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Friday, Mar 21 2014 11:31 AM

'First Look': New gadget provides alcohol screening with one touch

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    Leslie Elliott from ARCpoint Labs discusses a new device that helps keep alcohol out of workplaces on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Alcohol screening with one touch. A completely non-invasive way of detecting alcohol levels at work. That is the latest gadget ARCpoint Labs of Bakersfield is testing.

ARCpoint is a drug and alcohol testing business.

Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox." Leslie Elliott of ARCpoint introduced the TruTouch 2500. It has an optical touch pad that transmits near infrared light. When you place your index finger on it, the reflected light is analyzed to determine the tissue alcohol concentration.

"It's crazy accurate," Elliot said.

If someone at work is impaired by alcohol, the machine will catch them before they are on duty. When alcohol levels appear, the machine blinks red and the worker will not be able to work.

"It catches them before they are on duty and these early actions can help those that need help," Elliot said.

The shoebox-size machine has not been installed in many workplaces, but it's being tested at an oil refinery in Texas.


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