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    KRISTIE COONS & EMERSON CASE: Putting us on the map, one book at a time

    When the 2014 One Book, One Bakersfield, One Kern program kicks off this week, Bakersfield and Kern County will be joining with dozens of other communities across America to promote increased literacy rates and to celebrate the written...

  2. MIKE RUSSO: Hot-button topics converge in community read

    Kern County's low literacy rates are well-documented and a source of continued hand-wringing. That is not to say the problem is being ignored. Indeed, parents, schools and community organizations are actively engaged in a variety of...

  3. MILT YOUNGER: It's time to get serious about distracted driving accidents

    A recent study out of the University of Colorado, Boulder, seems to be giving opponents of California's cell phone and texting-while-driving bans reason to cheer. But as an attorney who has represented clients who suffered enormously as a...

  4. KATHLEEN ASHLAND: Anti-GET demeanor undermines bus system and penalizes riders

    At our Golden Empire Transit Board of Directors meeting on Aug. 19, I presented my personal letter that was submitted to Mike Maggard and the Kern County Board of Supervisors announcing my retirement from my job, sale of my home and my...

  5. RICHARD COLLINS: Sign of the times

    One of the works of art on the Cal State Bakersfield campus has been defaced! But don't worry. As they say about Oklahoma, it's OK. For the past 10 months, CSUB has been celebrating "The Grapes of Wrath" with concerts, lectures, theatre...

  6. BRIK McDILL: Sentence doesn't fit the crime after judge's courthouse affair

    We wonder why respect for the law is so low. Not that the embarrassing boundary crossing on the part of a local judiciary member is anything new or even surprising ("Kern County judge censured for sexual relationship with clerk," Sept. 3)....

  7. DENISE NEWTON: What's with the blue trucks? We're busy making Kern safer

    Pacific Gas & Electric Co. crews have been busy in Bakersfield. You may have seen our blue trucks or our men and women in hard hats. You may be wondering what we're doing in your neighborhood. PG&E's local division leadership teams are...

  8. JOE FONTAINE: The Wilderness Act — 50 years later

    On Sept. 3, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed legislation that created the National Wilderness System. The bill defined what wilderness is and why it is important to the American people. Wilderness is recognized as an area of public...

  9. DON NELSON: Export-Import Bank opponents threaten jobs here in the valley

    As the U.S. economy continues its slow but steady recovery -- with manufacturing and exports playing a key role -- the debate in Congress over the future of the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is coming to a head. Absent congressional...

  10. JASON CATER: Bicycle agenda? No, this is just about improving quality of life

    Elections are right around the corner, and candidates are beginning to campaign, raise funding and walk neighborhoods in hopes of securing their positions this fall. Recently, one Bakersfield City Council candidate accused a sitting...

  11. MARTIN SCHRAM: The 'Redskins' problem

    Official Washington, most notably Congress, is still away on its extended pre-Labor Day vacation, a fact that hasn't altered the zero-sum rate at which your problems are being solved. But the Real Washington, which has nothing to do with...

  12. MANUEL FUDERANAN: US weighs response — this time against radical Islamic militants

    The sole nemesis of the United States and the free world once was communism. Those were the Cold War years, when the former Soviet Union tried to expand its sphere of global influence. The U.S. was looked up to as the "bigger brother" by...

  13. JOHN REAVES & LEN HERING: Major fossil fuel companies are seeing the need for climate action

    Major fossil fuel companies have spent much energy to determine whether the fuels they sell actually cause climate change. The bottom line? They do and, perhaps surprisingly, many of them own up to it and are calling for federal action.... Daily Deal!

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