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Monday, Oct 28 2013 12:11 PM

'First Look': Taft College professor talks about Tea Party values

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    Taft College history and political science professor Harold Pease, left, talks with Californian Editorial Page Editor Robert Price about tea party issues on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Longtime Taft College political science and history professor Harold Pease offered a bit of a primer on the Tea Party on Monday, saying it believes in the core values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and the free market.

Pease talked with Californian Editorial Page Editor Robert Price on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Pease said he likes to use the word constitutionalist, which allows him to be critical of both Republicans and Democrats when they sidestep the Constitution. He said he does not use the words "conservative" or "liberal" in the classroom.

"I think that the word 'conservative' and the word 'liberal,' the word 'Democrat' and the word 'Republican,' polarizes us. It causes us to have a crutch so that we don't do our own thinking," Pease said

So he said he likes to sidestep all those words and focus on the one document -- the Constitution -- that they have sworn to uphold.

The professor, who writes a self-syndicated column that he emails to 500 to 600 newspapers a week, said his writings and criticisms of George W. Bush equal his criticisms of Barack Obama.

Pease said he believes Bush was moving to more expensive government, and Obama is doing the same.

The professor said the Tea Party is a philosophy that has arisen from the discontent with political parties.

Pease said he feels that he helped start the Tea Party -- just like thousands of others who believe in its core values.

The federal government has an insatiable appetite for expansion, he said, yet he believes the founding fathers wanted to limit the role of the federal government. The philosophy used to be common in the country, he said, and people who identify with the Tea Party want it back.

He also said something must be done about the country's insatiable appetite for debt and what it's doing to future generations.


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