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Friday, Jun 27 2014 07:15 AM

'First Look': First News for June 27

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Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories:

DISTRACTED DRIVER GETS JAIL, PROBATION; WAS ON WAY TO BUY DRUGS BEFORE CRASH: Anna Marie Reynosa was on her way to pick up mushrooms to get high with her mother and friends when she ran a stop sign in April 2012 and struck and killed a motorcyclist. The jury in Reynosa's distracted driving trial never heard that fact. Neither did it hear that Reynosa posted updates on Facebook about partying, drinking and traveling with her boyfriend in the months after the crash. But it was made public Thursday at Reynosa's sentencing for vehicular manslaughter with ordinary negligence. Reynosa was sentenced to three years supervised probation -- the first 220 days to be served in jail -- and the judge told her she was "extremely fortunate" to have avoided more serious punishment. Read the full story here.

KERN COUNTY LEADS NATION IN CAR THEFTS: Bakersfield -- technically all of Kern County -- ranked No. 1 for car thefts last year, according to a study quoted by the Los Angeles Times Thursday. In fact, nine of the 10 metropolitan areas with the highest automobile theft rates were in California. Bakersfield's car theft rate was 725 per 100,000 residents as compared to Fresno's 707. While last year's figures earned the county the top spot, Bakersfield police Sgt. Joe Grubbs said the number of vehicle thefts for the city of Bakersfield alone is down by 26 percent through May of this year. Read the full story here.

DOG FIGHT LEADS TO WOMAN'S ARREST ON SUSPICION OF CRUELTY: County animal control officers responding Tuesday to a report of a dog fight arrested a Bakersfield woman after discovering one of her dogs' appeared to have stab wounds. By the time officers arrived, the two fighting dogs had been separated by 39-year-old Davina Beasley. While examining Miracle, a black, female pit bull mix, officers found injuries consistent with stab wounds from a knife or other sharp object. In addition to Miracle, three other dogs were seized from the residence. She was arrested on suspicion of cruelty to animals. Read the full story here.


In case you missed it, here are the stories that are trending on bakersfield.com.

AMERICAN INDIAN TRIBE SEES CASINO AS ITS FUTURE: Kern County's first American Indian tribal casino could become a reality south of Bakersfield if the Tejon Indians of California receive the necessary return on their wager. Like so many struggling tribes in California, the Tejons hope an Indian casino will provide independence and autonomy. But nothing is certain yet. The tribe doesn't have the land yet. All they have is an option for a piece of land, near the junction of highways 99 and 166, near Mettler. Read the full story here.

PIPE DREAM BECOMES JAIL TIME FOR BAKERSFIELD MAN: Deputies arrested a Bakersfield man Wednesday after he allegedly tried to steal oilfield pipe from a lease site. Kern County Sheriff deputies found 47-year-old Joda McKiernan with about $1,000 worth of oilfield pipe in his truck at the Kern Front Oil Field. The pipe was returned and McKiernan was arrested on suspicion of grand theft, trespassing and petty theft. Read the full story here.

BODY OF DROWNING VICTIM RECOVERED FROM KERN RIVER: The body of a man who drowned June 15 in the Kern River was recovered Thursday after a more than four-hour effort by volunteers. Roberto Dominguez III's body was stuck in rocks near a waterfall in what the Kern County Sheriff's Office described as a dangerous portion of the river. A family member had first seen the body on Wednesday. Read the full story here.



NASA: The U.S. space shuttle program retired in 2011, leaving American astronauts to hitchhike into orbit, according to a CNN report. But after three long years, NASA's successor is almost ready to make an entrance. Orion, the agency's newest manned spaceship, is being prepared for its first mission in December. In future missions, it will journey into deep space -- to Mars and beyond -- farther than humans have ever gone before. No astronauts will be aboard the December flight, which will test the spacecraft's systems for future manned missions.



HEAVY DRINKING: One in 10 deaths among adults between the ages of 20 and 64 are due to excessive alcohol consumption, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in a report released Wednesday. That means some 88,000 people die a year as a result of drinking too much. Women are considered "heavy drinkers" if they have eight or more drinks a week, according to the CDC. Men can have 14. At 15, you, my friend, are a "heavy drinker" in the eyes of the CDC. 



CSUB ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Cal State Bakersfield athletic director Jeff Konya is one of three finalists for the same position at Oakland (Mich.) University, according to The Oakland Press. Read the full story here.

BLAZE HANDS PORTS FIRST LOSS: Beau Amaral went 3 for 5 with two doubles and two runs scored to lead the Bakersfield Blaze to a 7-5 victory over the Stockton Ports, who had won their first seven games of the second half of the Cal League season. Read the full story here.




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