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Wednesday, Oct 23 2013 12:36 PM

'First Look': Columnist Lois Henry continues talking about fracking

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    Californian columnist Lois Henry talks about oil fracking and other topics on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Oil fracking has become a hot topic in Kern County. Friday's West Kern Petroleum Summit, during which energy experts discussed petroleum and natural gas technologies, sparked Californian columnist Lois Henry's interest.

Henry watched the documentary "Fracknation" produced by Ann McElhinney and talked about important investigations the documentary shows Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

In "Fracknation," McElhinney and film maker Phelim McAleer go to Dimock, Pa., where people are concerned about fracking and water quality, and ask one couple about a recent EPA finding that Dimock's water is safe to drink.

"She is sitting in her car and McAleer is asking her questions about the EPA saying the water is not contaminated and at one point she tells him that she is armed with a weapon," Henry said.

Simulcast host Scott Cox said fracking tecnology has been used for many years and it would be dumb for oil and natural gas companies not to do it.

"Nobody is saying these companies should just go jam holes in the ground," Cox said. "These companies look at the science behind it before going in and they know what they are doing."

Henry agreed with Cox and added that if another source of energy was found that produced the same amount of energy as oil and natural gas, she was on board to cut down on fracking.

But the wind and solar sources that have been developed are not economically stable, Henry said.



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