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Friday, Jul 11 2014 11:03 AM

'First Look': Carry the City of Bakersfield in your pocket with Facebook, Twitter pages

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    City of Bakersfield assistant to the city manager Chris Huot, left, talks with Californian reporter Theo Douglas about the city's plans to unveil a Facebook and Twitter presence on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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The mobile device you carry in your pocket is probably swiped, unlocked and used several times throughout the day. It's become a habit to check email, weather, sports news or traffic reports constantly.

Now the City of Bakersfield has decided to jump on the social media bandwagon.

Bakersfield and its police, fire and parks departments' Facebook and Twitter pages will debut by July 31.

"We recognize that so many people are using those mediums to receive news and updates, so we are looking forward to reaching out to the public through those mediums," assistant to the city manager Chris Huot said Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Residents can expect city press releases, job recruitment dates, road closures, trash services dates, community meetings and other items on the new social media pages.

Huot said he would probably be the media coordinator updating Facebook and Twitter for the city.

The pages will allow comments to be posted, but they will be monitored.

Huot said that for now, you can download the bakersfieldmobile app to keep up on news around the city.

"If you see graffiti somewhere, you can take a picture and upload it and it will be sent to the department to get fixed," he said.


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