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Wednesday, Sep 25 2013 09:57 AM

'First Look': Bakersfield Lois, meet Lompico Lois

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    Californian columnist Lois Henry

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    By Photo courtesy of Henry family

    Lois Henry and her dog, Lizzy. This Lois Henry shares an interest with Californian columnist Lois Henry in both dogs and water issues.

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    By Photo courtesy of Melodye Serino

    Lois Henry, Lompico County Water District chairwoman, wins an award for good stewardship.

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They're both passionate about government accountability. They're both fascinated by water. And they're both named Lois Henry.

This week Californian columnist Lois Henry discovered another Lois Henry, of Lompico, as she read the Department of Water Resources' aggregation of statewide water news.

"It's fascinating to read," Bakersfield's Lois Henry said in all seriousness Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Sometimes, she noted, her stories and columns are included in the aggregation, but added, "I haven't had a water story in a while. It's been kind of dry."

But after discovering her name, Lois Henry was interested in talking to Lompico Lois, who serves on the Lompico County Water District board. So she gave her a call and wrote a column about it.

Lompico Lois, Bakersfield Lois said, "got on the board and whipped these people into shape."

And Lois found that they both like to ask lots of questions.

"She turned the water table right on me," Henry said.

And both had an aunt named Lois.

Lois Henry said her dad was convinced she was going to be a boy and picked the name Timothy. But when her Dad left the hospital for an overtime shift, hospital staff asked the baby's name. Her mom named her Lois.


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