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  1. THOMAS CLOBES: With bullying, where is the line separating forgiveness, revenge?

    Monday, Apr 14 2014 11:00 PM

    There has been an increasing level of talk in recent years about bullying in schools. My own children have mentioned times when they have perceived being bullied -- something that, when I was a kid, may have just been called "picking on" or "teasing" someone. I admit, the cynical part of me thought most of the talk as simple exaggeration or helicopter parents running to protect their children from every conceivable unpleasantry. I started to realize more and more that I was wrong after following high-profile events such as Murrysville, Newtown and, locally, Taft. Not all of these events involved bullying of any sort, but it is always theorized and suggested as a possible motive.

  2. CRAIG GARRETT: As we kick the can, our global bragging rights begin to fade

    Jack Turnbull's Community Voices article ("History tells us that borrowing money is not our only option," March 26) was good in that it touched on one reason we are an upside-down nation. However, it is overspending that is the root of our...

  3. MANUEL FUDERANAN: We don't need a proclamation to enjoy the benefits of walking

    April 2 was National Walking Day. I would not have noticed if not for an email from the city of Bakersfield's Human Resources Director enjoining all city employees to pledge to walk for at least 150 minutes per week (30 minutes per work...

  4. MARYLEE SHRIDER: Once bastions of free speech, campuses now stifle students

    We conservatives have long been reviled by the left for what they believe is our deplorable lack of tolerance for, well, just about everything. Our apparent aversion to freedom of speech, in particular, consistently falls near the top of...

  5. LEONARD ZASOSKI: If defeating cancer is our goal, then we can all work together

    Why support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life? Cancer has touched virtually everyone -- family, friends, coworkers and more. Cancer has no age restriction, nor does it consider race or religion. Cancer in some families goes from...

  6. CHRISTOPHER MEYERS and JENNIFER BLACK: Preparing for the decisions we hope we'll never have to make

    Health care decision-making can be difficult under the best of circumstances. The language, the medical environment, the white coats and stethoscopes can all be very confusing to even the most sophisticated of patients. Add to this that...

  7. JOHN TARJAN: From higher ed to high demand, we must provide opportunities

    Dean Florez ("Hacking into a sausage factory," April 3) raises a legitimate point about the potential for overregulation of "code academies." If these institutions can cost-effectively prepare students for high-paying jobs, the state...

  8. DEAN FLOREZ: Hacking into a sausage factory

    Over the past year, code academies have proliferated the higher education and vocational landscape, posing big questions on the value of a formal four-year computer science degree and answering consumer demand with a savvy proposition:...

  9. DONNA CARPENTER: How will regional transportation change over the next 26 years?

    When it comes to transportation projects, the future in California isn't going to look like the past. Ever-widening highways and streets, one person-per-car traveling to and from work each day, empty buses, hardly a bicyclist or...

  10. HAROLD PEASE: Yes, Social Security can be saved, and with better benefits to boot

    With our national debt growing by $3 billion a day and Congress giving up offering any real solutions, we are a speeding train heading for a cliff. Most pretend the problem is not real or will just go away. Almost no one is ready for...

  11. SEAN KIERNAN: Senate's oil bill would benefit the greater good here in Calif.

    Kern County Supervisor David Couch's op-ed ("Bill could harm Californians, especially here in Kern County," March 17) is the latest among a series of media publications attempting to persuade the public that an oil-severance tax (Senate...

  12. GREG LASKOWSKI: There's no substitute for science

    I take issue with a letter writer's response to a Californian editorial, "Fear-mongering: Blaming fracking for quake" (March 23). The writer makes his case against fracking ("Kern should follow suit," March 25) and attributes this...

  13. JACK TURNBULL: History tells us that borrowing money is not our only option

    It is time to again emphasize that the President of the United States and the two political parties running our federal, state, and local governments, believe they are forced to borrow money if they are to fund their operations. Nothing is... Daily Deal!

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