In Loving Memory

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    Burrow Jennifer Rose

    — Time heals nothing, anger replaces pain. Will I ever see you again? We Love You Princess. Love Your Family

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    Webber Doug

    — 1 year ago today we lost our beloved son, brother, uncle and dad. Our lives will never be the same. You have been loved and missed every hour of every day. Best Guardian Angel ever. JOB WELL DONE Love, Mom and Your Family

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    Schafer Micaela

    — Happy Birthday Little Red/Noonie We would be celebrating your 25th today, if the river hadn't taken you from us 18 years ago, with your daddy Brett Schafer and cousin Joshua Patton. Everyone was celebrating Superbowl, we were celebrating your birth. We love and miss your smile and

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    Smith Robert

    — 1 year has passed since you left to have eternal life. I miss you very much and will always hold your memories in my heart. There is not one day that goes by that we don't think of you. Love & miss you. Love Your Daughter, Loura

  • John Raymond

    — Happy Birthday Bro Always remembered, never forgotten Ride in Peace Loving Friends

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    Betty J. Smith

    — Happy 77th Birthday Your presence we miss, Your memory we treasure, Loving you always, Forgetting you never. Love Your Family

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    Arias Hernandez Petra

    — Mom, today we celebrate your 93rd birthday, just like we did every year. Yesterday we completed a novena and attended a mass in your honor. We miss you so much. Thank you for your loving legacy. With All Our Love, Your Family

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    Montgomery Amy Elizabeth

    — Dearest Amy, Today we honor you; your brilliant mind and wit, your compassion for all living things, and your continuing influence in all of our lives. You are so deeply missed and loved! Always And Forever, Your Family And Friends

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    Estrada Urrutia Augustina

    — One year in heaven, You may think it's just a year, But this world is so different, Since God took you away Remembering you with great love and admiration. Love, Your Husband & Family

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    Giuli Kelly

    — For 34 years, Giuli Kelly served as a dedicated member of the Omni Family Health Board of Directors. She made a difference in our community and touched the lives of all who knew her. Giuli's contributions and commitment to Omni Family Health and to Kern County are deeply appreciated. Giuli

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    Frank Bill Gamez

    — Happy Birthday Frank Love and miss you everyday, Mom and Family

  • Alvin Cerri

    — Not a day goes by that we don't think about you, remembering you with great love, respect, gratitude and admiration. Deborah, Michael, Susan and all your loving family

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    Jose Carreon

    — Hard to believe that it has been four years since you've been gone brother! Losing you has taught me many things. Like how to face each day with hope and happy memories. Even though I'm sad that you are no longer here, your influence still guides and helps me. And I always feel you near

  • Matthew A. Romero

    — Grandson, It's been 6 years since you were taken from us. Not a day goes by I don't think of you, your always in my heart . I love you & miss you so much. Love Always, Grandma Gracie

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    John F. Buckley

    — I pray you enjoy your 75th Birthday with the Angels I loved you then I love you still I always have, I always will Your forever wife, Lee

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    Ingram Hammond

    — A year ago today, you took your last breathe here on this earth and left us with a huge void that is still very difficult to fill and to come to grips with. You were unceremoniously stolen and brutally taken away from us so soon and we are still grabbling with this life changing loss, and