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Monday, Feb 03 2014 06:49 AM

'First Look': First News for Feb. 3

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Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories:

LOCAL MAN MAKES REALLY GOOD TV COMMERCIALS: Kern County native David Mitchell has been producing some of the most watched and influential commercials ever to appear on television, and at least two of his productions were featured during Sunday's Super Bowl. The 47-year-old produced the Budweiser commercial that portrays a budding friendship between one of the brand's big Clydesdale horses and a tiny golden retriever puppy. Read the full story here.

BOOMING NORTH DAKOTA SEES CRIME FOLLOW MONEY AND BAKERSFIELD MAY HAVE CONTRIBUTED: The winning combination of horizontal drilling and the water-injection process known as fracking has helped turn the Bakken oil field into the Sutter's Mill of the frozen North. Rapid, intense exploration of the vast petroleum discovery, and refinement of the high-tech extraction technique that makes it so rewarding, have transformed the North Dakota oil boom into a California gold rush story, writ large. Unfortunately, as federal and state charges announced earlier this week demonstrate, some of the thousands who have flocked to North Dakota from as far away as Bakersfield are criminals. Read the full story here.

METH LAB RAIDED IN EAST BAKERSFIELD NEIGHBORHOOD: Police raided a methamphetamine lab inside a residential neighborhood in east Bakersfield Friday afternoon, taking two people in custody and roping off the property. The meth lab was located in a bedroom. Jessey Lee Bowman, 33, and 25-year-old Maximus Sallam were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and manufacturing meth. Read the full story here.


In case you missed it, here are the stories that are trending on bakersfield.com.

SKI SHOP OWNER AND BAKERSFIELD ICON DIES AT 70: Doug Bentz owner of Bentz Ski Chalet and known as Bakersfield's ski guru, died Sunday morning of an apparent heart attack while on the bike trail near Manor Street. He was 70. At about 6:30 a.m., Bentz had just stood up after retrieving his gloves, which he'd dropped, and then toppled over. His son, and emergency personnel did chest compressions, but he died later at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. Funeral arrangements are pending. Read the full story here.

STOCKDALE TAKES TITLE IN ACADEMIC DECATHLON FOR SECOND YEAR IN A ROW: Stockdale High School retained its reign over the Kern County Academic Decathlon Saturday, winning first place for the second year in a row in the 34th annual scholastic competition. The team will go on to represent Kern in the state finals next month in Sacramento. Stockdale faced off against 18 other area high schools competing in seven categories. Stockdale's arch rival Bakersfield High School took second place. Stockdale and BHS have been trading the top spot back and forth for several years. Read the full story here.

SATURDAY DUI STOPS NET SIX ARRESTS: A Saturday night DUI Saturation patrol by Bakersfield police netted six arrests for suspicion of DUI. A total of 40 citations were issued by the 12 officers. Police said 75 vehicles were stopped between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. In addition to the DUIs, three motorists were cited for driving with suspended licenses and their vehicles were impounded. Read the full story here.



SKYNET IS COMING: Drones delivering your purchases? That's cute. But the real work of autonomous vehicles is being pioneered in the military. Lockheed Martin has recently completed testing of full autonomous convoys in Fort Hood, Texas. The test saw vehicles successfully navigate an urban-style route, complete with obstacles that a real-world convoy might encounter. While regular military vehicles have always been designed to keep their human cargo as safe as possible, the new technology could remove the need for putting soldiers at risk altogether.



FOOD SAFETY: The Food and Drug Administration is proposing new rules to keep food safe while it's being transported. They would require many larger companies that ship, hold, and otherwise transport food by roads or rail to prevent contamination as the food is moved. Shippers would have to ensure that food is adequately refrigerated and protected during transport and that vehicles are cleaned between loads.



UTAH MAKES EARLY SCORES STAND AGAINST CONDORS: Goals have been hard to come by recently for the Condors and on Saturday night one was not enough. The Utah Grizzlies scored a pair of first-period goals then held off a charge by the Condors for a 2-1 victory before 4,833 at Rabobank Arena. The Grizzlies have now won 13 of 19 games since Christmas and have beaten every team in the ECHL Western Conference other than Alaska, who they have not played, during that stretch. Utah beat the Condors 5-2 on Friday night and the back-to-back losses are the first for Bakersfield since mid-November. Read the full story here.




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