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  1. Ride in ambulance marred by rude driver

    Friday, Oct 31 2014 11:01 PM

    On Oct. 19, I was going into atrial fibrillation (a type of abnormal heartbeat also known as "A-fib"). I have had a problem with it before and had surgery, but this was bad.

    I called 911, and where I live it is a little hard to find, but they did find me. Charming young men helped me, and I was on my way to Memorial Hospital.

    The drive was pretty rough -- going down Highway 178 to Bakersfield. The driver went as fast as she could in the ambulance. The rude person behind us was honking his horn and flashing his lights to let him pass. We had to pull over or crash. That driver showed little regard for me. We had no choice, so we let him pass on his merry way in a old truck.

  2. God bless the Sisters of Mercy

    In reminiscing about everyone -- aside from my parents and family and close friends, who have had a positive impact on my life -- I can't help but remember the Sisters of Mercy at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Their devotion to Jesus and...

  3. Buddy Walk was well-attended

    The Buddy Walk on Oct. 25 at Golden Valley High School was a great event. A lot of people came out and supported the Buddy Walk. I would like to thank Tracy Brown and H.E.A.R.T.S. Connection and everybody that put this event on. It was...

  4. Geothermal story energizing

    Kudos for the geothermal generating article ("Regaining steam: New technology may revive geothermal industry," Oct. 25). The past failure or missed opportunity that was reported makes a really good case for regulation and government...

  5. Following Bible will give a more rewarding life

    When an individual writes a letter to The Californian asking that it be published, and has something about religion as its subject, I suggest they check to see if the content of their letter is from "The Word of God," or what Jesus calls...

  6. BPD motorcycle division needed

    Recently I was informed that Alan Tandy, our city manager, was trying to completely eliminate the Bakersfield Police Department's motorcycle division. I, for one, support this division. For more than 30 years we have had a motorcycle unit...

  7. Some common-sense decisions to nowhere

    Did common sense die and I wasn't told? We're getting sold a boondoggle high-speed train to nowhere that will never be self-supporting and will drain much-needed tax dollars for the next 20 years. It's never (in my lifetime) going to...

  8. FBI outcome on Silva no surprise

    I would like to comment on the article regarding the death of David Silva ("Feds: No prosecution warranted in David Silva's in-custody death," Oct. 28). We should not be surprised by the so- called investigation and outcome done by the FBI....

  9. Don't fuss over wildlife

    Is too much news about the wildlife really necessary? I feel it might make the ones who want to kill the animals just be excited to try out their K-Mart rifles with pellets or BBs to harm them and make them die slowly. The bobcat is a...

  10. Pledge to be an organ doner and 'give new life'

    Your article regarding the organ donation crisis reminded me of our experience as parents of an organ donor ("Efforts underway to reform distribution of livers," Oct. 26). Our son, Stephen, died suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage at the...

  11. Recycling in outlying areas

    I recycle most everything: plastics (numbers 1-7), glass, metal, paper, compost, veggie and fruit matter. I even recycle my blood (plug for Houchin Community Blood Bank). There are two private companies that pay for recyclables here in the...

  12. Why we're skipping the ballet

    The Moscow Ballet is coming to Bakersfield Nov. 5. Normally, my wife and I would run to see "The Nutcracker," but not this time. Anything that implies normal relations between the U.S. and Russia is currently not in our interest. We should...

  13. 'Wrinkles' has potential

    I am in complete agreement with the letter of Oct. 15, "The good kind of 'Wrinkles.'" For selfish reasons -- I have been a member of the three previous "Wrinkles" presentations -- I would definitely like the show, for performers over 55, to...

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