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Monday, Sep 30 2013 01:57 PM

'First Look': Cooperative extension tackles nutrition, citrus and pests

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    Brian Marsh from the University of California at Davis Cooperative Extension, left, talks with Californian Editorial Page Editor Bob Price about nutrition education and hunger in the valley on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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From working closely with farmers in California to enhance the agricultural market, to educating communities on nutrition, the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been building bridges between farmers and other people since 1913.

It has advisers in several areas and Dr. Brian Marsh, director of the UC Cooperative Extension director in Kern County, talked about issues the organization researches Monday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Robert Price, The Californian's editorial page editor, asked Marsh how it was possible for families to be starving nutritionally yet be obese.

"Genetics play a role but we also eat too much food that doesn't have any nutrition," Marsh said. "And combine that with not being active, and that's where you see the rise of obesity."

Simulcast Scot Cox mentioned that during our grandparents' era, parents encouraged eating a heavy breakfast to have energy during the day. People then used to work hard for eight hours a day on the farm and needed that fuel, but now many people don't do much of anything so they gain weight, Cox said.

Marsh also talked about the Asian citrus psyllid that has been spotted in Kern County.

"It's important for any homeowner who has citrus trees to keep an eye for this insect because it kills trees very quickly," Marsh said.

The one-eighth-of-an-inch-long insect carries a bacterial disease that's transmittted by feeding on the liquid inside citrus leaves.

For more information on what the insect looks like or for information on the cooperative extension, call 868-6200 or visit cekern.ucanr.edu.


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