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Sunday, Dec 15 2013 04:00 PM

Ask TBC: What happened to the county flag at Beale Library?

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    By Californian file photo

    Departmental aide Teresa Guerrero reshelves books at Beale Memorial Library on Aug. 31.

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By The Bakersfield Californian

Q: The Beale Library on Truxtun Avenue has four outside flagpoles for flying the U.S. flag, the California state flag, the Kern County flag and the city of Bakersfield flag. For the last eight months, only three of these flags have been flown. The missing flag is the Kern County flag.

Is the county in such dire financial shape that it cannot afford to replace this missing flag?

-- Art Murray


A: The county flag was in tatters and when library officials asked county General Services for a replacement one, none was available, said Library Director Sherry Gomez.

Assistant County Administrative Officer for General Services Jeff Frapwell said this past week that new flags were ordered and just came into the office.

We assume that means the county flag will soon re-take its place with the others in front of the Beale Library.


Q: When is the city going to put back the fountains at Central Park/Mill Creek?

-- Roy Bertolucci


A: Bakersfield Recreation and Parks Department Director Dianne Hoover answered:

The canal repairs and cleanup are taking place at this time, and the fountain repairs will be completed as well. Once the water goes back in the canal, the fountains in Central Park and along the Mill Creek area will be working.

The estimated time of completion is in mid-January.


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