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  1. JASON CATER: Bicycle agenda? No, this is just about improving quality of life

    Sunday, Aug 31 2014 11:00 PM

    Elections are right around the corner, and candidates are beginning to campaign, raise funding and walk neighborhoods in hopes of securing their positions this fall. Recently, one Bakersfield City Council candidate accused a sitting councilman of being too focused on the bicycle agenda. This candidate said it was important to represent "not just a single group that's focused on a single interest."

    As the executive director of Bike Bakersfield, with an educational background in city and regional planning, I respectfully disagree with the above statement. We believe that bicycling for everyday transportation is a simple, effective solution to addressing a number of issues which affect the quality of life in our community. And investing in...

  2. MARTIN SCHRAM: The 'Redskins' problem

    Official Washington, most notably Congress, is still away on its extended pre-Labor Day vacation, a fact that hasn't altered the zero-sum rate at which your problems are being solved. But the Real Washington, which has nothing to do with...

  3. MANUEL FUDERANAN: US weighs response — this time against radical Islamic militants

    The sole nemesis of the United States and the free world once was communism. Those were the Cold War years, when the former Soviet Union tried to expand its sphere of global influence. The U.S. was looked up to as the "bigger brother" by...

  4. JOHN REAVES & LEN HERING: Major fossil fuel companies are seeing the need for climate action

    Major fossil fuel companies have spent much energy to determine whether the fuels they sell actually cause climate change. The bottom line? They do and, perhaps surprisingly, many of them own up to it and are calling for federal action....

  5. JAY AMBROSE: A call to vote, and other signs of possible healing in Ferguson

    We've had plenty of rhetorical villains since the fatal police shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, grandstanders stirring up fear in vengeful tones, and we've ha violence and looting, mostly by nonresidents taking advantage of...

  6. AL SANDRINI: School boards do what's best for students

    The Aug. 7 headline screamed, "It takes committed hearts, minds to oversee schools." I could hardly wait to read Brik's McDill's cogent comments as his thoughtful prose often challenges, always educates and regularly requires a quick visit...

  7. RAYMOND PEDERSEN: Reaching false conclusions from Ferguson

    I must disagree with the Sunday Forum article relating to the Ferguson, Missouri, situation and then continuing on to "big vs. small" government then to "police not shooting to only maim" ("Ferguson is the latest episode of 'us vs. them,'"...

  8. KERRY McGILL: Solutions to disenfranchisement run much deeper than Ferguson

    In his Bakersfield Observed blog last week, Californian CEO Richard Beene quoted things not to do if you don't want to get shot. Well, for those living the good life in a nice, safe neighborhood where the police don't cruise by every five...

  9. STEVE LEVIN: Israelis ask Bakersfield 'just imagine'

    In the past two weeks the group of 10 tourists had already visited New York City, Niagara Falls, Yosemite, San Francisco and L.A. For half of them, it was their first visit to the U.S. Tuesday night at the home of a Bakersfield rabbi and...

  10. WILLIAM BEZDEK: Ferguson is the latest episode of 'us vs. them'

    Between my freshman and sophomore years at UCLA, I received a grant whose purpose was to provide me with an introduction to community medicine in the greater Los Angeles area. One of the assignments was to interview the director of public...

  11. NILE KINNEY: Do we have courage to stand up to ISIS?

    By declaring and executing a philosophy of wanton murder, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has handed the world something rare: the chance to globally unite in a moral response. ISIS must go. ISIS has ensured that nothing be...

  12. LOUIE VEGA: Reunification is the best result for many Kern County families

    James Agee, a prize-winning novelist, journalist and poet once observed: "In every child who is born under no matter what circumstances and of no matter what parents, the potentiality of the human race is born again, and in him, too, once...

  13. DANNY MORRISON: Black community, 'boys in blue' have work to do in order to heal

    It's 2014 and we're more than 45 years removed from the civil rights movement. I was just a twinkle in my father's eye at that time, but I have historical data that chronicle the fragile relationship between police and the black community.... Daily Deal!

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