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  1. MARTIN SCHRAM: The 'Redskins' problem

    Saturday, Aug 30 2014 11:02 PM

    Official Washington, most notably Congress, is still away on its extended pre-Labor Day vacation, a fact that hasn't altered the zero-sum rate at which your problems are being solved.

    But the Real Washington, which has nothing to do with governance, is all a-Twitter over the huge controversy that is dividing our capital city: What, if anything, should we do about those "Redskins"?

    The Washington Redskins, the National Football League team I cheer for every autumn, has a nickname that is indisputably just about the skin color of one group of people. For more than a decade I've written that the "Redskins" nickname is an embarrassment and must be changed. Now, finally, a nationwide clamor of sorts is underway. Prominent journalists and...

  2. JOHN REAVES & LEN HERING: Major fossil fuel companies are seeing the need for climate action

    Major fossil fuel companies have spent much energy to determine whether the fuels they sell actually cause climate change. The bottom line? They do and, perhaps surprisingly, many of them own up to it and are calling for federal action....

  3. JAY AMBROSE: A call to vote, and other signs of possible healing in Ferguson

    We've had plenty of rhetorical villains since the fatal police shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, grandstanders stirring up fear in vengeful tones, and we've ha violence and looting, mostly by nonresidents taking advantage of...

  4. KERRY McGILL: Solutions to disenfranchisement run much deeper than Ferguson

    In his Bakersfield Observed blog last week, Californian CEO Richard Beene quoted things not to do if you don't want to get shot. Well, for those living the good life in a nice, safe neighborhood where the police don't cruise by every five...

  5. STEVE LEVIN: Israelis ask Bakersfield 'just imagine'

    In the past two weeks the group of 10 tourists had already visited New York City, Niagara Falls, Yosemite, San Francisco and L.A. For half of them, it was their first visit to the U.S. Tuesday night at the home of a Bakersfield rabbi and...

  6. JAMES TRAUB: Would money have saved Foley?

    The bloodthirsty jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) have murdered James Foley, an American journalist who was kidnapped in Syria in November 2012. They also have threatened the life of Steven Sotloff, another American freelancer, who was...

  7. MEGAN McARDLE: We're spending too much on raising our kids

    The Department of Agriculture has released its annual report on the cost of raising children, and the upshot is what you probably already know: It's expensive. This does not -- as every article on the report has emphasized -- include the...

  8. TAL ABBADY: Facebook — where friendships end?

    Shortly after Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in 2009, a close Muslim friend I'd known since elementary school suddenly disappeared from my Facebook feed. She'd been excoriating Israel in her posts, and I'd said nothing. Then I posted a...

  9. ALEXANDRA PETRI: The pope is wrong about kids

    Pope Francis has laid down another pronouncement, this time about the Internet. According to Reuters, he told some altar servers that "maybe many young people waste too many hours on futile things." What are those futile things? According...

  10. JOSHUA KEATING: The likely new American intervention in Iraq

    While the world's attention has been mainly focused on the war in Gaza, the deteriorating situation in eastern Ukraine, and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Islamic State's campaign of terror in both Syria and Iraq has continued. In...

  11. DOUGLAS MAIN: Tumbling tagalongs

    Kevin de Leon, the new leader of the California State Senate, recently caused a stir when he said that it would be a bad idea to begin building a proposed high-speed train in the San Joaquin Valley, in part because "nobody lives out there...

  12. ROBERT RECTOR: Welfare state grows as self-sufficiency declines

    For the past 50 years, the government's annual poverty rate has hardly changed at all. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 15 percent of Americans still live in poverty, roughly the same rate as the mid-1960s when the War on Poverty was...

  13. MICHAEL OSTERHOLM: Containing Ebola

    Ebola outbreaks have occurred in Africa on more than two dozen occasions over the past 40 years, and it was brought under control every time. This was possible thanks to reliable techniques, such as preventing direct contact with infected... Daily Deal!

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