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Friday, Jan 10 2014 06:54 AM

'First Look': First News for Jan. 10

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Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories:

L.A. HALTS SUSPICIOUS DUMPING IN LEBEC: It appears that the city of Los Angeles has, in fact, been breaking Kern County land-use laws by dumping what it says is curbside green waste on an unpermitted transfer site west of Lebec. The city will immediately stop delivering material to the location on Frazier Mountain Park Road. Cora Jackson-Fossett of the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation said the city did not know the site was not permitted to receive the waste and was simply dropping it where the "end-user" asked it to. Read the full story here.

RECOVERY CONTINUES A YEAR AFTER TAFT SCHOOL SHOOTING: A year ago Friday Bryan Oliver, like many students at Taft Union High School, walked to school. Unlike his classmates, he carried a shotgun with him. A year later, the case is no closer to being resolved. Oliver's trial has been pushed back to May 12. The most seriously injured of his victims is still recovering. Bowe Cleveland, 16 at the time of the shooting, has undergone 22 surgeries. Then there's the mental trauma. Cleveland is unable to go out in public by himself. He sleeps no more than three hours at a time. Oliver is charged as an adult with two counts of attempted murder and three counts of assault with a gun on a person. He's being held without bail. Read the full story here.

COMMITTEE APPROVES MESA MARIN EXPANSION PLAN: Long-term city plans to capitalize on the success of Mesa Marin Sports Complex by doubling its softball diamonds and adding a dog park, a skate park and a spray park got the go-ahead Thursday from a city committee. The Community Services Committee of the Bakersfield City Council voted 3-0 to approve a master plan for the sports facility that eventually would expand it from four to eight softball diamonds. Mesa Marin generates more than $2.1 million in economic impact per year. It hosts 185 local teams per season, and 20 regional tournaments per year -- generating nearly $35,000 in tournament revenue in 2012, its most successful year for tournaments. Read the full story here.


DAVE'S TACOS FOUNDER REMEMBERED: David Jiu, founder and proprietor of Dave's Tacos, a business that operated out of a used taco truck before finding a permanent location on Chester Avenue, died Sunday at his home in central Bakersfield. He was 77. Jiu had struggled for a few years with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart problems, said his son, Ed Jiu. So what made Dave's Tacos so mouth-watering? Their elusive fusion of flavors married Tex-Mex cuisine with an Asian twist, a secret combination that many tried to pry, without success, from the mind of the entrepreneur. Read the full story here.

TWENTY POUNDS OF METH SEIZED FROM SOUTH BAKERSFIELD HOME: Investigators served a search warrant in south Bakersfield Wednesday and seized 20 pounds of methamphetamine, two pounds of processed marijuana, four marijuana plants, a loaded gun and $5,000 in cash. The warrant capped a month-long investigation in which detectives discovered three Bakersfield residents were involved in trafficking large amounts of meth. Harold Morales, 45, Jose Alvarez, 35 and 27-year-old Frankie Gomez were arrested on suspicion of various drug and weapon-related offenses. Read the full story here.

PG&E WARNS OF EMAIL SCAM: Pacific Gas and Electric Co. warned Thursday of an email scam across the country in which someone is sending out what appear to be bills sent by PG&E -- but are not. The utility indicated that the scammers are requesting information about their accounts. It's advising people not to respond to the request, click on any links in the email, open any attachments or provide any personal information. PG&E urges people to report any such emails to corporatesecurity@pge.com. Read the full story here.



WWE: WWE will launch a 24-hour streaming video network on Feb. 24, opting to pursue over-the-top distribution instead of striking deals with pay TV providers. They'll charge subscribers $9.99 monthly to watch WWE Network on computers, mobile devices and streaming video set-tops, including apps for the Apple's iPad and iPhone, Google Android devices, Roku devices, the Sony PlayStation and the Xbox 360. WWE said it'll expand to the Xbox One and "select smart TVs" this summer.



TAMIFLU: In what is shaping up to be a tough and widespread flu season, Tamiflu -- one of the leading medicines used to treat children is in short supply. A spokeswoman for Roche Pharmaceuticals said there has been strong and early demand for Tamiflu Oral Suspension has caused packaging problems and a brief shortage is expected through mid-January. This form of the drug is primarily prescribed for children under the age of 13. The delay in packaging of the liquid version has not impacted supplies of regular Tamiflu capsules.



CSUB FALLS AT HOME: So much for protecting the home court. The excitement of beginning Western Athletic Conference play has turned into a sluggish start for the Cal State Bakersfield men's basketball team. The Roadrunners fell to 0-2 in WAC play and 7-9 overall with a 66-63 loss to Grand Canyon on Thursday night. Read the full story here.




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