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    Paramount's Lynda Resnick leads Lost Hills transformation

    Ruben Garcia remembers life in the western Kern County town of Lost Hills 30 years ago when there were few street lights, little to do and most roads were dusty or, depending on the season, muddy.

  2. Funeral services for Aug. 31

    Services scheduled


    Candidates decry the use of 'trackers'

    "Trackers" have come to the valley.


    PHOTO GALLERY: Enjoying art in Kernville

    Saturday was all about creativity in Kernville as the Kern River Valley Art Association put on its annual Sierra Arts & Crafts Fall Festival.


    Two killed in fiery crash early Saturday involving suspected drunken driver

    Two people were killed in a fiery crash early Saturday morning when a suspected drunken driver slammed into the back of their car on Rosedale Highway.

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    Tighter restrictions coming to a hearth near you

    It's a little early -- and hot -- to start worrying about fireplaces.

  7. smog_2_fa.JPG

    Valley ozone at record low levels ... but

    The valley may be decades away from reaching the federal government's latest clean-air standards, a line that valley air officials refer to as the "moving goal posts" of federal regulation.

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    Students ice Garces admins for ALS

    Students at Garces Memorial High School poured buckets of ice water over administrators, teachers and other staff members Friday as part of a fundraising effort.

  9. AnnazettaHenderson.JPG

    GET board members spar over service, politics

    The newest addition to Golden Empire Transit's board of directors took a swing at her own colleagues Friday, saying they should have made route improvements sooner and ought to fire the agency's CEO.


    Celebrating keeping families together

    Avonda Jones played with her 2-year-old son, Tomontea, on the floor of the Juvenile Justice Center, and said there was a time she thought she might never see him again.

  11. blair_32.JPG

    Action Line: Be wary of unsolicited bank texts

    Dear Action Line: I just received a text from my bank telling me that my new debit card was mailed to me and I need to respond to the text in order to activate it. I've never received anything like this from my bank before and I'm not sure what to do. Is it real?

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