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Tuesday, Jun 25 2013 10:41 AM

'First Look': Roundtable tackles BC sanctions, cyclist safety and trash

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    Californian President and CEO Richard Beene and "First Look with Scott Cox" executive producer Louis Amestoy talk about all kinds of issues facing Bakersfield.

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Everything from the sanctions against Bakersfield College's athletic program to quality of life issues was fair game in a roundtable discussion on "First Look with Scott Cox" Tuesday.

Simulcast host Scott Cox said the Southern California Football Association's denial of BC's appeal of athletics sanctions was no surprise. The denial was announced Tuesday morning; the college has said it has 10 days to appeal and will.

"First Look" executive producer Louis Amestoy said the situation wasn't handled well. He pointed out that BC President Sonya Christian spoke at a news conference about the sanctions weeks ago, but the football coach and athletic director didn't speak.

Californian president and CEO Richard Beene talked about bike safety -- and drivers getting too close to riders.

"I think there's different levels of this anger," Beene said, explaining he thinks some people are in too much of a hurry to get where they're going. On the other hand, there are the cyclists who seem to be specificly targeted.

Not smart to hit them. You will be caught and end up in court, Beene said, and "there's a life chapter you don't want to live."

And everyone had a story about trash.

Jeff Lemucchi said someone bought a new file cabinet -- and left the box in his front yard.

Cox said four fast-food companies were represented in trash he saw thrown from one car, like someone had bundled up all their litter at once and tossed it.

Beene asked of other cities, "How can they keep their roads clean and we can't?"

Amestoy noted he worked in San Bernardino and drove Highway 210. No comparison.

"The 58 is by far the dirtiest highway I've ever seen," Amestoy said.


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