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  1. Climate not controlled by man

    Thursday, Mar 26 2015 07:00 PM

    This is in response to a letter writer's article on global climate ("Trust the other scientists," March 22). As a geologist with 50 years' experience in studying climates past and present, please realize that the subjects of climate change and air quality have become so politicized that it is hard to determine the truth.

    I urge you to read a recent book, Climate Change Reconsidered II, published in 2013. It has numerous articles on the science of climates that are real science -- not made-up science or opinions.

    Climate is controlled by a number of factors, mainly sun cycles and ocean currents. It's not controlled by man and not by carbon dioxide, which is greening the earth and not harming it.

  2. Maxwell takes it to the max for Bakersfield

    The people of Bakersfield were generously rewarded when they elected Terry Maxwell to the Bakersfield City Council. While in office, he has placed people first, ahead of infrastructure that the full council desires to steamroll into...

  3. Principal made honest mistake with card use

    In the follow-up article on the use of Kern High School District credit cards written by Jason Kotowski (“KHSD implements changes in use of credit cards,” March 24), a photo of Principal David Reese was used. I can only ask —  why? In the...

  4. Is highway project really done?

    The Californian and our local leaders announced the completion of the Highway 58 Gap Closure Project (“One road project ends, another begins,” March 21). Yet on Friday, I was on Highway 58 and witnessed city workers (approximately 10...

  5. Decline of high school journalism a real shame

    The Californian's story on Bakersfield High School's newspaper, the Blue and White, being featured in Newseum was nice ("Newseum highlights cover of BHS student newspaper in exhibit," March 20). But the explanation from the Kern High School...

  6. Politicians useless in drought

    John Pryor's recap and outline of the water situation is outstanding ("How can we save Kern County?" March 23). Sadly, this momentous peril and its possible solution is in the hands of politicians. These people at the state and national...

  7. 'Foolish' dealings with Iran

    I am sick and tired of hearing about the proposed agreement with Iran on curbing any nuclear weapons development when no one in their right mind would ever believe that they would abide by an agreement. All one has to see is what they are...

  8. Californians better off sticking it out together

    John Pryor's opinion on the threats to the quality of life in Kern County ("How can we save Kern County?" March 23) makes me ask myself whether growing up in the San Fernando Valley makes me a "coastal elite." And does that make my...

  9. Crack down on bad drivers

    It has been more than 40 years since I took driver's education in high school, so I did some homework before writing this. Here is what I found: In California, it is still against the law to make a U-turn from a parked position and cross...

  10. Will they lower our rates?

    For those of us who are not on water meters and pay a flat rate (California Water Service Company rates are very high): If our water is rationed, does that mean they will lower our rates? Joyce Steelman Bakersfield

  11. Fixing state's drought requires real solutions

    It is no secret to anyone that California is suffering badly from a drought. Most people, however, do not realize just how dire the situation really is. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times written by Jay Famiglietti, a senior...

  12. I agree: End daylight saving time

    I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who wants the time to stay. Don't change it from one time to another one ("Daylight saving time? Still?" March 13). Leave it alone. I don't care if it's "daylight saving time" or "standard time...

  13. Trust the other scientists

    Well, there goes Lois Henry again ("UCLA's immense power couldn't squash this 'David'" March 11). She's found another individual or institution that hasn't been perfectly ethical as per the bad air/global warming issue. Considering that...

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