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Wednesday, Mar 12 2014 12:34 PM

'First Look': Californian staff discuss fracking petition

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    "First Look with Scott Cox" host Scott Cox, left, talks with Californian columnist Lois Henry and reporter John Cox about a petition regarding fracking on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Fracking is the new global warming. It's the new hot topic, and people have strong opinions.

That is what Californian columnist Lois Henry said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," after talking about the latest backlash a local restaurant is receiving from some people associated with the oil industry.

Californian reporter John Cox talked about the nasty phone calls and threats the owners of Moo Creamery said they received after an online petition against fracking was circulated and included their business name.

"But the owners said they didn't even know what fracking was, so they couldn't have signed any petition," Cox said. The owners have asked that they be removed from the petition.

The restaurant owners told Cox they cater to many local oil companies and they support the local economy -- much of which comes from local oil industries.

Cox said that after reporting this story, he realized the topic of fracking is not an open dialogue.

"It's very cut and dry," he said.

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