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  1. Columnist's words will come back to bite him

    Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 07:00 PM

    Franklin Graham had given a speech at a conference that I read about on Facebook. In that speech, one of the things he said was: "Something good is worth fighting for and something bad is worth fighting against."

    I thought about those words after reading Leonard Pitts' column in The Californian ("Serious people discount Fox News, and this is why," Jan. 26).

    Pitts does not like Fox News. It would be easy to take apart his column word by word and statement by statement. He, like so many on the left, choose to use ugly words to make their point. He had a long list of negatives that he seemed to think are "manufactured outrages" by Fox. Four men dying in Benghazi in a horrible way because our leaders chose to "stand down" and let them die...

  2. Pitts gets paid for racist views

    I understand your ability to print columnists from all viewpoints, but Leonard Pitts is of one opinion, and one view. "If you're white, you ain't right." He is truly a racist because he uses race relations in America, and he gets paid to...

  3. Is another rate hike coming?

    First and foremost, I don't begrudge Mr. Wood's settlement with the companies involved in the demolition of the Kern Power Plant. Judging from past experience, I wonder if PG&E will request a rate increase to help pay for their part of...

  4. Who's to blame for loss of trees?

    Some years ago, I was one of an estimated couple of hundred volunteers who planted several hundred trees along the river at Truxtun Avenue. The trees seemed to have been thriving for years, but that has changed in the last few years. Who...

  5. Fox News hates the Democrats

    I wonder why no one seems to care about truth, justice and the American way anymore. When Clinton was president, we had a surplus. Then after eight years of Bush/Cheney and the Republicans, we were on the verge of a great depression. But...

  6. City, county need to plan better

    I read in Sunday's paper that we have a problem finding a location for a new GET bus maintenance yard. Why do we have a city planning department, a mayor, a city manager, a county planning department and, of course, Kern COG, a county...

  7. Caboose fine, mosquitoes a pest

    The Californian carried articles recently about the box car Merle Haggard lived in many years ago. It will be moved to Pioneer Village. That is good news. But Merle is not the only Bakersfield resident to live in a railroad hand-me-down....

  8. The benefits of postal banking

    A recent Other Views editorial by The Washington Post concerning fixing postal service shortcomings ("Deciding the future of the US Postal Service," Jan. 19) hits the nail on the head when assigning blame to "micromanaging Congress" (read:...

  9. More 'irresponsible decisions' about water

    In the Jan. 22 Californian, in the report of a landscape architect speaking to the Bakersfield City Council, he suggested reducing the landscaping east of B Street on 24th Street because of less planting area and a hard-to-find water source...

  10. Fair should end elephant rides

    Kudos to the Kern County Fair Board for reconsidering elephant rides ("Fair board: We'll listen," Jan. 21). The board should slam the door shut permanently on these cruel and dangerous rides. Elephants used for rides are broken through...

  11. Not sure that she's 'Charlie'

    Ever since the brutal and deadly attack on the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, the world has identified with the victims, holding signs that say "I am Charlie." Here in the United States we feel very strongly about our right to free speech....

  12. It's Hebdo followed by havoc

    Charlie Hebdo yelled "fire" in a crowded theater, and now the expected stampede has erupted. John Turnbull Bakersfield

  13. More safety on streets needed

    I am strongly in favor of Bakersfield adopting the nationally developed and state-endorsed street safety standards. Councilman Bob Smith noted in his Jan. 13 article that 905 people (in vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists) were either...

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