," July 30). If we are able to find our partner in this life, how blessed we are....

  8. Common sense drought

    I have a hard time believing our leaders decided to close the spray parks. Are people that dumb? You give our children no credit. They are going to cool off! They will simply hook a sprinkler to a hose and create their own park. Now we have...

  9. Don't remove the bricks; give 'em a good cleaning

    I would urge the city to halt the plan to remove the bricks at Centennial Plaza in front of Rabobank Arena ("City postpones Centennial Plaza brick removal," July 29). We and so many other Bakersfield citizens purchased the bricks to help...

  10. Push students to persevere

    As a high school educator, I would like to echo comments made by Katie Price in her Community Voices article ("Too many high school students opt out of challenging courses," July 29). Her description of students choosing not to take the...

  11. LETTER: Brick removal would be devastating for many families

    When I read about the proposed removal of the Centennial Plaza bricks, I was devastated ("City plans to remove tiles, bricks from front of Plaza," July 26). I did not know what to think. My grandfather's, grandmother's and mother's names...

  12. Worry about victims, not killers

    Why is everyone so concerned with the "botched" execution in Arizona? I believe it was justice served. He now knows what his victims went through. Everyone needs to stop worrying about the individual that commits capital murder and start...

  13. Counselors are not the answer

    I read with interest the article regarding remedial education courses and community colleges. As a student off and on all of my adult life, I can tell you that hiring more counselors will not solve the problem regarding getting students up...

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