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Monday, Feb 03 2014 02:10 PM

'First Look': Executive editor introduces new video features

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    Californian Executive Editor Robert Price talks with columnist Lois Henry about her new video segments. They shared the new videos on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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A minute more or less with Lois Henry.

That is the newest video project that Californian Executive Editor Robert Price talked about Monday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Columnist Henry will talk about subjects she finds interesting or about which she has an opinion. The first video was about ethics.

Every morning, Henry buys a Diet Pepsi from a vending machine at The Californian and about twice a week, she finds 15 cents in the change compartment. She has been using the change to buy a soda, so the money gets used in the same vending machine, but she has encountered a dilemma-- is it ethical to take the money?

"Should I continue to take it or should I leave it there?" Henry asked.

Price also explained the thinking behind a new video feature with popular Californian columnist Herb Benham. From his front porch, he'll speak "On His Rocker" about topics in his columns or life experiences, offering insights and reflections.





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