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  1. This season, flu shots could be lifesavers

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Thursday, Jan 23 2014 10:00 AM

    Don't allow misinformation and frighteningly prevalent conspiracy theories to sway you: Yes, you should get a flu shot. And, yes, assuming everyone in your family is at least 6 months old and free of identified risks, they should too. In a flu season where 11 Kern County residents have died from the latest strain as of Jan. 20, this plea ought to seem like a no-brainer.

    Sadly, this isn't the case for some. Whether it's movie-star-turned-misguided-crusader Jenny McCarthy spouting how vaccines cause autism or myriad underground "health" bloggers warning that flu shots themselves cause the flu, there's no shortage of noise. Don't buy it. There is no scientifically accepted evidence that flu vaccines are unsafe.

  2. A fitting renovation for a community landmark

    To the victor go the spoils. The old adage is one that the people of Bakersfield -- and, most specifically, those affiliated with Bakersfield High School's champion football team -- should get used to. A month after the school's...

  3. OTHER VIEWS: We should be moved to more than sorrow

    For all the unknowns about Monday's mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, there was a nauseating familiarity to the unfolding events: the witness accounts of chaos and fear; the plea from officials for the public's help; the number of...

  4. OUR VIEW: Don't tear down efforts to protect US wilderness

    The rumbling sound you may have noticed coming from the general vicinity of the Sierra Nevada is Teddy Roosevelt rolling over in his grave. The great war hero, outdoorsman and early 20th-century president would not have been pleased to...

  5. OUR VIEW: What to expect from an all-cuts solution

    Gov. Jerry Brown erred by not clearly spelling out for California voters -- and recalcitrant legislators -- much earlier what an all-cuts budget would mean to the people of this state. But others have picked up the slack as the window...

  6. OUR VIEW: GET's decision to look at new bus routes welcome

    As gas prices rise and Bakersfield's geographic footprint continues to grow, public transportation becomes an increasingly important part of this city's future. But the all-too-common sight of a near-empty Golden Empire Transit bus isn't...

  7. OUR VIEW: Ground-level or elevated rail? We like elevated

    Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy has expressed dismay over the latest turn of events in the state bullet-train saga. Noting that the California High-Speed Rail Authority is trying to maximize its miles-to-dollars ratio with "value...

  8. OUR VIEW: Anti-graffiti app makes sense if residents use it

    Thanks to a new smartphone application provided by Bakersfield's Public Works Department, residents wanting to get involved in cleaning up the city now have an easier way to contribute. The free "Bakersfield Graffiti" app allows users to...

  9. OUR VIEW: Redistricting panel, keep this point in mind

  10. EDITORIAL: Mass poverty on fertile land: Irony we cannot abide

    How do you describe a situation in which one of the most agriculturally prolific valleys in the world is home to such profound poverty and hunger? How do you portray circumstances in which rampant malnutrition co-exists alongside...

  11. EDITORIAL: Embrace reality: Repeal valley's EPA ozone fine

    We've got to work together, here in the most polluted region in America, to make our air more breathable. We've got to make sacrifices, accept restrictions and change long-entrenched habits. But the people of the San Joaquin Valley...

  12. EDITORIAL: Sports fans shouldn't have to fear for safety

    The recent incident in which a San Francisco Giants fan was assaulted by two unidentified men in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after a baseball game should serve as a reminder that the safety of spectators ought to be a top priority for...

  13. EDITORIAL: Medicare proposal would just shift elderly's burden

    Rep. Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican who has been characterized as an "honest, deeply serious thinker," has a plan for your golden-years health care, and you may not like it very much. He's going to slough it off on individuals and the...

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