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Wednesday, Oct 02 2013 07:00 AM

'First Look': First News for Oct. 2

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Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Big 6:

KMC PANEL: A high-powered panel is giving their input on a troubled local hospital. In the wake of a budget crisis, County Supervisor Mike Maggard announces the formation of the Chairman's Advisory Panel on Kern Medical Center. It's made up of former Congressman Bill Thomas, oilman and Blaze co-owner Gene Voiland, cancer specialist Dr. Ravi Patel, Bolthouse Properties president Tony Leggio, Clinica Sierra Vista CEO Steve Schilling, and Barbara Patrick, board chair of Kern Health Systems. Maggard says KMC's issues call for bold and decisive action, and that the panel will give valuable advice to the County's decision makers. Read the full story here.

WOMAN SHOT AND KILLED: A suicidal woman with a gun is killed by police officers in East Bakersfield. Around 7:45 a.m. Tuesday, officers went to the 5200 block of Magic Avenue near Oswell and Brundage where they found 31-year old Maria Zarate in the roadway armed with a handgun. A mental health professional was called to scene and talked to her for about a half hour, trying to get her to put the gun down. At some point, authorities say Zarate raised the gun and pointed it toward officers in a threatening manner. Several officers fired at Zarate, who died at the scene. No officers were injured. The investigation continues. Read the full story here.

DUI TASK FORCE: Over a dozen drivers are nabbed during a saturation patrol in Bakersfield. On Saturday, officers from the Avoid the 18 Kern DUI Task Force were busy from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. patrolling areas where lots of DUI related crashes and arrests occur. They made 74 traffic stops. Thirteen people were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They also caught somebody in a stolen car, and booked that person on several felonies. Read the full story here.

GANG MEMBER: A gang member who shot and killed a man in east Bakersfield over perceived disrespect is convicted of first degree murder. 28-year old Francisco Beltran was sentenced Tuesday to death for the January 2010 shooting of Ruben Tafoya on Columbus Street. Beltran is a member of the Varrio Baker Sureno gang. He shot and severely wounded Antonio Galvan during a robbery in concert with other gang members a month before the Tafoya shooting. Read the full story here.

7-ELEVEN SHOOTING DETAILS: We're learning more about an officer involved shooting during an armed robbery in south Bakersfield. Around 11:20 p.m. Monday two officers were headed to another call when they saw a man running out of the 7-Eleven at Stockdale and South Real Road with a pack of beer. As he headed toward a waiting car, the man identified as 32-year-old Daniel Garcia, fired at the officers who returned fire. Nobody was hit and Garcia took off on foot. Police say he had just robbed the store while pointing his gun at the clerk's head. Garcia was arrested a few blocks away and charged with attempted murder of an officer, robbery, gang participation and weapons charges. The getaway driver, 21-year-old Liodam Gonzalez, is also a known gang member. His charges include dissuading a witness. Read the full story here.

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE: You can still get tickets to see the son of a former President in Bakersfield this month. Michael Reagan is the keynote speaker at "The Heart Never Forgets" Auction and Dinner, October 24th at a private home. Robin McGarrah is with the Alzheimers Disease Association of Kern County. State Assemblywoman Shannon Grove will also share about her family's experience with Alzheimer's. To reserve your seat, call 393-8871 or Google Alzheimer's Kern County.


In case you missed it, here are the stories that are trending across bakersfield.com.

SUICIDAL WOMAN SHOT AND KILLED BY POLICE: Police shot and killed a woman in east Bakersfield whom they called "suicidal" after she pointed a gun at them Tuesday morning. Maria Rita Zarate died in the 5000 block of Magic Avenue shortly after the 8:15 a.m. shooting. Police were called to Magic Avenue for a report of a suicidal woman in the roadway. Officers and a mental health professional talked to Zarate for 30 minutes trying to get her to put her handgun down. Instead, she pointed the gun at the officers, who opened fire. Read the full story here.

AUNT ACCUSED OF MURDERING NIECE TOLD POLICE SHE SHOOK, BOUND THE CHILD: Wendy Guadalupe Gomez noticed her niece slumped over in the back seat as they drove around Bakersfield on Sept. 20. The 20-year-old stopped the car and checked on 2-year-old Karla Isidro. The little girl had died. But Gomez refused to call 911, instead spending the next seven hours calling relatives and friends, and giving a friend a ride with the dead child in the back seat. Those details as well as descriptions of the numerous injuries inflicted upon Karla are contained in redacted police reports. Gomez has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, torture and willful cruelty to a child. Her next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 3. Read the full story here.

