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  1. AHRON HAKIMI: Local investments will shape region's transportation future

    When Kern Council of Governments launched its original ridesharing program in the mid-1980s, the term "social media" had yet to be coined. Nevertheless, that's exactly what it was: a computerized database of individuals looking to connect...

  2. CATHLEEN COLBERT: Safe and sane? Fourth of July celebrations are anything but

    "Where's the dog's potty patch?" I asked my mother. "In the sunroom," she replied. "Would you look for Buddy's Thundershirt? I'll get out some kennels for the cats." "I'm concerned about the pine needles on the roof." "I'm praying no...

  3. 1002kimble.jpg

    LISA KIMBLE: You know what 'sucks,' Eric? Ignorance

    This week, veteran actor Eric Roberts was in Bakersfield to film scenes for his latest project, "Revelations." His interview with a local television news station -- in which he was critical of Bakersfield -- has gone viral. Our community's...

  4. CRAIG GARRETT: Spiritualism changes with the wind, but the Bible stays true

    Stafford Betty's recent article ("Questions of heaven or hell can be answered in the spirit world," June 21) was a kinder and gentler definition of hell, as well as other words that have taken on new-and-improved meanings in our judgmental...

  5. GAIL DAVIDSON: When it comes to public health, we can't ignore our environment

    "Never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself." -- Florence Nightingale. Nearly 200 years ago, Florence Nightingale...

  6. KARL GAWELL: Geothermal a good value for California

    Before you get all steamed about geothermal power, let's talk ("This legislation should get you steamed," June 25). To begin, it's important to recognize that the U.S. does not have a free market in electricity, but instead it has highly...

  7. WILLIAM BEZDEK: From Goldwater conservatism to present-day progressivism

    One of the pleasures of senior age is the recapitulation of past history. The upcoming political season and recent studies demonstrating the progressive polarization occurring in American society has caused me to think about my own...

  8. MANUEL FUDERANAN: Misplaced priorities are what need reform

    It makes sense that the Bakersfield City Council in its recent meeting tabled indefinitely the resolution on proposed immigration reforms. For one, this is a federal issue that should be discussed appropriately in a national forum. The...

  9. TONY BORROMEO: Hospital authority could work, but merger won't be the cure

    Can Kern Medical Center's fiscal bleeding be cured by its conversion into a hospital authority and merger with Kern Health Systems? My answer is a conditional "yes" to the hospital authority and a resounding "no" to the merger. I believe...

  10. TIM STORMONT: A balanced truth: God's grace and judgment go hand in hand

    On June 17, The Californian published an article from Washington D.C. high school principal Pete Cahall entitled, "Proud to say it: I'm a principal, I'm a Christian, and I'm gay." In it, he describes his struggles with the condemnation of...

  11. GARY SANGER & KEVIN DURFEE: Worst of drought still to come

    The day-to-day implications of California's current water shortage are so much more than a brown lawn or empty swimming pool. Our current state of drought is impacting lives, property and local economies by increasing unemployment, water...

  12. BUD KAICHER: While McCarthy ascends in DC, people back home are suffering

    "Are You Listening?" was the front page headline for The Californian on Sept. 3, 2013. This question was addressed to Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Over 3,000 people were gathered at the end of the PICO California Pilgrimage for a Pathway to...

  13. FERNANDO JARA: Nation-building hasn't been fruitful for US

    The great lesson of American involvement in nation-building is that we are awful at it. We have yet to get involved in a nation-building project that has produced a democracy like our own. Cuba 1903-34, Haiti 1915-34, Nicaragua 1911-24,... Daily Deal!

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