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Thursday, Feb 13 2014 11:00 AM

'First Look': Weather banter takes show by storm

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    Michael Hopper of "First Look with Scott Cox" talks to his friend in Maryland about the differences in weather this week between the West Coast and East Coast.

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While people in Bakersfield are enjoying sunny 70-degree spring weather, residents of Rockville, Md., are staying inside, away from the bone-chilling winter storm that blanketed the ground with 12 inches of snow overnight.

It's the difference between the West Coast and East Coast.

Heather Johnson, a friend of "First Look with Scott Cox's" Michael Hopper, talked about the winter storm that shut the government and schools Thursday.

"We still have power and the roads have been cleared but just north of us, things aren't so good," Johnson said, calling in to "First Look" from her living room in Rockville.

The last time the government in her city shut down because of extreme weather was four years ago when the town got four feet of snow, Johnson said.


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