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  1. LEON KOLANKIEWICZ: Many share blame in creating America’s immigration storm

    Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 10:23 AM

    The crisis that has erupted at our southern border is a direct and all-too-predictable result of the Obama administration’s feckless immigration policies. But there is a deeper cause as well, one for which Republicans and religious conservatives share blame.   Encouraged by the rumors they hear of Uncle Sam’s leniency and largesse, an exodus of many tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America, joined by pregnant women and mothers bearing small children, is leaving that troubled region behind. They are pouring into our country not just unchecked, but indeed aided and abetted by the very same federal authorities — handing out bus tickets, no less — who once sought to turn them back. Rather than avoiding Border Patrol...

  2. KEN HILL: Revisionist history weakens our First Amendment protections

    Once again, the readers of The Californian are treated to a mind-numbing dose of Christian revisionist history (“Ignoring our roots puts liberty in danger,” July 17). We’ll get to the root of the matter in a moment, but first, a little...

  3. AL SANDRINI: ‘New money’ is funding schools already should have been given

    I can hear ‘em now — my good friends questioning how we education folks keep spending “their” money (taxes) and keep asking for more! (“What didja do with all the Lottery money?”)   For the first time in several years, public education is...

  4. CYNTHIA POLLARD & MARK HERBERT: Immigration reform will bolster small businesses and economy

    There are 28 million small businesses in this country, with 3.4 million hanging their shingle right here in the Golden State. These entrepreneurs run the gamut in terms of industry, political identification and geographical location, but...

  5. STEVEN CRONQUIST: If government wants to help, it should try a hands-off approach

    The average American business earns less than a 5 percent net profit; many businesses are below 3 percent. Net profit is gross income, less all expenses including taxes. Profits, of course, will vary from business to business and industry...

  6. DON CLARK: Ignoring our roots puts liberty in danger

    Three propositions have been repeatedly advocated in this paper's opinion section that would turn America into a "cut-flower country" -- a nation severed from its true roots. First, it is argued, all of America's laws should be kept...

  7. ORCHEL KRIER: Reduced energy production will put community services at risk

    A recent opinion piece in this paper discussed misleading public health concerns if the state moves forward with safe oil extraction methods ("When it comes to public health, we can't ignore our environment," July 7). However, public...

  8. CHRISTINE LIZARDI FRAZIER: State lawmakers should restore budget control to school boards

    In his 2013 State of the State Address, Gov. Jerry Brown called upon the Legislature to embrace the principle of subsidiarity, stating "it is the idea that a central authority should only perform those tasks which cannot be performed at...

  9. AHRON HAKIMI: Local investments will shape region's transportation future

    When Kern Council of Governments launched its original ridesharing program in the mid-1980s, the term "social media" had yet to be coined. Nevertheless, that's exactly what it was: a computerized database of individuals looking to connect...

  10. CATHLEEN COLBERT: Safe and sane? Fourth of July celebrations are anything but

    "Where's the dog's potty patch?" I asked my mother. "In the sunroom," she replied. "Would you look for Buddy's Thundershirt? I'll get out some kennels for the cats." "I'm concerned about the pine needles on the roof." "I'm praying no...

  11. 1002kimble.jpg

    LISA KIMBLE: You know what 'sucks,' Eric? Ignorance

    This week, veteran actor Eric Roberts was in Bakersfield to film scenes for his latest project, "Revelations." His interview with a local television news station -- in which he was critical of Bakersfield -- has gone viral. Our community's...

  12. CRAIG GARRETT: Spiritualism changes with the wind, but the Bible stays true

    Stafford Betty's recent article ("Questions of heaven or hell can be answered in the spirit world," June 21) was a kinder and gentler definition of hell, as well as other words that have taken on new-and-improved meanings in our judgmental...

  13. GAIL DAVIDSON: When it comes to public health, we can't ignore our environment

    "Never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself." -- Florence Nightingale. Nearly 200 years ago, Florence Nightingale... Daily Deal!

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