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Wednesday, Jan 22 2014 01:51 PM

'First Look': Columnist Lois Henry talks water, school metal detectors

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    Eric Averett, general manager of Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Shortage District, and Californian columnist Lois Henry talk about water issues on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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A local committee is making an effort to bring water entities together to discuss important decisions that impact the valley.

Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Eric Averett, general manager of Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Shortage District, and Californian columnist Lois Henry talked about the committee's purpose.

"In a water basin, what someone does effects the other," Averett said. "The initial effort is to come together and get a global picture of what is going on and make informed decisions together."

Henry mentioned that many locals are concerned about water regulations, but Averett said that was not the intent of the committee.

Forming partnerships with water districts would allow managing water to be more effective, he said.

One of the committee's goals is to also get a handle on the areas that are over drafting, Averett said.

Henry also talked about her recent column on teachers at North Kern Community School in Delano who are voluntarily checking students for weapons using hand-held metal detectors, or wands.

"It's a sad testament of the times we live in," Henry said.


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