CENTRAL SECTION FOOTBALL RANKINGS, WEEK 5: It's already week 5 for football in the Central Section yet there is still so much to learn about each team. Check out Californian sports reporter Zach Ewing's week five game predictions on bakersfield.com. Read the full story here.

GANG MEMBER GETS DEATH FOR 2010 SHOOTING: A gang member who shot and killed a man in east Bakersfield in January 2010 over perceived disrespect, was convicted of first-degree murder Tuesday and sentenced to death by a Kern County jury. 28-year-old Francisco Beltran Jr. a member of the Varrio Baker Sureno gang, was convicted of killing Ruben Tafoya on Jan. 24, 2010 on Columbus Street. Just a month earlier, Beltran had shot and severely wounded Antonio Galvan during a robbery in a concert with other gang members. Read the full story here

SUPERVISORS PARE EXPECTATIONS FOR NEW IT BUILDING: Kern County supervisors voted 4-1 Tuesday to add $2.3 million to the budget for a new county Information Technology building on Mt. Vernon Avenue and authorized construction to begin. The new building will only house computer servers and the few workers needed to tend them. The rest of the IT staff will continue to work from leased space in the basement of the Kern County Civic Center Justice Building at 1215 Truxtun Ave. Read the full story here.



IS MEXICO HEADED FOR AN OIL BOOM?: Forbes magazine reported Tuesday that Mexico could be headed toward one of the world's great oil booms if its Congress approves a measure to open the country's oil reserves to private exploration and development. For decades, oil resources have belonged to the state. Unlike the U.S., mineral rights have belonged to the people of Mexico, but now Forbes reports that's about to change. While it takes a constitutional change to make it happen, the magazine predicts it will clearing the way for oil companies in the U.S. and China to begin exploration. Read the full story here.



SMARTPHONE SALES: Verizon Wireless bested its rivals in attracting the most smartphone sales between June and August, according to a new survey from ComTech USA. Verizon accounted for 37 percent of all smartphone sales in the three months ending August. AT&T Mobility stayed in second place with 21 percent of all smartphone sales, while Sprint came in third with 14 percent. Meanwhile, T-Mobile grew its share to 13 percent which was the first increase the carrier has seen in more than a year. ComTech attributed T-Mobile's rise to its new no-contract Simple Choice plans.

ADS FOR APPS: Facebook has cranked up the volume of in-News Feed ads for apps on its mobile application. The company is allowing app marketers to run app ads in Facebook's News Feed to prompt users to engage. These ads can call out new sales promotions on retail apps or new game levels on game apps, among other options. Facebook has growing revenue at stake both from marketers paying for more ads and prodding users to engage more to spend money within apps. When Facebook members sign into an app via the social-networking site, the company takes a 30 percent of the revenue. This year alone, Facebook has delivered more than 145 million downloads to Apple's App Store and Google Play.



HEALTH LITERACY: Doctors routinely use terms such as "incontinence," "urinary function," "bowel habits" and "impotence" to talk to patients about their prostate health, yet a new study published in the journal Cancer suggests a shockingly low public understanding of the terms. In particular, this study of 109 low-income patients at urology clinics revealed that only 15 percent of participants understood the meaning of "incontinence". Although this study focused on one disease, researchers suspect their results could indicate a broader lack of needed health literacy

CPR: People who suffer a cardiac arrest in Denmark today are three times more likely to survive than a decade ago, thanks largely to a national effort to teach people CPR, a new study says. Denmark launched a national effort in 2005 to teach its residents to perform CPR. The country gave out 150-thousand instructional kits; kids began learning CPR in elementary school; and teens were required to learn CPR in order to get a driver's license. The results have been dramatic, say the authors of a study. The number of cardiac arrest victims who received "bystander" CPR more than doubled, from 22 percent in 2001 to 45 percent in 2010. In the same time period, the percentage of cardiac arrest victims who arrived at a hospital alive increased from 8 percent to 22 percent.



HAT TRICKS PACE BC WOMEN: D.J. Vidal and Reshana Watson had three goals apiece to lead Bakersfield College to a 7-0 Western State Conference South Division women's soccer win over West Los Angeles College. BC (5-2 overall, 1-0 WSC) also had a goal from Jessica Murillo. Casey Bryan and Halle Meadows had two assists each while Vidal and Emily Blakslee each added an assist. BC is at Antelope Valley College on Friday. Read the full story here.




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