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  1. JAMES BURNS: We're desperate for leadership as Islamic State terror persists

    Wednesday, Feb 25 2015 09:00 PM

    "We shall not flag or fail ... shall fight on the seas and ... in the air, we shall fight on the beaches ... (and) in the fields and in the streets ... we shall never surrender. Never! Never! Never!"

    Oh, how we -- and the world -- are aching for leadership! Those words of Winston Churchill wash over us like a refreshing breeze on a hot sultry day. They bring relief from the tedium of word parsing pervading the press at this very moment. Who's brave enough to say "Islamic terrorist?" Did or didn't the President imply those words? Or the equivalent? Or almost?

    One sportswriter styled the University of Florida basketball team "Team Almost." Well, welcome to "War Almost." "Leadership ...Almost." "Decisive Plan ...Almost." The only thing we...

  2. JOE MATHEWS: Wish you'd come out west, Francis

    Dear Pope Francis,You may be infallible, but your scheduler? Not so much. The itinerary for your highly anticipated trip to the United States this September defies belief: You're not coming to California. The scheduling sin of omission is...

  3. J. WINSTON PORTER: Renewables need competition, not more government subsidies

    California and federal officials are determined to pick energy winners and then use taxpayers money to help underwrite them. A dramatic example is Gov. Jerry Brown's recently-proposed mandate that 50 percent of the state's electricity be...

  4. JOE MATHEWS: The inherent vice of P.T. Anderson

    Has Hollywood's foremost interpreter of California lost his touch?That may seem a strange question now that the writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson is up for a screenwriting Oscar at this Sunday's Academy Awards. But Anderson's work often...

  5. ZARA KESSLER: Jon Stewart matters more than Brian Williams

    NBC News anchor Brian Williams enjoys the limelight. But last week, he must have been happy to share it. Williams, we found out, has been suspended without pay for six months. By the time we heard of his punishment, we'd learned that "The...

  6. MICHAEL REYES: This is your mind on OCD

    The first time I broke my hand, I lied about how it happened. Soccer injury, I told friends who responded with praise instead of concern. My family didn't even notice. No one thought to stop and question my crooked fingers and out-of-place...

  7. JOE MATHEWS: Why we need to know where anti-vaxxers live

    California's measles outbreak has touched off a debate about how to tighten state laws that make it easy for parents to choose -- in defiance of all credible public health information -- not to vaccinate their children. Newly introduced...

  8. RAY GONZALES: Reagan supported health care coverage for all

    As the day nears when all citizens have to sign up for health insurance or face a tax penalty, according to the Affordable Care Act, the criticism of Obamacare intensifies. The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives needs no...

  9. MICHAEL BERNICK: Free college isn't the answer

    In the past few weeks, President Obama's free community college tuition proposal has received a lot of media attention as a strategy for rebuilding the middle class. Even if the president's initiative does advance in some form, though, it...

  10. ANDY VIDAK: High-Speed Rail not only breaking promises, but busting family budgets

    The governor drove a shovel through the heart of our Central Valley when he "broke ground" last month on the debacle known as High-Speed Rail. He also left a trail of broken promises made to California voters when, in 2008, they approved...

  11. JOE MATHEWS: Calif., Poland have much in common

    California, I'd like to introduce you to the sister you never knew you had.Her name is Poland. I see that you are a bit shocked at this news. You're more accustomed to comparing yourself to Texas, or to countries like Italy or India that...

  12. KERRY McGILL: If it's the end of the world, you might want to ditch that gold

    About 25 years ago, a client asked me what steps he should take to prepare for Armageddon. Curious question. First, I had to determine what he thought "Armageddon" was. The end of the world as we know it? The election of a Democrat to the...

  13. VICKIE SPANOS: Instruction that's anything but common

    I commend reporter Lauren Foreman's article in last Sunday's Californian ("Burrowing into Common Core," Jan. 25), for shedding sensible light on Common Core, the new education standards adopted by most states, including California. Foreman...

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