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Wednesday, Oct 28 2009 08:40 PM

Second fatal wreck on Highway 46 claims three lives


Three people were killed Wednesday afternoon in a crash on Highway 46. It was the second crash in less than a week to claim lives on a highway sometimes called Blood Alley.

Wednesday's crash was near Wildwood Road, about three miles west of Wasco.

On Friday, three adults and a child were killed in a crash near Blackwell's Corner, about a mile east of Highway 33.

Both happened on two-lane stretches of the road where one car was trying to pass others, the CHP reported.

In Wednesday's wreck, a small Toyota with three people inside was passing a motor home when the Toyota driver realized he didn't have enough room, officers said.

The Toyota tried to get back in the right lane, but lost control and struck a 1-ton flatbed, officers said.

A 19-year-old male and two females, ages unknown, were killed in the Toyota. The flatbed driver was taken to Kern Medical Center with moderate injuries.

In Friday's crash, a Chevrolet Cavalier with a man, woman and infant tried to pass at least two trucks.

But it struck a Toyota Prius with two people inside. The man and infant in the Cavalier were killed as were a man and woman in the Prius. The woman in the Cavalier was airlifted to the hospital.

Officers have said that inappropriate driving, not the highway, are to blame in these tragedies.

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