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  1. Funeral services for July 22, 2014

    Services scheduled

  2. GETstrike_tuesday2.JPG

    GET board to vote on proposal by striking union

    Golden Empire Transit District's board of directors is scheduled to vote behind closed doors Tuesday on a proposal that could end Bakersfield's week-old bus strike.

  3. FIRST LOOK RACHEL & BOB 072114.png

    'First Look': Reporter Rachel Cook talks about Dental Dangers series

    The Dental Board of California, one of 20 healing arts boards within the California Department of Consumer Affairs, regulates dentists. The Dental Board polices practitioners, issues licenses and, in instances of alleged malpractice, investigates and ultimately, in some cases, files formal accusations.

  4. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: How to draw the right business circles

    Ever feel like you're running in circles? Google gurus say that's a good thing. Defining the people with whom you share information avoids a glut of data on your social network. It ensures that only the right people see what you want them to see.

  5. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: On water issues, 1 vote each isn’t always fairest

    There’s so much going on with groundwater, it’s a whirlwind! OK, a whirlwind you can’t see and probably haven’t heard of, but a whirlwind nonetheless.

  6. shogun_south_1_fa.JPG

    Motorist crashes into restaurant on California Avenue

    Patrons of Shogun Palace received an order of teppanyaki terror Saturday evening when a car crashed through the south wall of the California Avenue restaurant.

  7. drowning_1_fa.JPG

    Search continues for man reported possibly drowned in Kern River

    Rescuers are continuing the search this morning for a man who was apparently swept away in the Kern River late Sunday afternoon.

  8. 071014keynote.013.png

    'First Look': First News for July 21

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories:

  9. DENTAL DANGERS: How the Dental Board of California investigates dentists

    Consumer complaints against dentists pass through a rigorous system of investigation and dental experts before the Dental Board of California makes any disciplinary move.

  10. DENTAL DANGERS: Peer review offers an alternative to court

    When dental work goes wrong, courts aren't the only place where patients can seek recourse.

  11. DENTAL DANGERS: How to choose a dentist

    Whether it's for a routine cleaning or major repairs, vetting the right dentist can be trying.

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