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Wednesday, Apr 02 2014 12:26 PM

'First Look': Caterer shares dish before Mac & Cheese festival

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    Emily Wills of Catering Affairs brought in her mac & cheese to "First Look with Scott Cox" as a preview to the upcoming festival.

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Catering Affairs Inc. created a creamy mac 'n' cheese dish with a special surprise: candied maple syrup bacon.

"That is a solid mac 'n' cheese product," simulcast host Scott Cox said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Emily Willis of Catering Affairs Inc. said the restaurant had been sampling different mac 'n' cheese dishes before they finally got their recipe down for the April 12 Macaroni and Cheese Festival at Cal State Bakersfield.

Willis brought her dish to the studio for tasting.

Willis said she didn't know about the festival until recently and said her competitive instinct kicked in and she wanted to take part in the festival.

"We are very excited to participate," she said.


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