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Thursday, Aug 28 2014 07:30 AM

'First Look': First News for Aug. 28

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Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories:

MARK POWELL: SHERIFF IS TAKING FANTASY HOAX SERIOUSLY, JUST IN CASE: "The Purge" is coming to Oildale, and even though anyone in his right mind would recognize it for the absurd urban legend that it is, no one at the Kern County Sheriff's Office is laughing. Reckless Internet rumblings apparently have a few Oildalians on edge about the threat of manufactured fantasy chaos. The Sheriff's Office is concerned and is taking the matter seriously because they understand there may be some people who hear this information online or through social media sites, believe the rumor, and believe they are allowed to commit crimes without fear of law enforcement investigating them, said Ray Pruitt, sheriff's spokesman. Read the full story here.

GET BOARD MEMBERS TO ADDRESS CALL TO RESIGN: Embattled Golden Empire Transit board members Norris Ledbetter and Howard Silver will hold a press conference today to respond to a demand they resign. What they'll say -- and whether they will step down -- is unclear. On Wednesday, GET spokeswoman Gina Hayden said only that Ledbetter and Silver will read a joint statement at the bus company in response to Vice Mayor Ken Weir's Aug. 21 letter calling for their resignation. Weir gave them until 5 p.m. Monday to resign and warned if they don't, the City Council will consider removing them at its Sept. 10 meeting. Read the full story here.

MAN PLEADS NO CONTEST IN BINGE-DRINKING DEATH: The second of three defendants connected to the binge-drinking death of Fresno State fraternity pledge Philip Dhanens two years ago pleaded no contest Wednesday to misdemeanor hazing and to furnishing alcohol to a minor. Leonard Louis Serrato, 30, will be sentenced in Fresno County Superior Court on Sept. 16. Dhanens drank an estimated 37 one-ounce shots of hard liquor that included whiskey, tequila and brandy within 80 to 90 minutes. Two days later, he died at Saint Agnes Medical Center. Read the full story here.


In case you missed it, here are the stories that are trending across bakersfield.com.

TEACHER DEBORAH MISH GARTON DIES: When schoolchildren at Our Lady of Perpetual Help were drawing pictures of condolence for the husband of a beloved teacher who died last week, they were singing some of the songs she had taught them. Deborah Mish Garton died of a massive infection Aug. 20 after coming down with shingles. She was 58. Garton had three passions, according to family members and friends: God, children and music. Read the full story here.

OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT STOLEN FROM PICKUP IN NORTHEAST BAKERSFIELD: A piece of oil field equipment used to detect natural gas was stolen from the bed of a pickup truck parked in northeast Bakersfield. The DRAGER X-ZONE 5000 Gas Sniffer was stolen Aug. 8. The suspect forced entry to the bed of the pickup parked in the 3100 block of Pasadena Street and removed the equipment. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call Detective Chris Bagby at 326-3519. Read the full story here.

TWO BAKERSFIELD MEN ARRESTED FOR RURAL WOODEN PALLET THEFT: Two men were arrested Aug. 20 after deputies found them allegedly stealing wooden pallets in rural areas around McFarland and Delano. The arrests came after Kern County Sheriff's Office deputies received a report of a wooden pallet theft in progress near Highway 119, east of Interstate 5. The total value of the stolen pallets was about $7,000. 20-year-old Kevin Orellana and 34-year-old Narciso Avalos both of Bakersfield were found in possession of the stolen wooden pallets. Read the full story here.



3D PRINTING: Undoubtedly, 3D printing has taken root in a variety of disciplines, and medicine is no stranger to leveraging its tool kit. At Boston Children's Hospital, surgeons are using printed models to prep for the operating room. 3D printing allows experienced doctors to simulate the specific anatomy of their patients and allows the best of the best to become even better. Using scans from the hospital's radiology department and a 3D printer capable of super high-resolution output, the models allow doctors to examine details of a baby's skull or brain. What's more, the machine can use multiple materials to sculpt the final result, simulating the unique facets of bone, skin and blood vessels individually. For surgeons-in-training, the custom-made prints can illustrate the details of a medical condition rather than an average look.



DENTAL COVERAGE CHANGE: All children covered by insurance plans purchased through the state's health exchange Covered California will have pediatric dental coverage included with their medical coverage next year. State officials expect that to raise the cost of the health plans by less than one percent. But including dental care in the plans is raising questions about the ability of the region to meet demand. While California has one dentist for every 1,256 residents, Kern County only has one dentist for every 2,549 residents.



BVARSITY PREMIERE: Check out the season premiere of BVarsity Game Night right here on bakersfield.com, and for the first time, simulcast live on Newstalk 1180 KERN AM, running from 7 to 11 p.m. On bakersfield.com, you can watch three games live on your web browser, plus our live show from the Dignity Health Studio with highlights, analysis and results. Then stay tuned to the post game show at 11 p.m.

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