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Monday, Jul 29 2013 11:12 AM

'First Look': Women share their marriage journey

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    Jennifer Arnold and Rachelle Hunt talk about their July 1 marriage with Californian Editorial Page Editor Robert Price on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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    By Autumn Parry / The Californian

    Pastor David Stabenfeldt marries Jennifer Arnold, left, and Rachelle Hunt, right, outside of the Kern County clerk's office on Monday morning. Arnold and Hunt were one of the first few couples to receive their marriage license as soon as the clerk's office opened.

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For Jennifer Arnold and Rachelle Hunt, the word marriage speaks to their commitment to each other. They were legally married July 1, and shared their journey Monday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Arnold said she was at work when the court rulings came down that would lead to her ability to get married. A co-worker went up to her, and hugged her.

"It was exciting. It was hard to concentrate after that," Arnold said, adding, "to be acknowledged is liberating."

Editorial Page Editor Robert Price, who joined them on the simulcast, asked why it was important to them to use the word marriage, and to be married.

"We know exactly what it means," Hunt said, explaining that even a small child understands marriage.

The couple had a wedding ceremony in Laguna Beach in September, and established a domestic partnership then, too.

Price noted that Bakersfield in a very conservative community, and voted strongly in favor of Proposition 8.

"It's been a very eye-opening experience," said Arnold, who grew up as a Christian in Los Angeles.

The women, who met at a dinner party in 2004, were photographed at their July 1 marriage, and their photo appeared in The Californian.

Hunt said she grew up as a fundamental Baptist in Texas. She said she is a strong Christian and has a relationship with God.

"You can't gell me what God wants me to do. God tells me," Hunt said. She added she has not once received a message from God saying she is not OK.

Simulcast host Scott Cox asked if there was ever a time when they thought about making history.

"I look forward to the day when it's not even an issue," Hunt said. She explained that she does not know whether she is a pioneer, but she does want to show her 16-year-old daughter that she is brave.


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