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Tuesday, Oct 15 2013 02:10 PM

Police: Man killed grandmother to release family members from hell

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    By Casey Christie / The Californian

    Dylan McNabb

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BY JASON KOTOWSKI Californian staff writer jkotowski@bakersfield.com

The voices in Dylan McNabb's head told him family members were suffering in hell.

The key to releasing them? Kill his grandmother.

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What are they?

They have nothing to do with actual bath salts, like Epsom salts, used in tubs, according to WebMD. They’re powerful synthetic drugs that can contain a variety of chemicals. Numerous derivatives have been created.

In 2011, the Drug Enforcement Administration made it illegal to possess mephedrone, 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and methylone — three stimulants used to make bath salts.

What are the effects of “bath salts”?

Recreational use of the drugs is relatively new, contributing Forbes’ writer David DiSalvo wrote in a June 2012 article. He wrote that MPDV is a psychoactive drug, meaning it “crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes changes in neurochemical function, resulting in amplifying effects on mood, thought, perception and behavior.”

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How is the drug used?

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McNabb, 19, told investigators he felt no remorse after shooting his grandmother in the face, killing her instantly. Redacted police reports filed in court also say he admitted to smoking "bath salts" earlier in the day.

McNabb has pleaded not guilty to murder and is being held on $1.5 million bail. His next hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Police say McNabb shot and killed 78-year-old Imogene McNabb in the northwest Bakersfield home he shared with her and his father. McNabb's adult brother witnessed the Oct. 6 shooting.

The brother, unnamed in reports, told investigators he visited the home in the 10900 block of Mohican Drive that day to visit McNabb and his grandmother. The brother said McNabb has a history of drug use, and was acting strangely.

McNabb went for a walk. The brother sat talking with his grandmother.

The reports say the brother went to the kitchen to get a soda. While in the kitchen, he saw McNabb enter the front door and walk toward the living room.

The brother began walking toward McNabb and saw him pick up a hunting rifle that was in the living room, the reports say. McNabb manipulated the bolt on the rifle, sliding a round into the chamber.

He then pointed the gun at his grandmother. He looked at her through the rifle's scope and fired, according to the reports.

The brother ran to the home of a neighbor and reported what had happened. He called 911.

Police arrested McNabb as he walked east on Mohican, a few houses down from his home. Police found a .270-caliber hunting rifle in the master bedroom. A spent casing was in the chamber.

Questioned later that day, McNabb told investigators the "bath salts" he smoked that morning affected him far differently than usual. "Bath salts" is a term used for designer drugs containing synthetic chemicals similar to amphetamines.

He said the voices he heard were of his father and uncle telling him "evil things." But he felt like he couldn't ignore them. He told investigators he walked to a nearby park and the voices followed him, and rays of light flashed in front of his eyes.

It was then he decided there was only one course of action.

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