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  1. KERRY McGILL: Anti-science ignorance has US headed in the wrong direction

    Monday, Oct 20 2014 11:01 PM

    A recent article in the Los Angeles Times reported an increase in the number of children not being vaccinated. As of September, 950 kindergartens in the LA area had a vaccination rate of less than 92%. At that level, experts say the school becomes vulnerable to epidemics of childhood diseases. All a parent has to do is claim a "personal belief" against vaccines and their child enters school vaccine-free.

    A woman was quoted who said she believed in "staying healthy from the inside out." She did this by taking vitamin and mineral supplements, not eating genetically modified foods, going to chiropractors and maintaining an active lifestyle. She went on to say most parents want to do the "healthiest thing for their child."

  2. AUDREY CHAVEZ: Gays and lesbians are gifts; show them the love that God commands

    Positive assessments of gays, same-sex relationships, a recent statement from the Vatican that gays have "gifts to offer," and the Christian community acknowledging same-sex couples can give "precious support" to one another make me...

  3. LOUIS MEDINA: The story of two grants has a happy ending for local youth

    This is the story of two grants: one small, one large. I know, probably not the most animated and thrilling-sounding of protagonists. But it's a story that will illustrate the heroic impact of grant making on the lives of 150 low-income,...

  4. JACK BALFANZ: Cash 'coma'? Why city housing costs are worth another look

    An article in The Californian ("Courtyard project next low-income housing development downtown," Aug. 27) announced the ground breaking of the Mill Creek project, a 62-unit apartment complex for low-income seniors. The reported cost of the...

  5. CAROLE CASTEEN: You can't always trust the critics: 'Mormons' movie is very inspiring

    I went to Edwards Cinemas on Saturday and viewed "Meet the Mormons." And, yes, I am a Mormon, so I can't honestly write without bias. But I believe Barbara Vandenburgh's review of this movie didn't give the it the credit it deserved ("...

  6. MICHAEL TURNIPSEED: Proposition 47 worth supporting

    No one is a fan of crime, and no one favors illicit drug use. Citizens can likewise agree that it is critically important to identify ways to improve community safety while simultaneously conserving precious taxpayers' dollars. Proposition...

  7. MANUEL FUDERANAN: Going to war with ISIS certainly 'not as easy as eating bananas'

    "It is not as easy as eating bananas," our village wag used to quip when confronted with seemingly complex situations. I would like to surmise that Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces,...

  8. FERNANDO JARA: When the root cause is a history of racism

    One sign of intellectualism is the ability, and willingness, to suspend judgement when confronted by the argument of another until we have carefully weighed that confronting position's evidence. On this point, I think that Brik McDill and...

  9. MICHAEL OLCOTT: Committed to a family oriented KC Fair

    On behalf of the Kern County Fair Board, I would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in this year's Kern County Fair. Although the final attendance figures have not been tallied, we are confident that our attendance...

  10. LISA GREEN: Nothing 'safe' about Prop. 47

    Proposition 47 is an initiative that will significantly reduce the criminal penalties for numerous crimes including drug possession, theft of a firearm and possession of date rape drugs. The so-called "Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act"...

  11. SAMANTHA HILL: Using these two health terms interchangeably harms us all

    Recently, news outlets have covered the important rise in behavioral health emergencies across the nation. However, these stories harm us when they use the terms behavioral health and mental health interchangeably. Behavioral health is a...

  12. BRIK McDILL: The anatomy of a crisis: What we can learn from Ferguson

    Mass angry demonstrations regularly occur when crises happen, and we decry them as beneath our more civilized selves. But given who and what we humans are, maybe we shouldn't be so surprised. Disappointed yes; surprised, no. We're built...

  13. DAVID COLLINS: Make a difference in your neighborhood

    Under a sunrise that was stretched so thin its color had faded, volunteers from the South Oswell Neighborhood Watch were surging through my neighborhood for a cleanup. Since brushing past the flank of 2009, the organization has provided...

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