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Monday, Apr 22 2013 09:35 AM

'First Look': Green building, resurging home market discussed

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    Phil Gaskill of Gaskill Custom Homes appeared on “First Look with Scott Cox” on Monday.

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"It's been a long dry spell but it's coming back," Phil Gaskill of Gaskill Custom Homes said during an appearance on "First Look with Scott Cox" on Monday.

The founder and president of the business said the housing market started coming back in the first quarter of 2012, and is especially strong for starter homes.

"Our buyers tend to be second, third-time buyers," Gaskill said.

Gaskill also talked about green homes, which he said is "one of the things we do."

Host Scott Cox asked if those homes cost more than others.

Yes, Gaskill said, but depending on what's added, the improvements can pay for themselves in comfort and efficiency.

The technology is better and better, and computer models of energy savings help predict the pay back, Gaskill said.

Cox asked what owners of existing homes can do to upgrade their homes and make them greener.

Gaskill suggested installing dual-pane low E windows, blowing extra insultation into the ceiling and upgrading the air-conditioner. Solar installation is another option.



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