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  1. JONATHAN TURLEY: 5 myths about impeachment

    Some 40 years after Richard Nixon resigned to avoid his likely impeachment by the House of Representatives, Washington is again talking impeachment. Members of Congress are denouncing the president's contempt for constitutional law, while...

  2. PATSY OUELLETTE: Exercise and healthy food: The simple ways to build immunity

    Oh no, another list! With Bakersfield being No. 1 on so many lists of "worst," the latest being that we are the driest city in California, probably the top of that "worst" list would be our poor air quality, putting us at risk for asthma...

  3. BILLY MOSES: Capital punishment in California: It's expensive, and it's not justice

    One of the first things I should admit is that I am a green-living liberal living in a red county, and I understand and accept that. What I can't accept is a community that is backing a system that isn't only financially detrimental to...

  4. MARK MARTINEZ: Costs of American ignorance,€š and blowback, in real time

    As we fight for "freedom" in the far corners of the world, it's clear most Americans have no idea why other countries "hate us." Similarly, most Americans have no clue why we're dealing with child refugees from Central America today. Let's...

  5. Obit James Brady.JPEG-0e3c6.JPG

    HITS & MISSES: 'The Bear' was quite a man; and just call her 'Coach'

    MISS: Brady passes on The day a bullet from John Hinckley Jr.'s $29, pawn-store-bought revolver entered White House press secretary James Brady's skull -- in a failed 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan -- it would be...

  6. MARY HELEN BARRO: Improve education from the start

    With a deep sense of sadness and frustration, I read about the high cost of remedial education at community colleges ("Remedial ed costly for students at community colleges," July 27). The article painfully reminds us that 84 percent of...

  7. PRIYA KHULLAR: Breastfeeding: the all-natural, healthy choice for Kern infants

    Since 1991, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action has coordinated World Breastfeeding Week. This year, over 175 countries worldwide will be celebrating the first week of August as World Breastfeeding Week. The 2014 theme for Aug. 1-7...

  8. MICHAEL OSTERHOLM: Containing Ebola

    Ebola outbreaks have occurred in Africa on more than two dozen occasions over the past 40 years, and it was brought under control every time. This was possible thanks to reliable techniques, such as preventing direct contact with infected...

  9. CHIP HOLLOWAY: Knowing what's at stake, let's fight the good fight together

    Why would a Ridgecrest City Council member spend six hours in travel and meeting time just to testify for six minutes before the Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources? After all, last I checked, we have no oil production within the...

  10. WADE EAGLETON: History suggests a humane approach to our border crisis

    Many conservatives, including Christian conservatives, proudly identify with former President George W. Bush, believing in his style of governing and politics. Bush coined the phase "compassionate conservatism" and made it the center of...

  11. STEVE NELSEN: Dear Senator: Get to know us in the valley

    Perhaps State Sen. Kevin de Leon's initial disparaging comments about the San Joaquin Valley might be disregarded as an accident. We've certainly all said things we wished we hadn't. If that were the case here, we would have chuckled with...

  12. DIANNE HOOVER: Spray parks will be missed, but you still can enjoy the summer

    July has been National Recreation and Parks Month, where being out side is the in thing to do. It's a month full of picnics, barbecues, baseball and swimming. It's a month of family vacations, taking naps under trees, movies in the park...

  13. Ravens Camp Football.JPEG-082b8.JPG

    HITS & MISSES: NFL isn't perfect, but it should be better than this

    Going the sports route today, and with just one item... MISS: Pretty much everything related to the Ray Rice fiasco Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is not the worst guy in the world. Not even close. And considering the current... Daily Deal!

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