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  1. BRIK MCDILL: We're fighting a battle against hate that can't be entirely won

    Thursday, Feb 26 2015 09:00 PM

    "Against the blindness of human beings there unfortunately does not yet exist any remedy." -- Conclusion of letter from Albert Einstein to Albert Schweitzer, Sept. 25, 1938

    The Community Voices column by Kerry McGill ("Why Obama shouldn't say sorry for skipping out on Paris march," Jan. 16) brings things full circle as to the continuing state of affairs vis a vis man's inhumanity to man. Nothing has changed. Not from the violence of primitive man until today. While his listing of current violence is mercifully brief, and while the sum total of it worldwide, by some reports, is on the downward trend, it is still a painful and ugly part of the human experience.

    We see it in vicious acts of racism, and in hideous acts of religious...

  2. MILT YOUNGER: Bakersfield College influence is being felt around the world

    It was 1997 and a young man from Mali in West Africa had arrived at Bakersfield College to begin his political science studies. A friend convinced him that it would be less expensive to attend a community college in Bakersfield than in Los...

  3. JAMES BURNS: We're desperate for leadership as Islamic State terror persists

    "We shall not flag or fail ... shall fight on the seas and ... in the air, we shall fight on the beaches ... (and) in the fields and in the streets ... we shall never surrender. Never! Never! Never!" Oh, how we -- and the world -- are...

  4. DAN RICHARD: Correcting High Speed Rail misinformation from senator

    In his recent commentary in The Californian ("High-Speed Rail not only breaking promises, but busting family budgets," Feb. 7), State Sen. Andy Vidak regurgitates the same distortions about high-speed rail that he's been making for the...

  5. J. WINSTON PORTER: Renewables need competition, not more government subsidies

    California and federal officials are determined to pick energy winners and then use taxpayers money to help underwrite them. A dramatic example is Gov. Jerry Brown's recently-proposed mandate that 50 percent of the state's electricity be...

  6. SONYA CHRISTIAN: BC's new four-year degree a great opportunity for students

    Mark your calendars now for May 18, 2018, when Memorial Stadium will see the first graduating class with a baccalaureate degree from Bakersfield College. This will be a historic moment for California, Kern County and Bakersfield College,...

  7. JOHN MCHUGH: Kern woman in Afghanistan again for another vital mission

    It's been said that some people live an entire lifetime wondering if they've made a difference in this world. Bakersfield's Leah C. Shubin doesn't have that problem. As an aviator who flew Blackhawk helicopters during two previous...

  8. BRIK MCDILL: Obama administration remains out of touch against terrorism

    Wow! The thoughtlessness and insensitivity of it all. The audacity of this presidency has come full circle in presidential spokesman Josh Earnest's Feb. 10 hideous ranking of three problems: global warming inflicted globally;...

  9. DIANNE HARDISTY: Can valley's future leaders be the state's problem-solvers?

    Back in the day -- and that was in the 1990s -- California politicians had the power to divide the state into political districts that suited their personal ambitions and their party's goals. As a result, rural Kern County became somewhat...

  10. ZARA KESSLER: Jon Stewart matters more than Brian Williams

    NBC News anchor Brian Williams enjoys the limelight. But last week, he must have been happy to share it. Williams, we found out, has been suspended without pay for six months. By the time we heard of his punishment, we'd learned that "The...

  11. MICHAEL REYES: This is your mind on OCD

    The first time I broke my hand, I lied about how it happened. Soccer injury, I told friends who responded with praise instead of concern. My family didn't even notice. No one thought to stop and question my crooked fingers and out-of-place...

  12. MARYLEE SHRIDER: Persuade the 'quivering daisies' to do their jobs

    To say pro-lifers feel betrayed by the House of Representatives' failure last month to vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is an understatement. To lay blame at the feet of House leadership, however, is not entirely fair....

  13. Blood bank campaign all about grateful donation recipients

    Kathy Agapiou is a mother and grandmother. She's also a blood recipient who says she owes her life to many people who donated the blood she received after several open heart surgeries and a life-threatening battle with cancer. The Kern...

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