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Tuesday, Jan 07 2014 02:21 PM

'First Look': Meteorologist talks about truth behind 'polar vortex'

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    KERO Channel 23's Elaina Rusk discusses weather across the country and here at home on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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The blistering cold temperatures in the East Coast have drawn quite the attention of those who are enjoying sunny skies.

But the polar vortex -- fast-moving freezing winds that build up around a calm center -- are nothing new.

That's what Elaina Rusk, KERO 23 morning weather forecaster, said Tuesday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

"It's January and we are used to seeing this," Rusk said. "The winds are always happening ... in the winter they are stronger and weaker in the spring."

Switching from snow to rain, simulcast host Scott Cox asked whether California was ever going to see rain.

There is a chance of rain Jan. 22 but it will not be a lot, Rusk said.

Usually February and March are the valley's months for rain, so Rusk said she hopes the rain will come through.

"We aren't really having a winter this year," Rusk said. "Mother Nature is really mad at us."


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