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  1. ALBERT HUNT: The GOP's non-establishment: Don't count them out just yet

    Tuesday, Jan 27 2015 09:00 PM

    The political chattering classes, who love a good story, are obsessed with the battle for the establishment choice for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination: Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney or throw in a little Chris Christie.

    Bush and Romney are marquee names in U.S. politics and the Republicans haven't nominated an anti-establishment candidate since Barry Goldwater more than a half century ago.

    Yet there is an equally interesting, and perhaps as important, struggle for the movement-conservative or non- establishment crown. There is a sizable segment of Republican voters who believe it's time to break that 50-year run.

    This time, these candidates are a remarkably diverse group whose central commonality is that they aren't the favorites...

  2. JOE MATHEWS: Desperate times, desperate elections

    Like a man who bangs his head against the wall to cure a headache, Los Angeles will hold more municipal elections this March. The certain result: another low-turnout embarrassment that draws the usual lamentations about how our democracy...

  3. WILLIAM BRATTON: Reconciling cops and civilians

    There is a divide in America, and in New York City. It is racial, but it is also about poverty and failed social systems and unequal access to the American Dream. On one hand are the protesters, who see a criminal justice system that...

  4. ANDRES MARTINEZ: Why we may no longer be able to decide what's said in America

    U.S. Supreme Court justices are not supposed to say anything interesting outside the Court, but in 2010 Justice Stephen Breyer was asked on TV if he thought a Florida pastor had a First Amendment right to burn a Quran. First, Breyer cited...

  5. MEGAN McARDLE: Fill up on cheap gasoline while you can, America

    Raise that thermostat and fire up the SUV: West Texas Intermediate crude is hovering around $45 a barrel, and the Costco near my house is currently vending gasoline for under $2 a gallon. But don't start pricing Hummers just yet, because...

  6. ANNE McFEATTERS: Watch out, energy, Rick Perry might run again

    Many people are holding their breath waiting for Rick Perry to announce whether he will run for president again. As Perry ponders, among those who wait nervously are the folks who work at the Department of Commerce, Education and Energy,...

  7. NOAH FELDMAN: Cuba not ready for democratic revolution yet, but that's OK

    It's the eve of the U.S. invasion of Havana-- and it's legal to bring back cigars now. But souvenirs aside, is anything changing in Cuba after the U.S.'s diplomatic opening and Cuba's release of 53 political prisoners? I spent the last...

  8. FRANK BARAJAS: Governor, legislature need to make college more affordable

    Last fall semester, I shared a bus ride from campus with a California State University, Channel Islands student. I will call her Cora. Cora is a bright young person from the San Fernando Valley with the dream of international travel...

  9. RAMESH PONNURU: Republicans don't need to 'show they can govern'

    Now that Republicans are in control of both chambers of Congress, what should they do? "Prove they can govern," says a CNN headline. "Show they can govern," suggests the New York Times. "Prove that we can govern with maturity," offers Sen...

  10. JOE MATHEWS: California needs to think really big

    In today's California, we set big, ambitious goals for improving energy efficiency, fighting climate change, and, well, not much else. In his inaugural address, the governor again expressed his famous skepticism of big plans, then made an...

  11. CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE: GOP attempting to accelerate the next big shift in health care

    The next big shift is coming in U.S. health care, and Republicans are doing their best to speed it up. What's not clear is how carefully they've thought through the consequences. A defining feature of U.S. health-care policy is that most...

  12. TINA RODIA: For women, the elusive idea of 'having it all'

    Not a day goes by when I'm not reading another headline arguing that women can have it all, or, more accurately, why they can't. In The New York Times magazine on Jan. 2, Jennifer Szalai does a fine job deconstructing the very origin of...

  13. JOE MATHEWS: What should the next senator be?

    California's political class, predictably, is having the wrong conversation again. We're talking about who should replace Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate. But we should be talking about what should replace Boxer. Boxer had strengths --...

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