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Wednesday, May 22 2013 09:26 AM

'First Look': Bike Bakersfield's Full Moon Ride Friday

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    Brad Swanlund of Bike Bakersfield talks about the Full Moon Ride coming up Friday with Scott Cox on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Bike Bakersfield, a nonprofit bicycle advocacy group, will hold its Full Moon Ride and barbecue Friday night.

"It's something that's great for all levels of riders," Brad Swanlund, membership and communication director for Bike Bakersfield, said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

The Full Moon Ride kicks off with a barbecue at 6 p.m. Friday at Beach Park, followed at 8 p.m. by a six-mile ride on the parkway. Donations for the barbecue are requested.

The group hopes to try to convert some of the riders at the event to Bike Bakersfield members, Swanlund said. The more members there are, the stronger the case that can be presented when Bike Bakersfield goes to city and county officials to seek more bike lanes, he said.

"The more I ride, the less problems I have with the air," Swanlund said, noting he has asthma.

May is National Bike Month.

Host Scott Cox said it's beautiful to burn calories instead of fossil fuels.

Learn more at bikebakersfield.org.



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